What to Look for in a Good small Dehumidifier for Bathroom and Bedroom

What to Look for in a Good small Dehumidifier for Bathroom and BedroomHave your had the best Dehumidifier for bathroom and bedroom for your house?

The bathrooms are usually the dampest place in our house because of their nature of use. With hot showers and baths, it means that the humidity of your bathroom is always at a high number. If you use your bathroom, especially when it has bad ventilation, you can easily spot condensation and mold in this room.

When mold and spores start to develop in your bathroom, it will make you feel unpleasant and uncomfortable. It also poses a huge risk of unhealthy potential for your well-being as well.

This also applies to your bedroom. If there is over humidity and bad ventilation in your bedroom, you will also start to see mold and mildew as well. Of course having them in your bedroom is not a good sign. Especially when you are sensitive to allergens, they will cause trouble breathing and badly impact the quality of your sleep.

The most effective and efficient way to maintain an ideal humidity and combat over moisture in the bathroom as well as in your bed room is using a dehumidifier.

In this article, I will provide the types of dehumidifiers which are best for your bathroom/bedroom as well as reviewing some of the most common products currently available on the market.

High HumiditySigns that your bathroom/bedroom is over humid

  • You see mildews and molds in the callings and corner of the bathroom. They develop from very small, insignificant spots so make sure you check carefully.
  • You can also see hints of water on windows and mirrors.
  • Paint on the walls starts to fall off.
  • There is also a strange and odd smell coming from the bathroom as well.

As you can see from the introduction, the bathroom is the dampest with highest humidity level in your house. Over humidity will cause mold and mildews which can be spread to other rooms. Also the bad condition of the bathroom and bedroom will affect the health of people who use it, especially the respiratory system. Furthermore, you would not be able to enjoy a quality time taking a warm bath and having a good sleep, which will then affect your normal healthy lifestyle.

Last but not least, it will cost you a lot of money for maintenance and repair of the bathroom and the overall house if they are damaged by over moisture. Therefore, it is very important that you come up with a way to prevent and fight against moisture and over humidity in your bathroom.

Why should you choose a dehumidifier over other tradition ways?

A small dehumidifier offers more benefits to control humidity in our bathroom than other tradition methods (including using box fan and exhaust fan. Or simply open the door all the time)

  • Firstly, it can help to control the correct and ideal humidity level.
  • Also, it offers quick removal of excessive moisture in the air.
  • Lastly, it is more energy efficient than using an exhaust fan or a box fan.

Types of Small Bedroom/Bathroom Dehumidifier

There are two mains types of dehumidifiers which are a Refrigerant and Desiccant Dehumidifier.

A dehumidifier helps to maintain the correct humidity level and capture the air and squeeze out excessive moisture before releasing the air back to the room. These two types are different in the way they extract the moisture from the air.

refrigerant and desiccant dehumidifier

image source: andatech.com.au

With a refrigerant dehumidifier, a metal coil inside this device is responsible for cooling the air and extracting the water from the air. The amount of water which can be extracted from the air is based on the different temperature in the coil and the outside temperature of the bathroom. When the bathroom is hot, it can extract more water.

With a desiccant dehumidifier, the air will be absorbed into/ onto a drying material. The excessive water will be kept in that material, and air will be released back into the room. Sometimes when the water in the air is too much, the drying material cannot hold and extract that much water and can be broken.

Typically, a refrigerant dehumidifier is more capable of extracting a large amount of water.  Therefore, it is more suitable for a room with a higher level of humidity. A desiccant dehumidifier is better in a room with a lower level of humidity.

Also, a refrigerant model works better in a hot environment, and a desiccant one is better at low temperature.

Overall, a refrigerant dehumidifier is better for the moist and hot bathroom.

Size and Square Footage Chart

When choosing a dehumidifier, one of the most important features you need to consider is the size as well as the square footage the humidifier needs to cover.

The bathroom usually has a high level of humidity; therefore it is best if you look for a humidifier which can run well in that environment.

