What size of dehumidifier do I need

What size of dehumidifier do I need

If you are looking for a dehumidifier but do not know which size you should buy, this post is for you. Choosing the right size of dehumidifier will help you to get the best benefit of dehumidifier. A small size dehumidifier cannot work properly in a large space; on the other hand a big size dehumidifier is not necessary for a small space.  We will discuss on how to choose the right Dehumidifier size and suitable size for specific spaces.

How to choose Dehumidifier Size

How to choose Dehumidifier Size and Pint - Infographic

The size of a dehumidifier does not depend on how tall or how weight it is. The total capacity has determined to remove moisture in 24 hours period, and calculated by pints. For example, a 30 pint dehumidifier can remove 30 pints of moisture per day.

However, if you choose 30 pint dehumidifier for a very large space, it must work harder but still cannot ensure for a dry space. Then, the dehumidifier cannot have a long lasting life. Thus, you need to know how many square feet of your space to decide the suitable size. By measuring the length and the width of the room or the area you want to place a dehumidifier, you can calculate the square feet of that space.

25-30 pint dehumidifier

This size is recommended for the areas with 300-500 square feet, depends on how damp the area is. For example, the room up to 2000 square feet but the damp is moderate, so the 30pint dehumidifier can handle.

40-50 pint dehumidifier

This size is suitable for a damp and smell musty space up to 1500 square feet. You can estimate by seeing the sign of moisture on the wall.

60-70 pint dehumidifier

This size is used for areas that larger than 1500 square feet.

Estimate the Humidity Condition


You can buy it in any retail stores. One kind is recommended that is digital hygrometer because this product is precise and easy to use. It works by using a sensor to monitor an electric current that is affected by moisture levels. Besides, it has an LCD which shows temperature and relative humidity.


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Specific Characteristics

  • If the room smells musty or feels clammy in damp and humid weather, it is moderate damp. At this condition, the humidity level is between 60-70 %. This is a typical humidity level in basements and craw spaces.
  • If the room smells of mildew and mold, or you may see the visible stain on the wall or floor, it is very damp. The humidity level is between 70-80%.
  • If the room feels wet and you can clearly see the stain of mold and mildew on the wall or floor, it is wet. The humidity level is between 80-90%
  • If the room is extremely wet and present standing water, it is very wet.  The humidity level is between 90-100%.

Choosing the right size dehumidifier with specific spaces

  • For basements, garages: small basement or garages between 300-500 square feet, 25-30 pint dehumidifier is an ideal size because experts always advise to use it in less human traffic areas.
  • For large basements, pool rooms or boat houses: with 500-1500 square feet, these damp and musty areas need a 40-50 pint dehumidifier. However, if these areas are extremely wet, they may require a bigger dehumidifier.
  • For industrial and commercial use: it requires a 60-70 pint dehumidifier. It is quite larger and takes a lot of space for allocation. Thus, this model can operate under low temperature.

Other conditions

Besides, you should consider other conditions when choosing the size of dehumidifier.

  • Add more 10 pints if you are living in humid climate
  • Add 5 pints if there are many doors and windows or many people living in the space

Dehumidifier in the bathroom

In conclusion, when choosing the right dehumidifier size you need to measure the space and check out the capacity of dehumidifier first. Then you consider how damp your areas condition and check out the damage caused by the moisture. Finally, along with the other living condition, you can easily choose the suitable size of dehumidifier you really need.



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