How to Make a Room Cooler

What is the weather like in your area? For me, at least around here it’s been hotter than a fireplace. Thus, it’s been a little bit more difficult to get things done, for examples, finding ways to exercise, gardening, and so on. And I know many people might unfortunately not have a central air conditioner.

Thus, I have tried many ways to live without an a/c in such freaking hot weather and amazingly, they do keep my body cool. Hence, let’s get started with how to make a room cooler!

My best ways on how to make a room cooler

Hot shower

Actually, you should take a warm shower because after you get out, you might sweat a little bit, but that does make your body cooler.

If you are a cold one, the opposite will happen and you will end up hotter than ever.

Hot shower

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New light bulbs

Incandescent light bulbs throw off a lot of heat. Buy some LEDs. They are super cheap and won’t add as much heat to your house.

Place exhaust fan on the window

This is also my favorite way to make a room cooler has to be something that my mom did when I was a kid.

In such summer days, my room got so hot that I couldn’t survive the night. So, my mom would crack open the window in our rooms and close all the other windows in the house, except for one.

She placed a fan on that window and turned it on so that it blew air out of the house, sucking cool air through the cracked open window and into our rooms. By morning, I would wake up all cool and refreshed.

Ceiling fan

My house has a ceiling fan and I also tried to survive based on it without an air conditioner. And strikingly, it works well.

They keep the heat around your skin for building up too much and things like that. Just the blades running counter-clockwise and pulling all hot air inside the room up and out make space become cooler very much.

Thus, if you want to survive this freaking hot summer, don’t hesitate to consider a good ceiling fan.

Ceiling fan

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Portable fan

I have read many blogs that they advise people to use a portable fan in case they don’t have a ceiling fan in their house. However, this way is only effective in such low humidity. On the contrary, this would be a nightmare.

If you just sit in front of a portable fan, it might feel very good, even on the hottest days. And compared to an air conditioner that uses about 870 watts per month, an 11-inch rotary fan just utilizes about 37 watts, which costs much cheaper.

However, it should be noted that the fan isn’t actually cooling down the air. It’s just moving it past you, which makes you cool in two different ways.

First, it improves the heat transferring between your skin and the air. Or in other words, it causes the heat to escape from your skin more quickly.

Secondly, the moving air will help evaporate sweat more easily and that’s good because sweat is the primary way to make our body cool.

But the cool thing about these fans is that 47 of them use the same power as our two air conditioners.

Change the curtains

Using energy-efficient curtains is another way on how to make a room cooler. They can help keep the heat from coming in. These curtains also double duty as keeping a cool inside the house from getting out.

And these also work in the opposite way in the wintertime to keep the heat in the house when you want it in. Hence, these items can help your house more comfortable.

If you don’t want to change new curtains, window films and things like that can reflect the sunlight. They are a great alternative. Some people use aluminum foil as a quick and easy way.

Mylar also works really great. You don’t even have to put it on your window if you want to. You could just put the bow liner on the inside of your curtains which the parts closest the windows. Hence, when the sun’s rays come through your windows, it just bounces all that heat right back out

Energy-efficient curtains

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This is also a good way. A lot of houses were built just with awnings on their south and maybe the west sides to keep the sun from coming in through the windows. It’s kind of an old-fashioned way though, it’s very effective.

Utilize blinds

If you have blinds, instead of curtains and things like that, just closing those up can also help in the same way. It reflects the heat out.

Some other ways

  • Cool water
  • A wet towel around your neck
  • Wearing a wet shirt or frozen shirt
  • Icy feet
  • Eat spicy food
  • Use linen sheets which is twice as cool as cotton, then stick them in the freezer for a few hours before bedtime
  • Wear wristbands that have been dunked in ice water
  • Leave the bed unmade in the summer

Ways I don’t highly recommend

Rotary fan and ice cubes

Some days are just too hot for fans though!

By placing a tray of ice in front of the fan, you should be able to improve the cooling on such days. Ice is cheap to make. I calculated that 445 cubes would only cost about 1 cent. The temperature right in front of the ice fell by 3 to 4 degrees.

However, the ice melted very quickly and the temperature went right back up.

Hand fan

Many people make use of a hand fan like the Chinese did 3,000 years ago. It does kind of work in the very first minutes, but for a long-term, you are probably heating up as much as you are cooling down due to this work. So, it’s a “no” from me.

Hand fan

Image source: LBJ Museum Store

Homemade air conditioner

I once tried to make a handmade a/c with a 5-gallon bucket and a lid. A fan that I had and of course, some ice. That fan used all of the power in this system and that was not significant just around 40 watts. I calculated the air leaving the bucket is 78 degrees F. And I would classify that as a failure. Only two degrees of cooling. 8 pounds of ice.

A back of the envelope calculation suggests that 8 pounds of ice should be able to cool a room by 10 degrees F. However, the surroundings also needed to be cooled. For examples, the walls, the roof, the couch. But even if we could cool it, using ice is a really poor way to cool down your house.

If you have any ideas on how to make a room cool and save money at the same time, just let us know by leaving your comment down below. Hope that this article is useful to help you survive such hot days. Have a fantastic summer, guys!

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