For a high level of humidity in the bathroom:

  • A 15 pint dehumidifier needs to cover up to the maximum coverage up to 300 square feet.
  • A 15-30 pint dehumidifier needs to cover the range from 400 up to 1100 square feet.

Furthermore, with a lower level of humidity in the bathroom, you will need a less powerful dehumidifier. To put it in other word, you will need one model which can collect a fewer number of pints in the same coverage.

Tips To Choose Dehumidifier Capacity For Your Bathroom

The first thing you need to know in order to choose capacity for your bathroom/bedroom is the size of the room. In most houses, the size of the bedroom/bathroom will fall from 300 square feet to 500 square feet. Bathroom often smaller than bedroom

The next thing to know is the condition of your room. You need to decide if your room is slightly, moderate or very damp. For a small room of slightly damp condition, you can choose a dehumidifier with a capacity of less than 15 pint. If it is moderately damp or very damp one with level of humidity above 80%, you need to go for a dehumidifier with a capacity to collect up to 25 pints of water.

How about a 500+ square foot bathroom? – With a bigger bathroom, you will need a stronger dehumidifier. Go for a 30 pint dehumidifier if your bathroom is damp or very damp and has the level of humidity around 70%.

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Things to consider when choosing the small Dehumidifier for Bedroom/Bathroom


There are more and more features added to a dehumidifier for a more user-friendly experience. You can look for such features namely the auto off, built-in humidistat, built in hygrometers, continuous drainage, and tank full indicator, to name just a few.

Electric Consumption

Energy StarIf you intend on running this appliance frequently, it is ideal if you can find a model that is powerful and economical. You should look for a model with Energy Star Certificate.

Here is another tip about the consumption of electricity: a smaller, more portable dehumidifier tends to cost more energy to run than a bigger one


This dehumidifier is placed in your bathroom, where everybody uses quite often. Also in typical house’s plan, a bathroom is situated near other rooms. Therefore, it needs to run at a minimum noise level as possible to prevent from distracting the people in your house.

Top 5 Best Dehumidifier for Bathroom and Bedroom Reviews

1. Frigidaire FFAD3033R1, 30 pint - Best Dehumidifier for Bedroom

Frigidaire FFAD3033R1 Dehumidifier, 30 pintr
Our Rating: 4.8 / 5

This small and compact dehumidifier has all the useful and user friendly options like in a 50 and 70 pint dehumidifier from Frigidaire.

Unlike other previous versions of this model, this one comes with a digital control panel and digital readout of the level of humidity in the room.


  • Coming with all the features such as auto shut off and full tank indicator, this model is one of the most versatile and easiest to use of the compact range.
  • With LCD screen, you can read the statistics about the humidity in the bathroom more easily and correctly.
  • It is very compact with 4 roller coasters and very lightweight of up to 20 pounds.
  • One of the most energy efficient in comparison with other models of the same size.


  • It has no defrost mode.
  • Also the built in hygrometer is not accurate all the time.


This dehumidifier is suitable for any size of bathroom. If you care for energy efficiency, it is also the best choice.it is also very suitable for a big bedroom with high level of humidity.


2. Eva-dry Electric Petite Edv-1100 Small Dehumidifier

Eva-dry Electric Petite Edv-1100
Our Rating: 4.2 / 5

This is one of the compact dehumidifier coming without a compressor but a special technology called the Peltier Technology; which is very perfect for a small space like the bathroom.

It operates with a 9Vdc power adapter. The model is compact but very powerful.


  • Coming with the feature to turn off automatically when the water tray is full so it helps to save your money on energy.
  • The water bucket is designed in an easy and convenient way for you to remove.
  • The air filter which is removable and washable so it could also help you to clean the air in the bathroom away from dust and mites.
  • It is very compact and portable, which is very suitable for a small bathroom.


