What Are Portable Air Conditioners Without Window Exhaust?

What are portable air conditioners without Window Exhaust

This short article will give you an overview about portable air conditioners without window exhaust. On the other hand, we will guide you how to use them.

What are portable air conditioners without window exhaust

  • Briefly, they’re evaporative air coolers.
  • They are wet air coolers or swamp coolers.
  • What it does is to cool down the air by vaporizing water.
What are portable air conditioners without window exhaust

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These units will have a tray so that you can store water or solid ice in that tray. The air will be cool down as it is lead through that tray and will be released into our room.

Some of the models don’t have a tray, instead of a direct pipe that connects directly to a cool source or water source.

The device sucks cozy air in the space, cool it down and blow it back out, causing the temperature to drop.

However, as they are not like portable air conditioner, they’re more like a temporary solution. They won’t reduce the temperature as much as a normal air conditioner would do.

But they can make sure that you won’t be sweating. It’s more like a solution to humidify and cool down the air.

Anyway, the greatest thing about using these air coolers is less energy consuming compared to a regular AC. They are a great plan if you’re planning to save money on cooling during the hot months of the year.

Speaking of evaporative air coolers, there are many kinds for you to choose from. Their sizes and wattage reflect their coverage and strength.

Evaporative air coolers

So if you intend to buy one, make sure that you do some researches about their coverage and the size of your room. It’s like wearing shoes that fit. If it’s too small, it won’t solve the problem.

Therefore, you would pay too much money for a big machine to operate.

How can you use a portable air conditioner without an exhaust hose?

Now, keep in mind that:

A portable air condition won’t be able to work without an exhaust hose.

It doesn’t consume the air and turns it into nothing like a black hole. Every portable conditioner needs an exhaust hose.

If it doesn’t, then it may be an evaporative air cooler, not an air conditioner.

However, the length of the exhaust hose can be minimized.

You can do this by installing vents that are similar to the ones used in a dryer for example. All air condition units require a vent for connection with the outside to discharge heat.

Usually, a fan will push the air through the hot coil to the vents and take it outside.

The easiest way to exhaust heat from the system of portable air conditioners is to connect the hose to a sliding window. You can do this by venting kit supplies.

Also, to increase the efficiency of the AC, make sure that the vent is lead outside. Air conditioners work by transferring air from one place to another.

If they are well-ventilated, it means that less hot air will be in the room, resulting in a better drop of temperature.

Through this small article, we hope that you have understood the basic difference between portable air conditioners without window exhaust and evaporative coolers. They are different air-conditioning units, and they function differently although sharing the same purpose of cooling the air. If the exhaust hose off the air conditioner is too bulky for you to handle, you can try different methods of shortening it.

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