5 Best Pellets for Pellet Stove Myths Explained

Wood pellets, also known as pressed wood pellet, is a type of biomass fuels made of sawdust and pressed into small pellets. The small size of wood pellets makes it very convenient for the furnace. Wood pellets are dense and often produced with low humidity (below 10%). This makes it burn with very high efficiency. Low humidity levels mean that wood pellets save a lot of energy in burning compared with the fuel that includes a higher humidity. Low humidity in the wood pellets also makes it clean when using in the kitchen and heating equipment. In this article, we will tell you top 5 best pellets for pellet stove myths explained.

Hardwood pellets versus softwood pellets

The very first of our best pellets for pellet stove is the fight between hardwood and softwood pellets. Depending on the using purpose, you can buy hardwood or softwood pellets.

Hardwood pellet is often preferred than softwood pellet because it is made of wood burned as fuel. Therefore its burning time is longer. Also, great burning is also due to its high density compared to softwood pellet.  Hardwood is mainly used for fireplace or wood stove. Currently, on market, there are some good quality hardwood pellets that you can buy.

Hardwood pellets versus softwood pellets

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However, when it comes to the process of shaping wood into pellets, softwood has advantages over hardwood.  Softwood provides more heat and higher performance. Softwood contains more quantity of resin than hardwood, which will generate more heat. For those reasons, softwood pellet is worth every penny.

Pellets delivery

The next of our best pellets for pellet stove is pellets delivery. Many people think that pellets cannot be transported in the rain, but it is wrong. Wood pellets are usually kept dry and safe by packing with many protective layers so they can be delivered easily in all conditions. However, during the process of shipping them to your home, some rubbing problems can come up and cause damages to the plastic shroud. Therefore make sure you check the pellets thoroughly when they are delivered. If you see small round holes on either side of the pellet bag, rest assured that they are bag vents. They keep products fresh by removing air from the closed bag without letting more in.

Best pellets for pellet stove

Although a regular stove cleaning routine is necessary, cleaning it in a professional manner is even more important. The stove components will be depreciated over time therefore instant replacement or repair is essential.

Best pellets for pellet stove

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If you don’t take care of your stove properly, the wood pellets will not be able to burn in a most efficient way. Incomplete burning creates soot that can reduce 50% of the heat transfer efficiency just by a small amount. To get the optimum and safe heating, manually check your kitchen if you know how to take it apart, or call for a professional care service.

Pallet Forklift

Pellet transportation equipment cannot always go anywhere because it is bigger than you think. Due to the large size of forklifts, which is about 8 feet wide and 8 feet tall, sometimes they will not fit into your garage or warehouse. For that reason, you can select the pallet jack delivery service. A pallet jack is a basic type of forklift that can move pallets within your storing places with relative ease.

A forklift carrying 2 tons of wood pellets is so heavy that it can damage your lawn, therefore be careful. To get a seamless delivery, avoid placing the pellets in places that can easily be damaged by heavy forklifts like soft grass, mud, sprinkler system, irrigation systems, etc.

Storing wood pellets

Last but not least in our best pellets for pellet stove is storing wood pellets. An ideal storing space would be a dry and cool place inside of your house. However, if you do not have enough space indoor, you can still store wood pellets outside, as long as you keep them from directly contact with water and snow. When the wood pellets arrive, check them thoroughly and call the manufacturer for warranty if there is any damage.

Storing wood pellets

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As I said above, the wood pellets are covered securely with a layer of plastic shroud. So if they are punctured or ripped, repair them by a waterproof adhesive tape or add several plastic layers as wraps. Sealed them with a tarp and stack them on the pallet. This helps to protect the pellets from water or destruction from birds, squirrels, and other small animals.

Remember the additional tarp is very important for a long time storing outside.

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