Which Is True Of Solar, Wind And Geothermal Energy

We’re becoming more and more aware of the negative impact of using fossil fuels to our health and our environment. Therefore, we are turning to using more of renewable sources including solar, wind and geothermal energy. Thanks to the development of technologies, we can have access to these sources easily and with a cheaper cost than ever before.

If you care about the environment, the available energy sources for our next generations as well as our footprints on the Earth, it is time to equip yourself with knowledge about these sources.

Here are some facts for you to know more about solar, wind and geothermal energy

Benefits Of Using Solar, Wind And Geothermal Energy

There are a lot of benefits that we can get from using solar, wind and geothermal energy.

First of all, they are green sources which are renewable. That’s why you don’t have to worry about sources running off one day in the future, and this is not the case of fossil fuels. In fact, there is a larger amount of these energies produced every year thanks to the rapid development and innovation of technologies.

The second good thing about using solar, wind and geothermal energy is that they don’t produce any pollutant to the environment. They don’t release any form of gas like fossil fuels. They also don’t pollute the river or strip any land to extract any material at all.

Using alternative renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and geothermal energies helps to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Overdependence on fossil fuels will cause a negative impact on climate change and affect the stability of a nation’s economy.

Benefits Of Using Solar, Wind And Geothermal Energy

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And don’t think that these sources can help to generate a small amount of energy and electricity. Take wind energy as an example. By generating power from the wind, we can have the amount of energy which exceeds what we need by 20 times. The current problem is that there is not so much infrastructure to generate these sources of energy. However, this will surely change in the future.

The Prices Of Using Solar, Wind And Geothermal Energy

Energies made from these sources are free. However, there are costs related to installing and maintaining the systems which are used to generate these energies. Wind turbines or solar panels cost a lot to produce and build as well.

Many people think that using these energies would be expensive. However, with innovations and developments in technologies, these sources are becoming more and more affordable. It is recorded that the cost of using wind energy has decreased by the significant amount of 80 % since it was first made. And many people who are familiar with the matter believe that the prices of these sources will continue to fall even more in the future.

The Prices Of Using Solar, Wind And Geothermal Energy

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Also, the upfront cost of installing these energies will be less and less over time. For example, when we install the solar panel system in our house, we just have to make an initial investment.

Then we don’t have to pay anything for maintenance as the batteries from the solar panel system require no service. There is also no incurring cost as well. And this system can help to generate free power for many years to come.

Besides, with the additional support from the government as well as the tax incentives, it is now cheaper to install a solar panel system at home.

Last but not least, it is worth mentioning that since solar energy is free. You can save a lot of money on your electrical bill. It has been calculated that over the span of a solar panel system for 20 years, everything- the cost of installation and maintenance included, one particular household in America can save up to 64000 dollars.

Problems With Solar, Wind And Geothermal Energy

All of these sources of energies have their problems as well as the same problems. In the case of solar energy, we could not use this source at night. On the other hand, we could not use wind energy for our basic demand. This is because it can fluctuate and currently, there is no form of storing wind power. And while geothermal energy is a more stable form of energy than the wind and solar power. You can only develop it in some specific areas and need to manage it carefully.

Problems With Wind Energy

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A problem relating to all sources of energy is that the amount of energy we can generate from the sun. And the wind varies very greatly to locations. Also, different time of a day and a year or different condition of the weather could also affect the amount of energy we get from.

Also producing and using the wind, solar and geothermal energy is not 100% environmentally friendly. The process of making equipment to generate these energies also contributes to releases wastes and chemicals into the air and land. However, it would be quite a small impact in comparison with producing and using fossil fuels.

Uses Of Solar, Wind And Geothermal Energy

Common household uses of solar energy are for cooking and heating water. In a house, 60 to 70 % of water can be heated up to 60 degree Celsius by using solar energy. Another use of solar energy is for operating the spaceships, which is currently applied by various countries.

The Wind and geothermal energy also show massive potentials as efficient forms of energy for heating and cooling. In the future, wind turbines all over the world could produce more than four terawatts. And geothermal energy could bring an additional two terawatts.

Here are some of the few things you should know about solar, wind and geothermal energy. I hope that with all of the information above, you will have more knowledge about these sources of energies for the future. With a lot of benefits, they are worth trying and using if you have access to them.

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