How to Measure a Fire Grate

Having a fireplace accommodated at home is essential, especially during a winter. However, having a fire grate that can heat effectively is worth considering. That’s why you would want to possess the highly-efficient fire grate. But first, you need to know how to measure a fire grate properly.

Do you worry about how to purchase a suitable fire grate? Or do you confuse about how to measure a fire grate correctly? After finishing 4 simply-done steps, you are likely to find the fireplace grate which well corresponds with the fireplace’s size.


  • A T-shirt
  • A flashlight
  • Opening a fireplace and disassemble its components

Now, let’s roll your sleeves and start measuring your fireplace dimensions.

How to Measure a Fire Grate

Measure the firebox’s front-to-back width

When measuring a fireplace’s width, you need to deduct the result for 6 inches. For instance, if your back’s width is 46 inches, your final offered width will be 32 inches.

In fact, many people often ignore to measure the rear width. It leads to return shipping fee paid and time wasted. You could avoid these inevitable damages by confirming the rear width clearly.

Particularly, in case you have the rear width equals 36.6 inches, you need to round the number, then subtract it for 6 inches.

Measure the firebox front-to-back width

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Measure the depth of the firebox from front to back

You should set aside at least 3” clearance between the fire grate’s front and the fireplace upper opening’s back. Properly used at this distance, smoke is unable to enter your room.

Measure its height of the fireplace opening

To prevent the fire grate’s front legs from being interfered by stuff placed in front of the fireplace, you need to measure its height carefully. Also, with the sufficient height of fire grate, you have a suitable space to toss wood onto the fire or over it.

Therefore, to guarantee your fire-burning experience safety, you should leave 10 inches (or more) as a distance between the top of the grate and top of the fireplace’s opening.

Measure its height of the fireplace opening

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Overall, after measuring the fireplace’s width, depth and height, you promisingly determine the appropriate size of your fire grate. Surely, you now comprehend how to measure a fire grate and find the fire grate that fits efficiently your fire box.

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