Ultimate Guide on How to Install Portable Air Conditioner

How to Install a Portable Air Conditioner

It’s not an easy job to install a portable air conditioner right. Whether you’re doing it yourself or asking for a service, we think that it’s a good idea to share with you about how to install and vent a portable AC.

This guide helps you to install a portable, single-hose AC.

How to Install Portable Air Conditioner

Cost to install portable air conditioner

The cost of installing an air conditioner can vary a lot based on:

  • The size of the room
  • The quality of the air conditioners
  • The region where you’re installing

For example, two same air conditioners can cost a lot different when you install them in a third world country compared to a developed country.

Cost to install portable air conditioner

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Why there are such differences?

This is because the service fee is different. It’s a swing in the mist to predict the price without having any additional information.


…according to several sources, the average price of installing a portable AC for a room about 340 square feet is about $500.

And, this price can increase up to nearly $1000 for a room of 800 square feet.

However, that AC for the 340 square- feet- room can increase up to $700 depending on your zip code.

How to install

Firstly, read the instruction.

Always start the job by doing it before attempting to do anything. And, you need to visualize the general steps and what’re supposed to do to plan it right.

Secondly, pick the location.

How to install

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You should place every AC near a window and an electrical outlet. Also, pay attention to the surroundings because you don’t want the AC to be too close to your furniture.

Make sure that you won’t accidentally pump into it. Leave some space around the AC for air circulation. Besides, if the space is too small, cool air won’t be able to circulate the room.

Thirdly, check if the window adapter kit works well with your window. The adapter kit should include in the package. If it’s not for your window, you may need to improvise and make some adjustments.

The gap between the adapter and you’re the sides of the window. You should seal off that window for maximum efficiency.

You can use a piece of wood, carboard or plastic to fill the gap. Just make sure that you seal the gap.

Then, connect the exhaust hose from the portable AC with the air conditioning unit.

Next, use duct tape to immobilize the exhaust hose window connection.

And, you then need to close the window so that it fits snugly against the connection. It needs to hold everything firms in place. Be generous with the duct tape. You need to hold the window kit firmly in place.

Finally, plug in your AC and use it. Check the hose and joints to see if there’s any problem.

How to Vent Your Portable AC

Why you need to vent your portable air conditioner

To make your air conditioner function well, the hot air must be vented out of the room.

The mechanism of an AC is to replace the hot air in the room with cool air. So, if the hot air is taken outside, the cool air will get warmer, making the AC less effective.

The main and only function of the hose is to extract hot air out of the room. The venting kit should always be included in the package when you purchase a portable air conditioner.

How to vent:

How to Vent Your Portable AC

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Step 1: Attach the hose connectors or adapter to the AC and insert the hose.

Step 2: You need to extend the window kit to the length of your window. You may want to trim the window bracket so that the kit will fit your window snugly.

Fill the space with paper or cardboard. Some models may come up with screws to help you keep the window kit in place.

Step 3: Close the window to make sure that the kit is in place.

Step 4: Connect the vent hose with the window kit. If you install everything properly and tightly, you can start the AC.

Can I vent a portable air conditioner inside?

Air conditioner requires being vented outside so that the hot air can escape the room.

Thus, the cool air will replace the hot air that has been released. It’s a machine that makes one side hotter and one side cooler.

So if you place both sides in the room (vent it inside), the unit won’t work.

What are the potential problems, if any, of venting a portable A/C unit into a closet or attic?

If you vent your air conditioner into the closet or attic, it will ruin your house within a few days. It’s a terrible idea to do such thing.

First, you will have to face molds and moisture. Secondly, venting your AC into the attic is like an invitation for molds and germs. Thirdly, the moist air will help them to grow stronger than ever.

The best option for venting your air condition is still to vent it outside. The hot air and the moisture need to be released outside of your house.

You don’t want that kind of moisture in your house.

FAQs about portable air conditioner installation

Can I add or install additional exhaust hoses to my unit?

exhaust hoses

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Never do that!!

Your AC is designed to go with the hoses included in the package. Unless it is designed for two hoses, then you may do that.

Adding one more hose can be dangerous as your AC will shut down due to backpressure.


…the air that comes out of the AC will be warm. You may change the length of the hose but never add any extra hose.

Can I install my portable air conditioner in a tight, enclosed area such as a cabinet?

As mentioned above, there should always be some space for air circulation.

Besides, the unit needs space to take the air in. Your AC may be overheated if you install in a closed space.

Can I install the unit without an exhaust hose?

The purpose of an AC is to extract hot air out of the room and replace it with cool air. Without the hose, the first function will be dismissed. Therefore, your AC will turn into a useless machine.

Can I setup the unit for continuous drainage?

Some models come with a drain tube.

Can I setup the unit for continuous drainage

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This benefits you as you won’t have to worry about emptying the container once in a while. It solves the problem of leakage and spilling in your AC.

Contact your manufacturer for detail. Normally, you just need to replace the water container with the tube.

Do I need to vent my portable air conditioner?

Of course, hot air that comes out of the AC needs to be lead somewhere. That’s when the hose takes that hot air outside of your room.

Besides, without the hose, your air conditioner is a useless machine which cools the air from one side and releases the hot air on the other side.


A portable air conditioner is a tool of capacity and convenience. Gradually, it replaces the traditional AC which takes a lot of space and is not economically effective. So, to enhance the efficiency of these portable AC, make sure that you install them right. Know how they work and clean them often.

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