5 things must-know about Humidity Level and Moisture Problems

5 things must-know about Humidity Level and Moisture Problems

There are some truths about humidity level and moisture problems you must know about as well as how to deal with them to keep your living condition comfortable.

High humidity level cause worse effects than low humidity? Weather is the main factor bringing dry or moisture? Understand these things to control your living condition and prevent the problems it causes.

1. Too high or too low humidity is not healthy.

Humidity Level Effects

It’s better to keep the humidity level as balance as recommended – which is between 40 – 60%, depending to the season as well as your region weather in overall. Too low humidity causes many kinds of unpleasant effects such as dry skin, chapping-lips, eyes-itching, difficult breathing, and other common problems. Too high humidity, in turn, could bring other negative effects to your health related to respiratory system as well.

2. Moisture is a serial-killer

Excess humidity not only threaten your health but also damage your properties.

Moisture is the worst enemy of your electrical home appliances. It could eat away links inside the electrical machines and lower their insulation capability. Condensation made by high humidity is especially susceptible to damage electronics.

Furthermore, moisture environment is a good condition for bugs, mites, and mold growth. According to a study, bug thrives in humid condition and if your humidity level is higher than 60%, mite population will increase gradually, and if this number raises over 80%, you have mold comes to the party. Mold not only threaten your health but also damage your possession, especially home appliances made from wood.

3. Control the relative humidity is not simple as with temperature

relative humiditySo far in the technical side, the control of relative humidity depends on a combination of humidity meter accuracy and its band specification which is set up to drift away a bit over time.

On every humidifier or dehumidifier, there has a humidistat (some has hygrometer stats also) which indicates the ideal humidity levels needed to reach. The (de)humidifiers will turn on and off themselves to work until meet the target relative humidity. One of the main factors for this on/off that influents the relative humidity reading is humans beings’ activities close by.

4. Your activities inside your home also produce moisture

It’s not only the weather which is accused of moisture production. Any household like washing, bathing, exercising (yes, many people practices with treadmill or weightlifting machines inside their house.) or even breathing could produce moisture – loads of it.

Moisture is also invisibly increased any time you come back from your basement or open to any crawl space.

5. Humidity Level is controllable

The good news is humidity level is hard to measure, but it’s controllable. You can use humidifier or dehumidifier to control the air moisture. Other simple ways you could also make are:

  • If possible, covering the pots while cooking
  • Make good air circulation by keeping doors open and other space associated with each other.
  • If you do have aquariums inside your house, wrapping it carefully.

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