Safety guide: How to Use Space Heater Safely


You know in those cold months, the best way to reduce heating cost as well as the electricity bills is buying a good space heater. However, picking the best one is not over, you need to know how to use space heater safely because it heavily relies on radiant heating.

It means that they emit radiation which will directly heat up objects within their sight. This result continuously increases in temperature while pointing at flammable objects for a long time. When the temperature reaches the burning point, a fire will start.

So how do we prevent those accidents while still being able to use our room (space) heater? Read this article!

Selection at Its Finest

It seems to be obvious but many people are still keen on cheap or secondhand space heaters.

It can be understandable that when they have already had a heating system and just want something with a low price to save their budget. But this is also their big mistake.

So that, you should always remember to choose a new heater that is listed or labeled by a certified testing laboratory such as CSA (Canadian Standards Association), UL (Underwriters Laboratories), or ISO (International Organization for Standardization).

Choose a new heater that is listed or labeled by a certified testing laboratory

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Choose an electric heater instead of a fuel-burning heater to reduce the risk of starting a fire.

Your heater should include some safety features, meaning that it will automatically shut off under certain conditions such as:

  • When the temperature is too high
  • When it makes contact with something
  • When the oxygen level is low

Determine the space of your home which the heater will be used in. Space heaters are available in variable sizes. A too big heater may increase the chance of making contact with objects when too small heater will not provide you enough heat.

You may also want to consider a wall heater if your rooms have limited space and you will not accidentally touch them.

Place Your Heater Accordingly

A space heater is used to heat up just one room or an open space, so most of the time, it would be moved around along with the user. Therefore, you should have a fixed spot to place your heater in every room you are carrying it to.

Place your heater accordingly

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Remember to:

Place your heater at least one meter far from other objects. Obstruction of the heating line will reduce the amount of heat output and can make it easy for flammable objects, which are close, to catch a fire.

Place it on the floor unless your heater is designed to be hung on a wall. It is extremely dangerous to put your heater on a chair or a table as it may fall down and spread the fuel all over the place.

Do not put them close to ignitable objects such as your rugs, carpet, fuel, inflammable liquid, so on.

Always leave the window or doors partly opened when your heater is on. Because the heating process will reduce the oxygen level which is harmful for your health.

Make sure that your heater is placed on an open space where no one or no object is likely to bump or fall onto it.

Be aware that children and pets are the main causes of heater accidents. Thus, keep them supervised and place your heater somewhere unreachable by children and pets.

Keep your children supervised!

Pay Attention When Using Your Heater

  • Always be aware of the fact that you are using a heater and treat it like the light in your home.
  • Turn off the heater while you are not using it. Most accidents occur with an unattended heater.
  • Check the heater cord for any defect. Make sure the cord and the extension cord (if you do use one) are compatible with the electricity source.
  • Running your heater at high capacity in a long time may cause product defects. Avoid using it for too long with high capacity.
  • Regularly clean your heater. A heater covered in dust would only produce 70% of the heat, thus makes you pay more compared to those regularly cleaned. Also, they look daunting.
Clean your heater often

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Clean them often!

  • Contact professionals for maintenance often. Product defect can waste you a lot of money without providing you enough heat and can cause skin and breathing problems.
  • Pay attention to any noise coming out of the heater, those are signs of product defects. Contact professionals for help.

Here are Some Extra Tips on Using Your Space Heater

  • A new heater always comes with instructions. Strictly follow those instructions and communicate with the seller to certainly understand it before buying.
  • Stores should always let you test your product before buying. Make sure that the safety feature and smoke detectors are functioning properly.
  • Limit the usage of space heater if you have children or pets and never use a space heater in your child’s bedroom.
  • Do not place your heater close to your bed or desk.
  • Avoid using extension cords as most of the time they are not compatible with heater. Additionally, there is no reason to extend the cord line since you can trip to the line and make the heater fall.
  • You can mount the heater to walls if your house is fully carpeted.
  • Your space heater can heat you temporarily, so only turn them on when you are in your room. Unattended heaters can cause severe accidents.
  • You should not use your heater in a wet and damp area because most of the heaters are electricity based.
  • Smoke detectors could be handful in your house in those winter months. They may be costly but they would help you so much on preventing unwanted accidents.
  • Do not use gas or fuel-burning heater in door. Even smelling the liquid is hazardous for your health.
  • Make sure that nothing is blocking the sight of the heater.
  • Buy a high quality product even though you need a space heater to save cost from using the heating system.

That’s all about staying safe with your space heater. Treat your heater like any electronic appliances. Be safe and be warm!

flammable objects that are close to catch a fire.

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