What to Consider When Choosing Shower Water Filter

You are planning to buy shower water filter; however, you haven’t known how to choose one yet? Don’t worry, we are here to help you!

What can a good shower water filter bring to you? Here are some advantages of this little buddy:

  • Avoid you from absorbing contaminants, for example chlorine and other harmful disinfection byproducts.
  • Protect your skin and hair.
  • Make water more gentle.
  • Remove bad odors.

However, it can be hard to buy one. No joking, many people spend a ton of time to find the right product but end up buying nothing. They are easily overwhelmed by the vast amount styles and models available, especially on online stores. Nevertheless, you don’t have to be one of them! Follow our guide on what to consider when choosing a shower water filter below and get some tips to buy one right now.

Know what contaminants you want to reduce

For best effectiveness, of course you need to know what contaminants are in the water and which one you might want to get rid of them. Particular shower water filter can only work perfectly 100% in particular situation.

If you are wondering what contaminants may be in your water, you can start by getting a copy of your water quality report (called a CCR or consumer confident report) from your local water utility/authority (in the U.S. and some cities in Canada).

If you are unable to get your report or if you have a private well, you may want to consider having your water independently tested.

Get to know about 3 types of Shower Water Filter

Now that you have specified which contaminants to reduce, the next step is get to know about which type will fit your demand.

KDF (kinetic degradation fluxion) is a mixture of copper and zinc. When water flows through KDF, a tiny electrical charge is created. This electrical then charge forces free chlorine to combine with minerals in the water (usually calcium or another alkaline mineral). The combination of chlorine and these minerals is a harmless chloride.


Image source: Detoxifynow.com

Vitamin C: filters contain a block of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid). When the water runs through the filter, it will come into contacting with the Vitamin C. The Vitamin C neutralizes about 99% of the chlorine and chloramines in the water. Their effectiveness does not diminish until the Vitamin C is completely used up. You should use them for removing chlorine and chloramines from shower water.

Carbon removes impurities from water because of its sticky surface; it is normally excellent at removing chlorine. Carbon filter comes in many grades, but ahigh-gradee must be used if you want to take a shower with warm water. Carbon filter is primarily used for cold water. It is most effective at temperature ranging of 50-80 degrees (F). Therefore, at higher temperatures, carbon needs to be used as a second-stage filter. Moreover, it can be clogged easily.


– A small carbon filter cannot handle the volume of water that passes through a shower water filter. For carbon alone to work, the filter would need to be so big that it couldn’t be attached to your shower head. Once again, carbon can only be used as a second-stage filter.

– Don’t buy a filter that puts a carbon cartridge before a KDF cartridge. Activated carbon takes oxygen out of the water, but the KDF needs oxygen to work properly.

List out the extra qualities you want

Try to answer these common questions below to see if the product has met your need:

– Does it work well in both hot and cold water? In the winter, a hot bath would be perfect, but that won’t be the same in the summer.

Does it work well in both hot and cold water

Image source: rzeszow24.pl

– Do I need a hand-held shower filter? Since it is more versatile and you can lift it out of the cradle to bring the spray close up to where in need, hand-held shower filter is suitable for children, seated showers, pets and cleaning tubs and shower stalls.

– How long  can it last? Nothing lasts forever, which is never wrong, at least to shower water filter. Generally, they can’t last over 6 months, or for some is 1 year without replacing filters.

How long it can last depends on the filter itself, and how long you shower. They can only filter a certain amount of water. If your shower time exceeds this number, you need to change your filter.

Pick the one that suit your bathroom’s devices and water’s condition

You should consider some special conditions of your bathroom and water when deciding which shower water filter to choose:

– Low water pressure: You should use a stationary shower filter rather than a hand-held shower filter.

– The height of the shower arm: Which is measured from the bottom of the tub or stall will determine whether a stationary or hand-held model is the most suitable. If your shower arm is relatively high, then a stationary model may be more appropriate, as a hand-held model may touch the ceiling and the extra height dissipate the power of the spray.

Vice versa, if your shower arm is medium or low, a hand-held model may be a better choice as it raises the height of the shower head – and makes it more convenient for tall people.

Is it easy to install or replace?

Nobody wants to waste time struggling on installing and replacing something minor like shower water filter. It is never too late to consider these questions before choosing a filter:

– Does it have replaceable cartridges? Okay, you have  to spend time  choosing wisely and now you figure it out than you need to buy a new one because there is no replaceable cartridge available. Oh come on!

In order to prevent yourself from that awkward situation, make sure that the model comes equipped with ready-to-use replaceable shower filter cartridge.

Is it easy to install or replace

Image source: Pureeasy

– Are they easy to replace? Don’t forget you have so many things to do, so once again make sure that they are easy to replace too – without any tools.

– Are the replaceable cartridges expensive? Save your money on this! Choose the right company  and the trustful product.

There are thousands of companies that sell shower water filter, but you just need one. So, how to choose the right company?

– It must be a company with experience and expertise. Small tip: look for a company whose sole business is selling these types of water filters. They are most likely to be the excellent in their field.

– The product must be the best seller. They can’t be the best seller without any reason. Many people do recommend products to other people if they find a specific product useful.

– Listen to the reviews. The one that has used it will know it best; they will tell you exactly what you should know. Secondly, don’t let negative reviews distract you – there is no product that has no negative review. Finally, check the average rating.

Stick to your budget

Think of the budget that is reasonable to you and STICK to it. Many people like it after seeing models, functions, colors and so on, and guess what? They just rationally purchase the coolest item they see online, with the costly price. It is hard to make money, so use it wisely!

Conclusion: We hope that after this article you have already made your decision on which shower water filter to buy. If you have purchased one, don’t hesitate to share with us. We’d love to hear from you.

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