How to Pick the Best Heater for Your Car

How to pick the best heater for your car

Using your car’s heating system could be frustrating especially when it is too cold outside. So the cars’ thermostat is useful in these days.

Usually, your car’s heater does not warm you well despite running at maximum capacity. It happens when the heater is full of with dust. Most of the time, the manufacturer does not design their car to use in freezing weather. So, your heater is only able to keep you warm at the start or the end of the cold season.

There are a lot of drawbacks while using the car’s thermostat. Cleaning the system can waste you a lot of time. And there are chances that you might ruin other parts of the car. For that reason, many people are keen on buying a portable heater for their car.

To pick the best heater for your car, you need to ask yourself several questions. This question will help you on addressing how you are going to plan and use your heater.

For instance, a 12-volt car heater is a light and efficient choice. But a 120-volt space heater will keep you warm and cozy in time. Space heaters can be used both in your car and your house if you do not want to pay extra for a heater.

So remember to ask yourself these questions before actually buying anything:

When will you use it

Determine when you are going to use your heater, so that you can buy a compatible heater for that purpose. If you need to turn your heater on while driving, then you can choose a 12-volt car heater as a substitute for your car’s heating system.

However, if you are traveling and want to sleep in your car with your heater on, then you need to buy a space heater because your 12-volt heater needs the engine to run.

Many people need their heater to warm them up when walking to their car and use that heater to defrost the car’s door and windshield. If that is the case, then you need a portable space heater (you can charge and carry it with you).

When will you use it

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If you need a heater to warm you up in your car while sleeping and to carry in your coat, a convection space heater can help you. Unlike a radiant heater, a convection space heater will heat the atmosphere around you rather than heating objects. Therefore, warming the air inside your car and your coat without the worry of burning your seats. In fact, you should always stick to a convection heater while buying a heater for your car.

Fire accidents have always been associated with a space heater. According to the safety rules, you need to keep your heater at least one meter away from other objects (the front of your heater).

But of course, it is not possible for you to have that much space in your car. If you place it near the windshield or on the top of your car, you still cannot make one meter.

As a result, buying a convection heater is one way to guarantee that objects in your car will not be overheated.

On the other hand, a radiant heater is not something you should use in a car. Because it uses direct heating to heat up a person or objects at one spot very quickly.

This means that nearby objects will be overheated, and your whole car will still be cold in many spots. You cannot just rely on your radiant heater to feel warm if you are sleeping in the back seats with your heater at the front of your car.

Where are you going to use it

If you are used to the comfortable warmth of your space heater at home, it must be annoying to sit in front of your car heater. Therefore, many people are looking for a car space heater as well. Items like that are rare, but you can ask for a tent heater. It’s because your car is somewhat similar to a tent especially when you shut the engine down and sleep in it.

But remember to mount the heater to your car or use some tray or hook to immobilize your heater. You do not want your heater to be damaged or to fall and break into your car every time you travel through rocky roads.

Remember to mount the heater to your car

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If you are sleeping or resting in your car with your heater running, remember to open the window partially, so that the air can circulate. Because in fact, your car’s ventilation system would not be enough.

Many people have passed out because they leave their heater running for too long while sleeping in a closed car. People walking outside cannot help you because they might think that you are just sleeping.

Also, go for portable heaters. Thus, you can charge them in your motel room and use it in your car without having to use an inverter. Those tent heaters are flexible. So, you can use them anywhere from your car to your hotel and your room.

How do I keep it safe

Besides from some safety advices above, you should read the manual while buying your heater carefully. And make sure that your heater is compatible for using in a car. Here are a few more things to remind you:

  • Never use a fuel-burning heater in your car. It is, of course, dangerous to do so because of a fire hazard.
  • Keep your pet and children supervised if there is a running heater in your car. Keep them in the back row and your heater at the front of the car.
Keep children in the back row and your heater at the front of the car

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  • If you are planning to sleep with your heater while closing the car’s door, pick it. However, use the timer on your heater to let it run only for about 30 minutes.
  • Check your heater’s safety functions to ensure that your heater will automatically shut down when there is smoke or when it is too hot.

Choose the right heater for you and stay safe in your car.

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