How to Make a Daisy Chain Within 5 Minutes

Nothing makes your day and boosts your mood better than a daisy chain worn around your neck or on your head as a lovely crown. Just a few daisies cut off from your garden with some crafting skill and you will have a great handmade item.

However, the time of flower blooming is also the beginning of symptoms such as itchy rash, watery eyes, stuffy nose, chest pain, or difficulty in breathing. These are common symptoms for people with allergic diseases to pollen. To be able to make a daisy chain yourself, you should take the precautionary measures to avoid pollen allergy by wearing a face mask when going out. Moreover, examples of essential oils for allergies are peppermint, basil, eucalyptus, or lemon… In details, allergy essential oils have the potential for chemical support in your body and help you overcome the hypersensitivity.

The following is a tutorial that will help you learn how to make a daisy chain within 5 minutes.

1. Link a daisy chain by using the slits on the stems

Step 1 Choose healthy and well-grown daisies

You can choose wild daisies or pick them from your own garden. Daisies that are suitable for making a beautiful chain should have thick and soft stems longer than 4 inches with wide open flowers. Pick the tallest flowers with any color and shape!

Choose healthy and well-grown daisies

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Step 2: Make a short, narrow cut in daisy stems

Use your fingernail or plastic knife to make a small cut on the middle of the first stem. Make sure you cut the slit gently, so that it does not tear the stem apart. The location of the cut may be at the top of the stem, right under the flower or some point between the stem. You should cut this slit at about 1/2 inches long.

Step 3: Pass a stem of another daisy through the slit you just cut

Slide the second stem through the slit on the first stem until the flower stops going through the slit. Continue to cut another slit on the stem of the second flower and thread the third stem through it. Repeat these steps until the chain is long enough to make a necklace or any size you want. When your daisy chain reaches the desired length, you need to connect the first flower with the last one. Cut another slit on the first stem and pass the last stem through it to shape a ring.

Step 4: Maintain your daisy chain

In general, daisies are usually fresh for only 3 to 4 days. Actually, daisy is a symbol of friendship. Then how can a friendship last forever when its symbol only last for a few days? The solution is very simple, that is drying the daisies under sun and wind. This can make the flower no longer retain its original color but it will make the daisy chain stay around you for a long time.

2. Another method on how to make a daisy chain: Braiding

Step 1: Choose the tallest daisies

Because this method uses the braiding technique, so you will need flowers of the longest possible length. Selecting tall flowers will make it easier for the braiding

Choose the tallest daisies

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Step 2: Peel the phloem

On a stem, identify the point right below the flower, which is where you will peel the phloem. Pinch that point and slowly move your finger down to remove the phloem. The purpose of this step is to make it easier to braid the stems together. Later on when you have mastered the ways, you can skip this step.

Step 3: Braid 3 stems together

This is the last step on how to make a daisy chain. Basically, this method is the same as the way you braid your hair.

Choose a flat table and place three strong and flexible stems on it. Choosing good stems is important because the weak ones can break during the braid and you will have to redo the process from the beginning. Bunch up three stems together and cross them over each other at the point right under the flower. Fix the cross point between the 3 stems by pressing your finger down on it. The braiding process consists of the following steps:

– Place the rightmost stem on the gap between the two middle stems.

– Then put the leftmost stem on the gap between the two middle stems.

– Gently pull the stems, so that the chain is tightly braided.

– Repeat this braiding technique 4 to 5 times until your chain is about 1 inch long.

– When your braid is about 1 inch long, add another daisy, thus its stem is on the middle stem.

– Consider the newly added stem and the middle stem are one thick stem. Continue braiding until the chain reaches a half inch, and then add another flower.

– Repeat this process until your daisy chain has reached the desired length.

– Stop adding flowers and continue to braid the remaining stem to the end.

–  Finishing by wrapping the two ends of the string together firmly.

In the language of flowers, daisy is a symbol of friendship. Learning how to make a daisy chain and give it to your friends is a way to say that our friendship will last forever. In addition, you can choose other flowers with a long, healthy, no thorn stem that bring fresh colors as well as good meaning. Do not forget to bring your kids together to do this craft project. A little girl would definitely love a necklace, bracelet, or even a crown made of flowers.

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