How to Install a Fireplace Insert – All You Need to Know

Known as one of the clumsiest people in your family, you want to change that brand image. Why don’t you try to install a fireplace insert in the most expert way to impress everyone? Follow the easy five following steps, and you can confidently master the installing process!

Before going into details of the process, why do you think we need to have a fireplace insert? Here are some of the reasons for you to understand why you need to put an effort to install it.

  • Increase the efficiency of your open fireplace: Despite the unique and antique design, the traditional open fireplace is not well-known for its efficiency. Therefore, a fireplace inserts can function as proper ventilation to prevent the heat from going through the chimney.
  • Reduce smoke and fuel loss: The enclosed firebox design helps to distribute warmth evenly around the room and reduce emissions from the fuel burnt. At the same time, the insert also makes all smoke go through the chimney.

Now, focus on the five simple steps to install a fireplace insert. You can remember it as PIPIF formula.

Step 1: Preparing

Firstly, you can grind down some bricks directly above the fireplace to make space for installation. Also, in the case that your fireplace insert requires electricity to function, make sure that you prepare an electrical outlet in the fireplace to connect the insert.

Grind down some bricks

Image source: The Family Handyman

To know which size you want for your fireplace insert, there is no way to measure your fireplace opening. Use your tape and get the exact dimensions of your fireplace opening before you come to the store to order a fireplace insert.

Step 2: Install a fireplace insert in the place

This is a simple step, but you need to pay attention to protect your hearth from scratches and damages of the heavy insert. You can use some cardboards on top of the hearth area to slide the insert into the opening and get them back when you finish this step.

Step 3: Putting the fuel liner

Putting the fuel liner

Image source: Best Fireplace 2018

Now, you need to get the fuel liner down the chimney. You can use a ladder to get to the roof or ask for help if you are afraid of height. Since the liners are not completely straight, feel free to use your creativity to get it from the top down into the fireplace. After that, you need to connect the liners to the insert by screwdriver and screws. Then, you might need to cut the excess liners if necessary.

Step 4: Installing panels

Before installing the panels, you should mark the front of fireplaces in correlation with the panels. Then, you can line the first panel up with the mark you have made earlier to cover the opening. After that, use screwdriver and screws to attach all the front panels.

Step 5: Finishing up

Finally, you need to install insulation strips on the back of the panels. Then it’s time to put the insert in place by moving it towards the fireplace. Make sure you connect the power from the insert into the outlet in the fireplace as well as the liner into the top of the fireplace insert.

In conclusion, no one can deny the efficient role of a fireplace insert. If you ever let the installing process become a barrier for you to buy a fireplace insert, now you can change your mind after mastering the PIPIF steps.

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