Want to Use a Space Heater in Car? First, Read This!


Driving in cold weather is not a pleasant feeling. Especially when your car heating system is a malfunction or when it is not warm enough. It is annoying to wear a thick layer of a jacket or breathing cold air in your vehicle. For that reason, many people are shutting off their car heating system. And instead, use a space heater in car.

Space Heater in Car & Its Great Benefits

There are many benefits to do so. A few of those you can see are much warmer. So, you can carry them on your short walk to your building after getting out of the car. They are also easier to fix, compared to a car heating system. More importantly, you can use it to defrost your car if your defroster is not working.

But the main issue is that those space heaters are for running on 120 Volts when most of the times, your vehicle only have 12 Volts outlet. This is of course not a good thing.!Because you can even cause a fire or severe system damage for your car as well as your heater.

You can just only ask for a heater to use in the car. But again, it would not provide enough heat for you to use in your home. What are we looking for here is how to take that space heater you have in your home for your car? And how do we use it safely?

Your answer to the first question is an inverter. People use it to converse the DC (Direct Current) power from your car to the AC (Alternating Current) power that your heater needs. It is critical to make sure that your power source is compatible for your heater. And it will not cause any trouble for your car in the long term. It is best that a professional electrician insult you before you attempt to make any changes by yourself.

Benefits of a car space heater

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Is it dangerous to do so?

It will not be if you pay attention and know how to use it safely. In general, both car space heaters and heaters are dangerous if we don’t follow safety guidelines. More than 18,000 residential fires and accidents each year are associated with space heaters.

The most common reason for these accidents is an unattended heater. Now to prevent the accidents from heaters in your car, here are the things you need to do:

Is it dangerous to do use a space heater in your car

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Like when you choose a space heater for your house, always read strictly follow the safety instructions.

We recommend you to use a convection space heater instead of a radiant space heater in your vehicle. A radiant heater will focus on a heating object at one fixed spot, which can be bad for your skin if you sit in front of the heater and also damage the leather in your car or worse, start a fire. On the contrary, a convection heater uses a fan to distribute the heat evenly all over your vehicle.

You should not use any fuel-burning heater or an oil heater in your vehicle for the same reason. It is because they can cause a fire. Plus, the heater may quickly fall and spill liquid all over your vehicle.

Make sure that your heater is firmly mounted to your vehicle or it is somehow attached to the car. You cannot imagine the damage that a heater can cause if it falls to your body or the ground and break. The heater’s coil can cause a severe burn if it makes contact with your body.

Keep your heater out of reach of children and pet in your car. Many accidents occur when an unattended child bump into the heater and making it fall. This is also why you should not use any fuel-burning heater in your car. You should keep your children or pet at the back seat and set up your heater in the front desk.

Check if your heater’s safety feature is still working primarily in the oxygen alarm level. Your heater should be able to stop working under certain condition (if the oxygen level is too low, the temperature is too high, or when there is smoke inside of your car).

Your car is a small and narrow space. If you let a heater running and your air ventilation system is somehow blocked, you will pass out after minutes and eventually die. For that reason, you should not leave your heater on if you sleep in your car or leave your pet and children in your vehicle with a running heater.

Choose a heater with high quality and a reliable national testing laboratory tested it. These are the organizations that can guarantee the quality of what you are using. Never use an inferior quality heater. You do not know what can happen.

You must not put anything close to your heater

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You must not put anything close to your heater as it may obstruct the heating process and your heater can damage that item or even worse, set that thing on fire. If some plastic is blocking the heater, it may break from the inside and can cause an explosion in your car.

Be careful when you carry your heater from your home to your car and vice versa. Usually, it is cold, wet, and slippery. So, you would cover your heater with your body or hide it under your jacket. If you fall and the heater is still hot, there is a chance that it will burn you and not be able to take it out in time.

Replacing your car’s heating system with a space heater is an efficient way to stay warm during the cold months, especially when your vehicle could not provide you with enough heat. But remember to be cautious. You would rather be a little chilly than having an accident with your heater.

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