How to Get Rid of Spiders in House

Spiders are not a nice and cute insect so no one wants them to appear in the house. While spiders often live outside, they sometimes find a way into your home to find food or shelter. The presence of this predatory species can significantly reduce the number of mosquitoes and flies in your house. But no one wants to see them creepily crawling on the walls, especially ones who have spider fear. Some people choose the quickest but most harmful way is to use chemical extermination. If you really put your family health at the top, go for natural methods. The following tips will show you how to get rid of spiders in house in safest ways.

Effective spider removal methods

Use cleaning tools and glue traps

This is the simplest way to treat spiders like other types of dirt in your home. Just a broom and vacuum machine, spider eggs and webs will be handled easily. However, this method is only effective if there are only a few spiders in your house. That is the reason why you need to combine it with another method.

Glue traps are not only used to catch mice but also spiders. However, it only works for spiders that usually live on the ground. Spiders that build webs are usually on high walls or ceilings, so the probability of them falling into the trap is very small. But for jumping spiders or house spiders, this is an effective solution. Remember to keep the trap flat and throw it away as soon as you catch the spider.

Use cleaning tools and glue traps

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There is the certain smell that spiders hate, including cigarettes. This is where your husband’s smoking habit comes in handy. You can get the cigarette yarn and sprinkle it in places where spiders mostly appear. The smell of cigarette yarn will help you get the spider out of the house without effort.

Lemon, orange, or mandarin peels

Spiders are very allergic to lemon in particular and citrus in general. In some areas of the house where spiders thrive, you can rub fresh lemon peel or dried peel on it. In this way, the spiders will not dare to go there anymore.

In addition to lemon, you can use other fruits like orange and mandarin with the same effect. Moreover, buying household chemical products that have citrus smell is not a bad idea.


This famous ingredient is indispensable if you want to know how to get rid of spiders in house. It is true that besides lemon, spiders hate peppermint. While this type of leaves brings pleasant and refreshing aroma to us, somehow it makes the spiders stay away. Knowing this weakness of the spider, you can mix peppermint essential oil with water and spray all over the rooms. This not only makes your home fragrant but also avoid invasive spiders.

In addition, you can crush mint leaves and place them in your pants, bags, and hats to avoid spiders and other insects.


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Once again nature gives us a material that brings pleasant smell to human and gets rid of insect at the same time. Lemongrass is a traditional insecticide. This natural grass contains quite a lot of essential oils. The oil is usually placed in candles and lanterns to scare spiders away.

Chestnuts, walnuts

You may not believe it, but spiders are afraid of nuts. Just a few chestnuts placed near windows and corners in the house and spiders will never enter your house. You can use walnuts as a substitute with the same effect.

Even when dried, the nuts remain the same effect. The reason is that it contains a scent capable of dispelling spiders. Therefore, to have the best effect you should cut the chestnuts so the smell can emanate.


Who does not like a bunch of beautiful daisies to brighten the living room? But little is known that this small flower can repel not only spiders but also many other insects. You can leave fresh daisy indoors or dry the petal and place them in the corners.


Vinegar can remove spiders both indirectly and directly. You can leave a bowl of vinegar in the corner to make the spiders go away. For stronger measures, spray the solution of vinegar dissolved in water directly on the spider. However, you should be cautious with varnished furniture because vinegar can damage the surface.


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How to get rid of spiders in house (prevention methods)

Seal every crack in the house

Spiders find their way to houses through holes and cracks in the walls as well as the gaps of doors and windows. Therefore, the best way to prevent these friends from entering the house is to patch these paths with mortar or cement. For ports where cables, wires, chimneys or pipes are running out of the house, you should also cover them. For this small insect, even a tiny hole is enough for them to penetrate.

Clean your house often

To prevent spiders from returning to your house, regularly wipe out the spider webs at the niches. Reducing their reproductive capacity as well as destroying their habitat is also a way to get rid of spiders.

In addition, you should not leave any leftover food the most insect-repelling. Do not forget to throw away old clothing and paper as well as replace cardboard containers plastic types. The dark and damp places are ideal shelters for these fellows so you will want your home to be tidy all the time.

Clean your house often

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Prevent the growth of spider food source

Basically, spiders eat any insect that is smaller in size. This food source includes mosquitoes, flies, cricketers, cockroaches and even other spiders. Therefore, to prevent the appearance of spiders, you must prevent the appearance of their food.

In general, small flying birds are attracted to light. If you see a bunch of insects around your lights, now you know the reason why there are spiders in your house. Therefore, you should not turn on the light outside or use high bright sodium lamps instead as it attracts fewer insects. In addition, the interior light must also be hidden by the curtain so it cannot attract insect from the outside.

Avoid planting trees and bushes around the house

You will probably have to give up bonsai if the spiders start appearing with too much frequency. The reason is that bushes and vines are the ideal home for spiders. Even bunch of fallen leaves in front of your house are enough for spiders to hide and penetrate. Placing plants around the house is a good condition for spiders as they sneak into your home for food or warmth. Therefore, you should consider removing or moving the plant as far away from house as possible.

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