Is Making a Homemade Fireplace Grate Easy

As you all know, having the fire grate would considerably support your fireplace’s heating performance. Also, it prevents your home from burning risks by keeping the fire away from the floor and the brick of surrounding. Remarkably, having a fireplace grate which is your homemade product is so awe-inspiring.
That’s why the following 5 steps of how to make homemade fireplace grate could help to visualize easier the fire grate formation. Honestly, these practices may a bit arduous but more importantly, you would totally control the end results.

Prepare the metal

Here is the very first step of making your homemade fireplace grate. There are 2 ways that you can have your metal sawed and sealed before converting it to the fireplace grate.
Method 1

Measure the back-to-front width of the fireplace

Image source: A Cozy Fireplace Warrenville

  • Measure the back-to-front width of the fireplace.
  • With a piece of metal, you are required to cut it in an equal size of the fireplace’s length plus 8 inches.
  • Measure the fireplace’s depth (a back-to-front distance of your fireplace).
  • As for the second piece of metal, cut it into 5-6 lengths of metal plus 8 inches.

Remember to set aside 2 pieces to produce the fire grate’s legs.

Method 2

You could ask a hobbyist or blacksmith to make your metal molded properly. This is because thanks to their technical specialization, your metal will be bent to the ideal shapes easily.

Make the length of your homemade fireplace grate

Now, carry out 4 steps below to work out the width of your homemade fireplace grate.

  • Mark 6-inch dot from the metal’s both ends.
  • Use a heating tongs to curl 2 pieces of metals to 45-degree bend from the metal length.
  • Bore 2 small holes at the edge of each curve.
  • Do all the same with other lengths of metals.

Make the fire grate’s width

You are on the way to finish a side shaping of your homemade fireplace grate. No worry needed as making the fire grate’s width is quite similar compared to making its length.

  • You still need a piece of metal. A minor difference this time is that you use the smaller one.
  • Practice the same like marking the 6-inch dot from each end of metals.
  • Use the heating tongs to curve the metal until it bends at a 45-degree angle. After that, remember to pierce along the bend 2 holes.
  • Place sets of nuts and bolts in each hole.
Make the fire grate’s width

Image source: Pinterest

Make the legs for the fire grate

Now, you are so closed to complete your homemade fireplace grate. Ahead of it, everything needs legs to be stabilized and balanced, so does the fire grate. Curious about how the legs made? Then read further!

  • Put 2 pieces of the legs-producing metals next to the bolts and nuts.
  • Leave roughly 2 inches on both ends.
  • Between the metal widths and the bolt, wrap a piece of solder. To melt the solder onto the legs, use the soldering iron.
  • Do in the same way with each of the widths. Make sure that the fire grate’s legs perfectly joints with the solder of each width

Finalizing your homemade fireplace grate

Let’s finish your fire grate with 3 minor steps. This last step is promised not to consume exceedingly your 30 minutes and effort.

  • Place the lengths on top of the widths.
  • Add nuts and bolts to each hole.
  • After wrapping the solder around each bolt, you need to use the soldering iron to weld this to the widths.

That for making homemade fireplace grates in 5 steps. I hope this simplified instruction could assist you in making your fire grate much efficiently.

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