What Attracts Wasps to Your Home (Top Three Common Things)

Actually, wasps are known as a natural pest control who helps to eat other harmful insects around your house. In other words, it’s beneficial to human’s life and normally, they don’t attack us.

However, it might be a nuisance when those wasps choose your house or your surroundings to raise their nests. Seriously, the risk of stings is getting higher.

Before acknowledging how to get rid of them, you need to understand what attracts wasps and where they usually hide in your house so that you can discourage visits from them better.

Now, let’s get started!

What attracts wasps

In terms of the elements attracting wasps, chances are most of us will think about flowers firstly. But in reality, there are two more things which make wasps addicted. They are sweet foods and protein foods.


The most common elements to attract wasps – flowers which are also another kind of their food sources. We usually plant some to a lot of flowers in our yard or garden, which might encourage wasps to visit.

A funny thing is that even if your yard or garden don’t plant flowers, but you wearing a floral t-shirt or pants, some curious wasps will visit and flying around you for nectar.

Another similar case, it’s when you use sweet smelling perfumes, the aroma will attract them, too. I sincerely advise you to limit to use such kind o perfume in late summer and early fall to discourage visits from wasps.


Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Protein Foods

Not only flying around flowers, wasps are usually seen near picnic sites and trash cans in warm weather, spring, and summer for examples. The major reason of this is at such period of time, they tend to look for protein-based foods for instance food scraps and meat.

Protein Foods

Image source: Bizarre Foods

Once they found their favorite food, wasps will remember that place and will come back next time.

To that end, make sure to empty all cover compost piles and trash cans before throwing to prevent wasp against returning.

Besides, if possible, keep your pet’s food indoors, too.

And as mentioned above, wasps will come back the place they found food even if you already remove these food sources.

Hence, just keep in mind to clean.

Sweet Foods

As a matter of the fact, the favorite food sources of wasps will change time to time. While protein-based foods are what they are seeking in spring and early summer, in late summer to early fall, they will change into sweet foods. For examples, fruit, soda, fruit juices. Even, they will be more persistent and aggressive.

From that point, when going out, be sure to keep a lid of a cover or your drinks on your compost heap to prevent such annoying insects.

Besides, remember to use a straw to drink out of your can as wasps might fall or invade it whenever unnoticedly.

In terms of fruit and fruit juices, or fruit trees in your garden, keep in mind to pick up all fallen fruits soon. Don’t let wasps find them out earlier than you as it might be a big nuisance.

What a Wasp Looking for While Searching for a Nest

As human beings, it’s always important to find a good place and make it home. The best house must meet all of our requirements and preference, right? So do wasps!

When searching for a home, they will be seeking a safe and spacious shelter. Even some kinds of wasps don’t be selective like that.

Wherever the terrain comes up with a horizontal and sturdy base, they will lay their nest there.

Ceilings, Eaves, and Overhangs

Image source: f a Wasps Nest

Ceilings, Eaves, and Overhangs

Some of the most favorite spots for making nests of wasps are porch ceiling, eaves, and overhangs.

For extra protection, they prefer to opt for corner spots for nesting.

Weathered Wood Supply

To make a nest, wasps need wood fiber, which means they are going to look for a construction resource near their nesting spot. The nest-making progress will be like this. The queen wasp will scrape wood fiber from the weathered material, chew and mix it with her saliva to make a paper pulp. After that, she spits out this liquid to shape and make the nest.

It sounds weirds, right. But in wasp world, this is an efficient method to build a nest.

Insect Food Supply

Another element makes the best wasp nest is it nearing the food sources. As mentioned, the favorite foods of wasps are the insect, flower nectar, the sweet and protein-based food.

But mostly, wasps prefer to eat other bugs which means once they decide to choose your house or your surroundings to make a nest, there is at least one ample food supply nearby.

This is a two-edged sword, both containing the good and the bad news. The bad news is that you will be concerning to stings whereas the good news is other insects won’t return to your property again. So do the wasps! They will abandon the nest and find another place for building their new nest. With the old one, they will let the Mother Nature decompose it.

Where do Wasps Hide?

Actually, there are many kinds of wasps. As I know, there are commonly three: wasps, hornets, and bees.

Where do Wasps Hide

Image source: Stuttgart Citizen

Wasps and bees are quite popular so, I won’t talk about them more. In terms of hornets, they are a bigger-sized stinging wasp. Some will give yellow markings on their body, which is called yellow jackets.

Some kinds of wasps will build their nest underground, like the yellow jackets whereas the rest will make their nest on the ground, like hornets and paper wasps.

Usually, their nest looks like an umbrella hung on a porch corner, house eves or trees.

I have just dropped you some knowledge about what attracts wasps and their common places to make a nest. Now, if you want to know more about how to get rid of them, don’t miss out my next article.

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