Tankless Water Heater Repair: How to Do

Occasionally, it’s necessary to equip yourself some useful tankless water heater repair instruction or replace its accessories. The reason is that periodic maintenance can always ensure more efficient operation. Actually, if you notice either a drop in water temperature or none whatsoever, then replacing the heating element is an important repair. Therefore, I can help you to repair your tankless water heater.

However, before getting started to repair your water heater, remember to make sure that you have the following things first:

– Phillips head screwdriver

–  Element wrench

– Bucket

– Rag

– Hair dryer

– Masking tape

–  Battery-powered voltmeter

Tankless water heater repair- How to do that

Step 1 – Turn Off the power

First, you have to turn off the electrical power at the breaker box or control panel.

Place a piece of masking tape over the switch so while you are replacing the heating element, no one can turn the power back on.

Next, check the circuit with a voltmeter even when the reading is “off” on the panel display. This can help you ensure that the correct breaker has been turned off. While working on electricity, you always have to be sure since an error cannot only be dangerous but also deadly.

Turn Off the power

Image source: HomeTips

Step 2 – Open Hot Water Faucet

While turning off the water supply to the heater, you need to open one hot water faucet. Actually, this will allow some water to siphon out of your heater.

Next, remove the 6 screws at the right bottom of the cleanout on the underside of the heating chamber plate with a head screwdriver and drain the rest of the water in the heater into a bucket. Then replace the cleanout plate once it is drained.

Step 3 – Remove Wires

Remove the screws which secure the black and red wires at the top of the heating element.

Loosen the heating element with an adjustable wrench or element. Be sure to wrap a rag around the heating element so that no water can drip onto the control board. Then disconnect the heating element along with the O-ring from your heater.

Step 4 – Seat New O-Ring

Seat New O-Ring

Image source: The Home Depot

Check to see that your new O-ring seal is seated properly in the new heating element. After that, install the assembly into your heater and don’t forget to tighten the element snugly.

Now, use a Phillips head screwdriver so as to replace the black and red wires at the top of the element with two screws.

Make sure the drain plug screw is tight enough before you turn on the water supply. Remember to always look for water around the drain plug as well as the heater element.

Step 5 – Dry Control Board

In case some water drips onto the control board, you have to use a hairdryer in order to dry the control board and don’t forget to dry behind it. Dry for a considerable time so all water has evaporated and the control board can’t be harmed.

The last step, fill your heater with water and check for any leaks. If none, then turn on the power switch.

Tips to Remember

Once you operate the heater again, in case an alarm sounds displaying a 126-diagnostic code, and the controls disabled, moisture has been detected, then check for leaks and dry the heater carefully. After that, restart it.

It’s essential to know the most basic information about tankless water heater repair, but more importantly, you should equip yourself how to clean it regularly to avoid such inconvenience. Anyway, hope that this article help you figure out the best way to fix your water heater to get warm in such cold days.

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