Smoke, Dust and Pollen, Allergies, Pets, and Mold Air Purifiers

Smoke, Dust and Pollen, Allergies, Pets, and Mold Air Purifiers

In this article I will list out some kinds of Smoke, Allergies and Asthma, Dust and Pollen, Pets, and mold air purifiers. To get a good quality air purifier you need to look for a trustworthy brand specialized in air cleaning device.

Smoke Air Purifiers

Second hand smoke from tobacco or cigarette has a terrible influence on health. It is harmful not only on the smoker but also to other people living within a same enclosed living space. Nobody can deny the bad influence on health from tobacco harmful ingredients.

Tobacco smoke contains toxic emissions such as carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, soot, and so on. Thus, you should think about getting an air purifier for smoke if you want to have a fresh air in your living place. To choose a suitable device for smoke, you need to take note the features below to make the right decision.

  • HEPA filter: an air cleaning device for smoke having the first function is to remove mold and bacteria, and the second function is for smoke and cigarette. Therefore, when you choose an air purifier for smoke, you need to take note on the HEPA filter.
HEPA filter

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  • Activated carbon filters: air purifier with this kind of filter is used best for the second function – filter smoke and cigarette. Therefore, to purchase an air purifier for smoke, this is the most important feature you need to know.

While in the smoke, an air purifier is to make the air clean and clear of bacteria and mold. Its function is not to stop all the negative effects of toxic smoke or cigarette. Because there are many toxic elements in smoke and they are not mold or bacteria.

However, an air purifier with HEPA filter can reduce smaller airborne pollutants. Therefore, with cigarette smoke, this device will just lower the harm of these toxics, and not 100% eliminating it. This is a matter to notice when using an air purifier for smoke.

Dust and Pollen Air Purifiers

An air purifier using HEPA filter manages to clear pollen and dust very effectively. However, it cannot completely remove all kinds of dust but just limit them. Air purifier takes the responsibility of removing the tiny airborne particles from the air and not the large amount of much heavier dust.

Many customers have been expecting the operation of this machine in a wrong way. They hope an air cleaning device will be removing all of dust and pollen. But it ends up with dust remains on the floor and they are not happy with it.

Dust remains on the floor

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It is the tiny particles from the air which cause sickness when absorbing to the lungs via breathing in the nose. The large amount of dust we see on the floor because they are much heavier. They landed on the floor before the air purifier traps them in. This kind of dust we can clean easily by a vacuum cleaner.

HEPA filter is considered as a device which can trap molecules size down to 0.3 micron with a cleaning rate of 99.7%. This tiny size particle is easy to fall into our lungs. It is rather hard to capture but only some special machines can do.

The fibres of the air purifier will trap these molecules when the air draws into it.

Though air purifier cannot remove all the dust. Yet, it will definitely offer the best air quality while giving the best dust reduction, if you use it often.

Allergies and Asthma Air Purifiers

Imagine you are a very sensitive to allergic causing agents such as weather changing, dust, pollen, pet hair, bacteria, so on. You will have immediate reactions: sneeze, running nose, itchy skin, and wheeze. Thus, you would understand how unpleasant are these allergic reactions cause to you. Also, how much effort you do to reduce those nuisances.

Having an air purifier is the best choice to eliminate these unpleasant allergic agents.

Air purifier for allergies and asthma having an air cleaning operation same with one for dust. The HEPA filtration system will capture dust, pollen, pet hairs when the air is drawn into this device. The clean air will then flow into the room.

The American Lung Association and the U.S. Environmental Agency recommended air purifier is a device works well in keeping the air of users in the surroundings always clean and clear of allergic causing agents. As a result, it will improve your health.

Pets Air Purifiers

It does not mean that when you are allergic to pets such as dog, cat, and other household animals, you cannot own a pet at home. An air cleaning device in this situation offers you a clean and free of pet odor in your living space. The air purifier with HEPA filter works well to offer the best reduction of pet hair, dander, and so on.

However, you should combine with vacuum cleaner to get the best result, especially for people who have a dog that often shredders in the year.

Pets Air Purifiers

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Mold Air Purifiers

It is not true that many of us think mold is what we can see it colonies on the wall.  The truth is mold presents everywhere and you cannot spot it. Moisture is hospitable for mold grow. Thus, to control mold you need to keep the moisture in balance.

To get rid of mold, you need an air purifier for mold to keep the humidity level under 50%. Like the ones for dust and pollen, allergies and asthma, you need a HEPA filter air purifier.

You should use the air purifier which is made from famous brands with HEPA Silent technology which can capture particle down to 0.1 micron. Moreover, you had better consider having extra functions such as a magnetic filter timer, or Surround AirTM technology to remove mold properly.

As mentioned, mold grows in high humidity conditions. It needs moisture to thrive. You will have the opposite effect if you purchase a low quality device. Because low price units are usually made of cellulose – paper.

Therefore, keep using those devices makes them become a favourable environment for mold to grow. So, get yourself a quality air purifier for mold with those technologies or extra functions. Stretch a bit, do not afraid of the cost.


In summary, there are air purifiers for smoke, dust and pollen, allergies and asthma, pets, and mold. They are with HEPA filtration system. This is a filter system that can capture particle pollutants size down to 0.3 micron from the air.

At some extra functions and technologies like HEPA Silent, Surround AirTM, this device can capture airborne particle size of .01 microns.

Air purifier with HEPA filter has the main function to remove bacteria and tiny size particles in the air. It offers best reduction and does not remove all toxic smoke, cigarette harmful ingredients, and heavier size of dust or pollen.

Which type of air purifier is the best describes your situation? Choose an air purifier most suit your needs. Check it out and get one soon!


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