How to Repel Wasps

The only good wasp is a dead wasp.

In this time of the year, late winter – early spring, and we have wasps going everywhere, and they are in high competition for the last resources of the summer and autumn. Thus, you might be thinking about strapping them.

Let me show you some easy methods to take care of these annoying guys. Here’s a couple of ways on How to Repel Wasps to make sure that none of them will be around.


Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil

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First of all, I would like to tell you that repellant is also the easiest way to do. You don’t need to prepare much, just a spray bottle. The biggest advantage of this recipe is it’s all natural: it’s peppermint oil and water. (Wasps truly don’t like the smell of peppermint oil)

Now, what you should do is taking two tbs of peppermint oil to eight water cups. You also can directly spray this onto the wasp’s nest. Now, some of you might wonder if doing that directly, chances we will get stung.

Thus, spray this liquid when wasps are asleep or sort of drowsy. The best time to do this is spraying on their nest in the very early morning or at night.

Peppermint helps to kill the adults, the eggs, and the larva. And as I said, wasps truly hate the aroma of peppermint oil badly so that they will have the tendency not to come back to their nest.



Yes, wasps also like bacon. If you have already read my article about what attract wasps, you might acknowledge about this better to choose the best lure.

Back to bacon, this is one of the most effective natural lures to attract wasps or hornets, not bees. As for those who don’t know, honey bees don’t care about animal protein as all of their protein comes from pollen from plants.

You can put a strip of bacon into wasp trap to satisfy their needs of protein. Thus, when these wasps fly by and smell that bacon, they go right in there.

You can pour some apple juice in the bottom of wasp trap to drown them. This is a dual-purpose trap as those are seeking nectar will respond to that apple juice and they will go into the trap also.

With bacon, you don’t need to heat it up, as wasps are sensitive. They can find their way to the food source.

How to Repel Wasps: DIY Trap


Preparation: a two-liter bottle. Firstly, invert the bottle top by simply cutting it, about the top 1/5 off of it.

Now, glue the top with some duct tape. Then, pour the liquid in this bottle. Wasps will be attracted to this aroma, follow it and get down insides and will finally die there without escaping.

I personally prefer to use syrup as this is easy to make. This recipe is easy to remember. It’s actually one sugar cup of sugar in one boiling water cup.

Boiling this mix until they go into a solution, then, let it cool and pour into the bottle.

You just need to pour a little into it, not need to all up as that’s plenty. Beer is another good choice.

Wasp trap

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If you are busy

In case you don’t have to make a DIY wasp trap, just looking for some good traps at a store or on the Amazon. There are plenty. But I highly recommend you to consider this “Aspectek Trap for Bees”.

I have been using it for several years. Of course, it has some drawbacks but in my opinion, it’s the best trap out there and has worked best for me.

You can wash it out. Sometimes, that seemed it’s in two pieces and it’s been glued together that seam may leak a little bit. But this one doesn’t leak yet.

My tips

Actually, you can hang on the wasp trap, but I prefer to put in the ground or on a table in my garden. But just remember to keep it away from people because you might be attracting wasps.

But my tip on How to Repel Wasps is to use a pipette and putting little drips next to the wasp trap. It is the standard 50/50 sugar water or syrup that we may often feed to bees if they are not producing enough on their own or if they need something during a dearth period. And the wasps are no different. They go after that same 50/50 sugar water.

Why do I do that?

Well, because these wasps are social insects and if we are just trapping them, they will fly in, be attracted to the repellent, go into the trap and that’s it. They are the rest of wasps back to their nest, have no clue where that these wasps went and why they didn’t return.

Thus, I add some drops of sugar water provide feed outside, let these wasps fill up on it and then, they will fly back to their nest, communicate to the others that there is a resource of nectar which is their carbohydrate and other members of that nest will come out. Finally, they will also be attracted to the trap.

In summary, there are three ways to trap wasps based on my experience, peppermint oil, syrup, and bacon plus apple juice. You can choose one of these three methods to kill wasps. But I highly recommend you to opt dual way, either peppermint oil and syrup or peppermint oil and bacon to get the best result. Also, don’t forget my little tips to lure wasps better. Hopefully, this article on How to Repel Wasps is helpful for you. If you have any other way more effective than mine, kindly share it with me and other readers in the comment section below.

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