Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts Q & A

If you use a wood burning fireplace and want to use it safely and efficiently, there are a lot of things that you should know such as which types of wood you should use and whether you should install a glass door and wood burning fireplace inserts to your wood burning fireplace, to name just a few.

In case you consider having a wood burning fireplace, want to know how to use it safely and have quite a few questions related to the wood burning fireplace and fireplace inserts, you can scroll down to seek for answers in these areas.

Can I use all types of wood and what is the best wood that I can use for my wood-burning fireplace?

Answer: Yes. You can use so many types of wood for your wood burning fireplace. However, some types of wood are more effective and can produce much more efficient burning.

The best type of wood you can use is hardwood. It is effective and can produce large heat without releasing too much gas. You can also find this type in many local supply shops and luckily don’t have to pay a large amount of money.

Moreover, you should use well seasoned and completely dried wood. It can burn without releasing too many fine particles into the air and pollute the atmosphere.

what is the best wood that I can use for my wood-burning fireplace

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Can I use treated lumber or painted wood in the wood burning fireplace?

Answer: You should not use treated, painted wood or glued wood in the wood burning fireplace. These types of wood will produce harmful chemicals and toxins, which are potential sources of hazards to the environment as well as the health of your family members.

Furthermore, these types of wood when burning can lead to a sudden outburst of fire- which you should avoid at all cost.

So if you want to use a wood burning fireplace safely and environmentally friendly, you should avoid using treated wood.

Can I use manufactured firewood and logs in the wood burning fireplace?

Answer: Yes. You can use manufactured firewood in the fireplace. For those who don’t know, manufactured firewood is made from sawdust as well as pencil shavings.

There are some benefits of using this type of wood. First of all, it releases no toxins and harmful chemicals. Second, it can burn slowly releasing a lot of heat and very little gas. And finally, as you make the most use of saw dust and pencil shavings, you can live eco-friendly when using this type of wood as well.

When should I start buying or cutting wood to be used in the wood burning fireplace?

Answer:  Since you can store wood for a long time, you should prepare some piles of wood in advance. This would help you to save a lot of money as you don’t have to buy wood in high season. Also, you can avoid running out of wood while you need it and cannot buy it in stores because they also run out of it.

If you cut wood and dry wood by yourself, keep in mind that you need to do it a long time before the time you want to use it. You will need at least six months for the cut wood to dry thoroughly. That is the reason why you need to cut wood in the late winter. You will have a lot of time to dry wood, especially in the summer.

When should I start buying or cutting wood to be used in the wood burning fireplace

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How can I know if a piece of wood is well seasoned?

Answer: A well-seasoned wood will have dark or grayish shades of colors. Moreover, these pieces of wood have a little or no bark at all. You will be able to notice natural cracks along the body of a well-seasoned wood as well.

On the other hand, an unseasoned wood has greenish shades of colors. There are little cracks on the body of the wood. You can touch it if it is still damp or moist; it is certainly not well seasoned.

You can also use a moisture measure to check how moist the wood is. If the moisture level is below 12 %, the wood is well seasoned.

Should I store firewood in my house?

Answer:  You should not store firewood in your house for various reasons. First of all, wood piling in your house creates an ideal environment for bugs and insects to live and grow. Also, a pile of wood remains potential fire hazards. If it catches fire, it will lead to a big fire in your house, causing damage to the furniture as well as the health and well-being of your family members.

Therefore you should only bring inside your house a small quantity of wood each time. It is advisable that you use these logs of wood right away instead of letting it lying around for a long time.

Should I store firewood in my house

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How should I store firewood in the winter?

Answer:  It is of utmost importance that you keep the firewood dry all of the time before you use it. So you need to store the wood in a dry place with a relatively low level of humidity. This place needs to provide good air ventilation.

Also, you need to place a layer of cover on top of the pile of wood. Make sure that you don’t cover all sides of the wood’s logs, just their top. This would ensure these logs get enough air circulated as always.

Can I burn cardboards and other stuff like using the wood burning fireplace?

Answer: No. You should only use the fireplace for its intended purposes only. If you burn cardboards or any paper using the fireplace, it might cause a flare up, causing damage to the surrounding equipment, and furniture as well as danger to yourself.

