Should I Use a Portable Air Conditioner for Garage

Should I Use a Portable Air Conditioner for Garage

Before finding for the answer of whether or not they should Use a Portable Air Conditioner for Garage, you need to know that:

Air conditioners are great tool to help you fight against the weather. When the sun is burning and melting everything, you need to take matter into your own hands. Your body needs to be cool to sustain and stay relaxed.

Not only your body, but your cars do need the same. Heat has been associated to cars’ degradation. When it’s too hot, things start to burn and your car can accidentally turn into an oven.

Although it’s a crazy idea, many people install a portable air conditioner for garage.

Should I use a portable air conditioner for garage

Yes, you should.

It’s possible to install a Portable Air Conditioner for Garage. But in most cases, it’s difficult for a portable AC to be really effective in a garage.

A garage is simply a place that you store your cars when not using them. Some people also use their garage as a small storage.

Should I use a portable air conditioner for garage

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So there will be little to no human activity in there. Installing a portable AC can be costly, not to mention that it will only work for a few hours in the hot days.

However, if the budget allows, why not?

A little cool air makes everything better in the burning summer days. It can be a waste of energy for some people but if you can afford it, then go for it.

There are a lot of car exhibitions and forums place their cars in a cool room.

The heat can do many things to your cars especially if they are not designed to stand against the weather.

Turning on the garage AC after you’ve got home will chill things down. It’s also a great way for the seats to be cool before you sit on it.

Most AC will emit some moisture to the air. This moisture will keep the surface of the car cool and prevent it from getting burnt when you’re outside.

How to choose Portable Air Conditioner for Garage

How to choose Portable Air Conditioner for Garage

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Before even thinking about installing a Portable Air Conditioner for Garage, make sure that the space is sealed.

You know that AC can only run in closed space where the cool air can’t escape the room.

If there are some holes on the doors or some open windows above the garage, the cool air provided by the AC will be useless.

Operating in an open space will force your AC to work harder, breaking the device sooner.

Open space

The garage still needs to be sealed from the outside atmosphere. But the inside of the garage should be wide and open.

There shouldn’t be much stuff in the garage other than your cars.

Make sure to place your AC somewhere above the ground and away from other objects. It needs some space for air circulation.

If there are objects nearby, your AC is likely to be overheated.


You only need to consider installing an AC when the inside temperature of your garage is too high.

Most of the times, garage is designed so that it won’t be affected by the sunlight. So only do when you really need it.

Ventilation system

Make sure that your garage has proper space for the ventilation system.

The portable AC releases cool air on one side while hot air on the other side. That hot air needs to be taken out of the room through a hose.

This means that you will either have to drill a hole on the wall for the hose or lead the hose outside somehow.

Considerations for Garage Air Conditioning

Properly vented

Once again, it’s essential to find a place to vent your AC. It needs space so that it can take the hot air outside of the garage.

Without the ventilation system, your AC will turn into a useless machine which provides cool air on one side and emits hot air on the other side.

The size of your garage

You need to buy an air conditioner that is compatible for the size of your garage. It’s like wearing shoes that fit.

If it’s too small and the wattage is too low for your garage, it won’t be effective.

On the other hand, if it’s too big for your garage, it does more than what it’s supposed to do and you will end up paying more on the electricity bill.

Before heading to the store, measure the size of your garage. Ask the seller for the right wattage of BTU rating.

The size of your garage

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Commercial-sized AC

Commercial AC is made with heavy-duty material.

These units are used in warehouses and factories which are similar to the Portable Air Conditioner for Garage.

Consider buying these AC if you have a huge garage with many cars.

How to install Portable Air Conditioner for Garage

Installing an air conditioner is not difficult.

It requires some strength and some technical knowledge.  If you know about these things, you can consider installing one on your own.

It will save you hundreds from using services. The process should be carried out systematically.

Choose the position

Choosing a sensible spot for your AC is the key factor for its effectiveness.

As we mentioned above, it should be high above the ground so that it can circulate air evenly. There should not be any objects too close to the AC.

Make sure to leave space so that you can run the exhaust hose.

Cut the studs

Measure and make sure that both of them are on the same level. It’s recommended to make more than one so that you can hold the AC in place better.

Place the AC on the studs

Once it’s held in place, design the outlets for the electrical cords. Make sure that it looks nice and is covered in anti-electric tape so that I won’t hang around the wall.

Place the AC on the studs

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Vent it

Make sure that it leads outside of the garage.

You may need to drill a hole on your wall. If the hole is too big, fill the space with paper, cardboards and use duct tape to cover around it.

The most important thing is  not to leave any space so that the hot air can once again come in your garage.

Plug it on and test the device

How to vent a portable AC in garage

How to vent a portable AC in garage

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A normal garage should have at least 2 outside walls.

These walls are great places for you to vent the air conditioner. In this case, we’ll show you how you can vent it on the roof of the garage.

You need to drill a hole on the ceiling of the garage. To optimize the efficiency of the AC, measure the exhaust hose first and drill a hole just as the same size of the hose.

Most hoses are squishable so it’s ok if the hole is too small.

Also, try to get the AC close to the ceiling as much as possible to minimize the heat released into the garage through the hose.

Connect the hose to your AC and run it through the hole to the roof.

The hose should fit the whole snuggly. If it’s still loose and there is still some space in between, use cardboards to fit in the space.

Afterward, use duct tape to tape around the hole and the hose. This will prevent hot air outside from slipping into your garage.


Some people say that it’s a crazy idea to install a Portable Air Conditioner for Garage. Well, everything is possible. It depends whether you like it or not.

If the budget and the resources allow you to do so, why not?

Your cars deserve to be treated with respect. It’s also one way to honor your cars.

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