Fall Home Improvement Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Winter


After summer, it is time to welcome a wonderful weather of fall.  It is also a high time for you to prepare your house for the coming winter. It is important to keep your house safe and warm from both inside and outside, especially on cold nights. All of the fall home improvement tips are easy to carry on without taking a lot of your time.

At the same time, they bring a great amount of benefits to the overall condition of your house as well as protecting your family members’s health in winter.

Here is the list of what you need to do for a fall home improvement project:

Indoor Home Improvement Tips

Cover All Of The Windows

You need to check if there is any leak or hole on your windows, especially the old ones. Replace and cover these windows if necessary.

You need to check if there is any leak or hole on your windows

Image source: Chicago Window Expert

Furthermore, you can install weather-stripping to these windows to give them extra insulation and prevent them from possible heat loss in the future.

You should also check your doors as well and caulk them properly to avoid cold air getting inside your house.

Since weather-stripping tends to wear down over time, you should check and repair your windows once every year.

Maintain An Ideal Humidity Level

In the winter, most families use radiator to provide heat for the entire house.  Using this appliance will dry the air out and making the level of humidity drop. It is very important to maintain an ideal level of humidity to help your family members stay away from sore throats and bloody nose as well as irritation in their skins.

The simple solution is to install a humidifier which could maintain an ideal house condition for your family for years to come.

The simple solution to maintain ideal humidity level in winter is to install a humidifier

Image source: Humidifiers.com

Improve Air Purity

Because it is cold outside, we tend to close the doors and windows most of the time. And since the indoor air does not have a chance to get out, it becomes more and more polluted from your normal activities such as cleaning and cooking. You will then need an air purifier to clean the air by sucking out all of the dirt, bacteria, and harmful chemicals such as CO and other volatile organic compounds.

You will then need an air purifier to clean the air

Image source: Best Rated Air Purifiers of 2016

If you already have an air purifier

You need to clean it properly, especially the air cleaner filter to get rid of the bacteria and any strange smell.

Check Your Heating System

Check Your Heating System

Image source: JT Atkinson

You should hire a professional heating contractor to examine your gas heater. You can also check the exhaust vents, air passages, and burner, then clean off all dirt and dust which accumulate on them. Remember to read the mannuals carefully for safety cautions and further maintainance which might needed after using the heater for a long time.

Check Your Fireplace

Furthermore, the fireplace of your house needs to be checked and repaired properly. If you fail to do so, there would be a risk of getting chmney fires and corbon monoxide poisoning. What you should do is to check for any crack and loose connection in the stovepipes and fix it immediately. Moreover, you need to to check the stoves’s legs for rust and the wall protetction.

Check Your Fireplace

Image source: Michael’s Chimney Service

Outdoor Fall Home Improvement

Inspect your roof

Check if there is any shingle which goes missing or broken and replace it as soon as possible. In addition, check for mold or cracks in the real wood shringles.  You need to take a look at leaky vents and damaged metal flashing as well.

If there are a lot of damages in your roof, you should consider installing a new entire roof.

Clean The Gutters And Downspouts

Clean The Gutters

Image source: Gutter Helmet by Harry Helmet

You need to clean off all the fallen leaves in the gutters and downspouts, so that they would not be clogged and lead to ice formation in the winter. After that, spray the area with area to get rid of small leaves, dirt, and debris. You should also  check all of the connections and brackets to make sure they are tight and have proper drainage.

Clean The Garden

To prevent ice from forming in your garden, make sure you remove all of the dead leaves and underbrush.

Besides that, you should cut off all of the tree’s branches that are pointing towards your house to avoid them falling into your house in case there is a winter storm.

Buy shovels and de-icing salt

…to get rid of the snow as soon as possible. You might think of purchasing these beforehand in case they may run out of stock in the peak season. Consider buying a snowblower if your area tends to get a lot of snow in the winter.

Buy shovels to get rid of snow

Image source: National Post

There are other activities that you need to do for your home improvement project. Foe examples checking and repainting  any peeling paint, sealing the walkways and driveways, and cleaning your yard equipment. You also need to clean and store your outdoor furniture. Also, don’t forget to store your lawnmowers and all of the garden hoses to prevent water from freezing. As a result, it will break the outdoor faucets and pipes.

Note: All of these activities can be done easily. However, some people do not have much time or want to check your house more thoroughly and properly. So, they can hire a professional house contractor. Importantly, you should make sure he is licensed and insured. In addition, you should also check for the methods and materials that the expert is going to apply to your house. Finally, do comparative shopping to get the best quote.

Provided that you follow all of the tips and steps that I mention above, you would be able to have your house ready and keep your family members safe and healthy during the cold harsh winter.

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