  • It works less effectively in an environment with very high level of humidity as well as large area.
  • It also takes a little bit of time before your bathroom can get to an ideal humidity level


This dehumidifier is suitable for a small bathroom with lower level of humidity. It is also suitable for your small and quite dry bedroom.  Since it is quite, it will not disrupt your sleeping time.

3. Eva-dry E-333 Mini Dehumidifier for Closet

Eva-dry E-333 Mini Dehumidifier
Our Rating: 4.2 / 5

This is one of the most economical small sized dehumidifier for your bathroom. When operating, it has a color changing crystals that change with each different level of humidity in your bathroom.

It does not come with wire or battery to be operated.


  • This dehumidifier is very energy efficient.
  • When it operates, it is very quiet as well.
  • Also come with a removable and washable air filter, which helps to clean the air in the bathroom as well.
  • The special design of this dehumidifier makes it so compact and easy to be carried around with no wire attached.
  • Lastly, the colors of the crystal make it very easy to identify the level of humidity in your room.


  • It does not work well in a large area with a high level of humidity.


If you want a simple device with no other extra features to save money then it is your best option. It also works well in a small bathroom as well as small bedroom with low level of humidity.

4. EcoSeb DD122EA Desiccant Dehumidifier

EcoSeb DD122EA Desiccant Dehumidifier
Our Rating: 4.8 / 5

Come with automatic water full shut down and temperature detector and other useful features such as the water full indicator and tilt over protection. This model also has an innovative Silver Nano air filter to help clean the air and take away bacteria and dust.


  • Thanks to its compact design, it is small, quiet and very lightweight.
  • There are 2 ways you can take out the water tank: manually and by a continuous drainage. If you use the continuous drainage, remember to put the dehumidifier away from the water source to prevent electrical shock.
  • It can accumulate water in a very short time.


  • It will cost a lot of energy with no Energy Star certificate.
  • It also makes the room a little bit hot when operating.


It is more suitable in a small bathroom with low level of humidity. Because it will make the room hotter when it operates, therefore it is not suitable for a small bedroom. You might use it in a large bedroom with low level of humidity.


Here is our table of all the models’ pros and cons as well as our verdict for your comparison:

Frigidaire FFAD3033R1
Frigidaire FFAD3033R1
Eva-dry Edv-1100Eva-dry Edv-1100 Eva-dry E-333Eva-dry E-333 EcoSeb DD122EAEcoSeb DD122EA
Capacity/Size 30 pint
up to 1500 sq. ft
? pint
up to 1100 sq. ft
6 pint
up to 50 sq. ft.
15 pint
Length 10.5 inches 6.5 inches 2.8 inches 6.9 inches
Width 13.8 inches 5.3 inches 9 inches 11.4 inches
Height 20.5 inches 8.5 inches 8.3 inches 19.1 inches
Weight 34 pounds 2 pounds 1.2 pounds 13.2 pounds
Water Tank Capacity 7.6 pint 1 pint 1 pint 4.2 pint
Working Temperature Low temperature operation, at 41 °F. Moderate temperature operation, at 85 °F. Moderate temperature operation, at 85 °F. Low temperature operation, at 41 °F to moderate temperature at 85 °F.
Energy Efficient Certification Yes Yes No Yes

Our best recommendation is the Frigidaire FFAD3033R1 Dehumidifier. This is the most powerful and efficient compact dehumidifier, which is very suitable for such a small space with a high level of humidity. Although having some areas which need further changes and development, the benefits it brings will surely outweigh all of the drawbacks.


It is very important to keep your bathroom within a perfect range of humidity and using a small dehumidifier is the most effective and efficient way to maintain it.

There are various products of dehumidifiers with different types, sizes, built in features and noise levels. When choosing a good small dehumidifier for bedroom or bathroom, you should consider all these options so that you can find the best one for your room.

A best dehumidifier for bathroom/bedroom will save you a lot of money as well as ensuring a good and healthy condition of living for all members of your family. Hence, it is a wise decision to invest a fraction of your money on it.

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