Can I burn newspaper in the fireplace?

Answer: No. Just like the last question, burning newspaper might lead to flare ups. Also, ink from these newspapers, while it is being burnt, can release toxins and harmful chemicals into the air. It is even more dangerous when the fireplace is an open type of fume when the gas can spread quickly to all rooms in your house.

Can I burn newspaper in the fireplace

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Is an open fireplace more efficient than a fireplace that’s equipped with a glass door?

Answer: When you operate an open fireplace, you need to use more wood as the wood tends to burn much more quickly. A fireplace with a glass door can confine and regulate air and heat better, helping the burning to happen slowly and more efficiently. You will use fewer logs and pieces of wood with this type of fireplace. Overall, it is cheaper to use a fireplace with glass door than using an open fireplace.    

Is a wood burning fireplace more economical to use than other types of heating systems?

Answer:  A wood burning fireplace uses wood to produce heat. On the other hand, a radiator uses heating oil and electricity to produce heat. Wood is always cheaper than electricity and heating oil. Therefore, in term of economic sense, using a wood burning fireplace is cheaper than other types of heating system.

 Are wood burning stoves more advantageous than pellet stoves?

Answer: A wood burning stove has both advantages and disadvantages. You need to buy wood or prepare a lot of wood a long time in advance. However, using wood is cheaper than using electricity. Therefore, a wood burning stove is more economical than a pellet stove. Not to mention that you can have heat and warmth anytime you want. You might not be able to do so with a pellet stove in case there is an electricity failure in town.  

 Can I still use the wood burning fireplace if there is an electricity failure?

Answer: Since you use wood to produce heat, you can use the wood burning fireplace any time you want, even when there is an electricity failure. However, if your fireplaces use electrical fan and blowers to spread heat, you might not be able to use these features while the power is shut down. In this case, you can still use the wood burning fireplace, but it would not be as efficient as with the fan. You also don’t have the ideal temperature you desire.

What are some of the most important features to look for when choosing a wood burning fireplace insert?

Answer: There are two features that you need to look for in a wood burning fireplace insert including the size of the firebox and the BTU rating.

If you are going to use long logs, you should consider choosing one firebox that can fit 18 inches to 22-inch logs. Also, the more logs a firebox can hold up to, the longer the burning is each time without you having to supply in more logs. A big firebox when in full load can burn up to 12 hours.

The BTU rating indicates the capacity of the firebox. If you want to heat up a large room, you should choose a fireplace insert with a high number of BTU rating. It is more expensive but works more effectively in a large area.

Is the size of a fireplace’s viewing area an essential factor?

Answer:  The size of a fireplace’s viewing area is not an essential factor if you care about efficient burning. However, a large area of viewing can bring you more space and make it easier for you if you want to place, change or monitor the wood inside the fireplace.

Also, a fireplace can be a nice and classic décor in your room. Along with the warmth and coziness, it brings to you, you might enjoy looking at the nice view of the dancing fire as well.

If you are about these things, you should consider having a fireplace with a large viewing area. Keep in mind that it also needs to fit with space you intend to place the wood burning fireplace.

Is the size of a fireplace’s viewing area an essential factor

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How can I install a stainless steel liner in the wood burning fireplace insert in the most proper way?

Answer:  The best way to install the stainless steel liner is installing it at the end point of the chimney. Doing it this way would ensure you have an efficient and safe burning.

How can I fix a noisy fan from Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts?

Answer: If you hear an extremely loud and noisy fan from your wood burning fireplace or stove, you can check for the security of the screws on the fan. If they are loose, try tightening it. In most of the cases, it would fix the problem.

In case you still hear a loud noise from the fan, you can consult an expert and have him check the fireplace for you.

How can I install a wood burning fireplace insert so that it can produce more heat?

Answer: Here is one tip for you. When you install the fireplace insert, you can install it 5 inches far from the wall of the actual hole of the wood burning fireplace.

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about how to use the wood burning fireplace as well as any issue related to fireplace inserts. I hope that you can find what you are looking for in this article. Keep these pieces of information in mind, and you would be able to use your wood burning fireplace most safely and efficiently. Do come back for more FAQs and answers in the future.

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