How to run a Dehumidifier effectively?

How to run a Dehumidifier effectively

Knowing how to run a dehumidifier not just helps you get the best benefits of a dehumidifier but also saves your money for electricity bill. There are more things to learn than just set the humidity level and plug the unit into the power source. From this post you can learn some tips for operating dehumidifier so that the performance of dehumidifier could be improved.

Lower the operation time

Some users ask how long they should run the dehumidifier per day. There is no strict rule for this. It depends on the moisture level of your house and the size of the unit for the space. However, there are tips you can apply to reduce the time for operation.

  • Close all doors and windows when running the dehumidifier: dehumidifiers work best with closing This will prevent your dehumidifiers from running through day and night. As a result you can lower the payment fee for the electricity bill, and the dehumidifier will last longer.
  • Run the dehumidifier only when humidity levels are over 50%: moisture levels between 30 to 50% are comfortable, so it’s not necessary to run the dehumidifier all the time.

Place the dehumidifier in a right place

how to run a dehumidifier

Even a Small Dehumidifier or Basement Dehumidifier, you should place your dehumidifier in central location if possible such as corridor, landing area. But make sure to put the dehumidifier away from walls and furniture for at least 30 cm, so that the air can move freely around the unit; otherwise the dehumidifier must work harder to function effectively. Beside, keep the dehumidifier away from the sources of dust or dirt which can clog coils and grills.

HumidistatAdjust the humidistat

Almost dehumidifiers have humidistat which helps control the humidity level as you like. The ideal humidity level should be 40 to 50 percent. It is important to set the humidistat at the right level. If you set the humidistat at the humidity level too low, your dehumidifier has to run continuously. This wastes energy, increases the electricity bill and reduces the life-span of your dehumidifier.

Clean the filter or replace it if necessary

Dust, mold or mildew which collect and grow in the filter can decrease the efficiency of dehumidifiers. Therefore, you need to clean the filter regularly. Don’t forget to check the filter to see whether it’s in good working condition or not. If you want to replace for the new one, let read the user manual carefully or contact with the manufacturer to know the exact steps for replacing.

Check the dehumidifier coils and clean them at least 1 per year

Dehumidifiers cannot work well under low temperature. Frost often built up on the coils if the dehumidifier works in the room with temperature below 18°C. This creates a bad effect on the efficiency of dehumidifier. Therefore, if frost exists on the coils, you must turn off the dehumidifier and wait till the ice melt. Before turning on the dehumidifier to use again, try to increase the room temperature first.

Cleaning the coils is also important because air pass through the coils will often contain dust which affect to the performance of dehumidifiers.

Clean the water container regularly

Empty the water tank is not enough; you must clean it to remove existing mold or mildew. If the tank is unclean, mold and bacteria will grow, dispersing through dehumidifier and into the air.

It is important to clean every part of dehumidifier to ensure for a proper running. Understanding basic maintenances will extend the life of dehumidifiers. When the dehumidifier works properly, it does not just keep your home comfortable but also helps save your money.


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