Tips On How To Unfreeze An Air Conditioner

After you have been using your air conditioner for a white, you might encounter some problems with the appliance. For examples, it may suddenly shut down or work less effectively. And one of the most common problems you might have to encounter is ice on the inner coils of the air conditioner.

If you know how to unfreeze an air conditioner, you would be able to get rid of the ice on these coils. Therefore, you can make your air conditioner work well again. You can also prevent spending a huge amount of money for air conditioner repair in the future. If you have such problem with your HVAC system, this article will provide you a lot of useful information to help you cope with it.

Let’s first get to know more about the problem

An air conditioner works with a refrigerant to cool the air before it is released back into your house. And the part of the refrigerant which helps with the heating and cooling process is the coils. The temperature inside the air conditioner drops down, along with the high level of humidity and the bad airflow. Then the moisture inside the refrigerant will freeze and form on the coils.

You might suspect that the coils of the air conditioner are frozen when there is a lack of cool air or the airflow is not as good. In case your air conditioner can’t reach the desired temperature setting, it is time to check for the problem.

How To Unfreeze An Air Conditioner

Shut Down The Air Conditioner

When you check the refrigerant and see that there is ice on the coils, stop using your air conditioner immediately to prevent damaging the compressor. Then shut down the entire unit and deactivate the breakers. After you turn off the system completely, wait for some time for the ice to defrost. When you see that there is no ice left in a couple of hours, don’t turn on the unit immediately. You should wait for at least 24 hours for the air conditioner to dry completely. Check for the sign or ice or condensation on the unit before you turn it on again.

Shut Down The Air Conditioner

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Note: You should put a bucket or condensate pan underneath the appliance for collecting water from the unfreezing process.

Clean The Air Conditioner

As I mentioned above, bad air flow is one of the main reasons why an air conditioner is frozen. In this case, you should clean your air conditioner to make sure it has the best air flow.

You should do so by cleaning your air filter, the intake ducts, as well as the return ducts and the evaporated coils. Dirt in these parts would block the air and make it go through not as quickly. Therefore, cleaning these parts regularly would help to freeze the air conditioner and prevent the freezing from happening in the future.

Clean The Air Conditioner

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When you clean the coils, remember to clean vacuum the coils’ fins as well. Just be careful not to bend them.

Check For The Blower And The Refrigerant Lines

After you defrost your air conditioner and clean it but ice keeps forming onto the coils, it is time to check for the underlying problems. Here are some things on your air conditioner you need to check:

Check For The Blower And The Refrigerant Lines

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  • First, you should check the function of the blower to see if it is working properly.
  • Also, you should check for any blockage in the lines of the refrigerant as well as a leak in it. Both of these things can also lead to ice in the refrigerant coils.
  • Moving on, you should test if the AC filter is working properly. If you have uses a washable AC filter for a long time, you should change to a new one now.
  • The level of air conditioner coolant, which is too low, might also cause this annoying problem. However, in some states, you should not fix anything related to the refrigerant unless you are qualified to do so.

If you notice one of these things, call the repairmen to come and fix these problems before continuing to use the air conditioner.

Use Experienced Service

You are not sure about technical aspects of your refrigerator, or you have tried many things but can’t unfreeze your air conditioner? In this case, you should seek for an experienced service. An expert at air conditioner will help to run thorough maintenance, unfreeze your air conditioner as well as repairing any other problem in your HVAC system.

Last but not least, here are some tips you should know to prevent your air conditioner from being frozen in the future:

  • Make sure you clean your air conditioner on a frequent basis.
  • Replace the air filter when you have used it for a few months. If there are pet dogs and cats in your house, you should change the filter more often.
  • Check the refrigerant lines for any bent or block sign.
  • Has your air conditioner checked and repaired annually? Any qualified air conditioner mechanic would be able to inspect all of the important parts of your air conditioner including refrigerant and evaporator coils. This would help to predict any problem that might occur in the future. Also, the mechanics would fix it before it is too late. The life of your air conditioner can also be extended when it remains healthy all of the time. It, therefore, saves you a lot of money to have a regular checkup.

I hope with the article on how to unfreeze an air conditioner; you would be able to defrost your unit as well as spotting any underlying problems causing ice on it. As long as you pay attention to your HVAC system, clean it and have regular checkups for it, ice on the refrigerant or any other problems will not worry you anymore.

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