Which Is Not A Drawback Of Using Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels are what are left of animals and plants, they are buried under the ground for millions of years. Since the discovery of fossil fuels, they have become the most important source of energy. By every 20 years, the consumption of fossil fuels by 20 times. Though they are popular, they still stir up controversies when they are mentioned.

Many people believe that fossil fuels are harmful and shouldn’t be used. However, some of you might be surprised to know you can mention more than one thing which is not a drawback of using fossil fuels. Fossil fuels can generate a large amount of electricity, they’re easy to transport and easy to find, to name a few benefits of fossil fuels.

After all, you will get to know about both of the good side and bad side of a thing in order to evaluate it justly. If you already know about the drawbacks of using fossil fuels and want to know about their pros, this article is for you. Therefore, just scroll down for more information.

Here is the list of which is not a drawback of using fossil fuels

Fossil Fuels Are Extremely Efficient

Undoubtedly, the biggest advantage of using fossil fuels is that they can help you to generate a huge amount of energy. They can do so within a relatively small area by using just a small amount, especially when as compared to other energy sources. For example, it can be solar power or wind power. In fact, at the moment, no other renewable energies can ever come close to generate the same amount of energy as fossil fuels.

The energy contains in any type of fuel is denoted in Calorific value. It is measured by the amount of heat a type of fuel can generate when it is totally burned. The higher the Calorific value is, the more efficient a type of fuel is. All type of fuels can be measured in Calorific value and guess what, fossil fuels have the highest calorific value.

Calorific value

Image source: ResearchGate

Cheap Sources Of Energy –  Which Is Not A Drawback Of Using Fossil Fuels

Not only do fossil fuels are efficient, they are also relatively cheap to produce and easy to use as well. With innovative and advanced technology, they are becoming cheaper and cheaper to be extracted and transported. The most expensive step of producing fossil fuels is the refinement step, which still costs less than installing solar or wind technologies.

They Are Easy To Find

In addition, fossil fuels are very easy to find. You can find them in almost every place in the world; some places have more than others though.

You can find fossil fuels under the ground or under the sea. All countries in the world have access to fossil fuels as well.

Some types of fossil fuels such as coal are not just available everywhere on Earth; they are also available in an abundant amount such as coal.

Easy To Find

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Overall, a number of fossil fuels are so much that they can satisfy our needs for energy for many years to come.

It Is Easy To Build Fossil Fuel Power Plan

As mentioned above, fossil fuels are easy to find in an abundant amount. That is why you can install a fossil fuel power plant almost everywhere in the world. Just make sure that there is sufficient amount of fossil fuels to generate power.

In addition, fossil fuels have been being used for such a long time. Therefore everything that we need to extract, refine, produce or transport these sources of energy is already in there. Unlike building solar power plants or wind plants, we need a lot of resources and time to prepare proper equipment to get these sources.

They Are Easy To Transport

Fossil fuels are made of carbon and hydrogen molecules. The combination of these two molecules makes fossil fuels safe and stable. These two molecules don’t form into other types of compounds when we store and transport it. When fossil fuels are that stable, they can be easily and efficiently transported for a long distance. That is not the same case of nuclear energy. It is super unstable and can cause disastrous effects when it is leaked, making it super hard to transport nuclear power.

There are quite a few ways we can do to transport fossil fuels including using large trucks or pumping these fuels through huge pipes. These pipes are situated under the ground or below it.

Besides, it is quite cheap to transport and store these sources as well. There might be a significantly high amount of installment cost. However, when the pipes are built, they will serve the purpose of transporting fossil fuels much more years to come.

Easy To Transport

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At the moment, transporting renewable sources of energy such as wind or solar energy is quite impossible.

They Are Always Available

If you need a source of energy which is reliable, you can always turn to fossil fuels. Which is not a drawback of fossil fuels is that they can always supply you with electricity whenever you need it.

In case you use solar power, you might not get enough energy when the sun is not shining. Or you would not be able to generate electricity when it is not windy outside. With fossil fuels, you don’t have to worry about the current climatic condition.

They Support The Economy Of A Country

There are millions of people who are currently working in the fossil fuel industry with construction, finance, and administration related jobs. Take the case of America, the fossil fuel industry of America is currently supplying 6.4 million jobs for the people. It will employ more and more people if we continue to need more sources of fossil fuels. If we stop producing and using fossil fuels, these people will be unemployed. This event will lead to the fact that the economy of a country is affected severely.

They Support The Economy Of A Country

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Scientists have also shown a correlation between a country’s wealth and the industry of oil and gas in such country. In time of rapid development of the industry, the overall wealth of the country is also improved.

In addition, this fossil fuel industry contributes to billions of dollars to the GDP. Furthermore, the huge amount of tax that is coming from the industry.

I hope with the article about which is not a drawback of using fossil fuels, you would be able to understand more about this most important energy source on Earth as well as having a clearer idea about the importance of them

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