Your Wooden Spoon Smells Funky? Learn How to clean them here!

There is something that makes me have a soft spot for the wooden spoon. They look cute and very natural. The smell and the natural decoration of wood always excite me a lot.

In my kitchen, I have tons of wooden spoons, and I have noticed that maintaining them in an ordinary way cannot extend their lifespan and keep their beauty stay long.

I am not surprised to acknowledge that a lot of people experience the same problems. Therefore, today I would like to show you how to clean wooden spoons and the secrets to keeping them in the best condition.

How to clean wooden spoons

After saying goodbye to some of my favorite spoons, I soon realized what made them degrade so fast. The reason turned out to be my harmful habit: I left the spoons unwashed for hours after using. I soaked them in water, which caused bacterial smells and inclination towards cracking and warping.

Even when I did not soak them, I would let them dry alone while the leftover food was still on it, and stains appeared. I also used to put my wooden spoons in the dishwasher, and they cracked after only 2-3 months.

My advice for you is that don’t ever soak wooden spoons in water and always wash them right after use. Besides, use a mild detergent and scouring pad or your hand to wash them gently. Also, it is not advisable at all to put wooden spoons in the dishwasher! Its drying process can kill the spoon with a deadly crack after a few times. After cleaning the spoon, use a towel to dry it.

After cleaning the spoon, use a towel to dry it.

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In the next part, I will show you some common problems of wooden spoons and how to solve them.

Problems and solutions


I hate the funky smell giving off the spoon. Then, I also hate catching a trace of it while eating things. The reason for the unpleasant smell on wooden spoons is that they absorb water and liquids if soaked in a long time. The solution for this is nothing more than very mild bleach, vinegar (or you can choose lemon juice or baking soda) or a little oil.

When using bleach, be sure to mix it with water in a rate of 1/20, respectively. Soak the spoon in, rub it gently for some minutes and dry it afterward. For vinegar, you should mix it with hot water, then put the spoon in the mixture. If you hate vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda are in a pinch.

Oil for removing odor is very effective as well. Here are the steps: Put the spoon in the oven, turn the heat up to 350oF. Cover it with oil and then put it in the oven again for 2-3 minutes. Rinse immediately. Done!

Sanitizing wooden spoons is a good choice, too. That prevents bacteria on the surface from thriving and engendering stinky smells.

Food stains and fungi

Food stains must be a very irritating problem for any cook. To remove them, follow these steps

Never leave the spoons unwashed after cooking.

Food stains and fungi

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Use hydrogen peroxide or other natural bleach such as baking soda and lemon juice.

If you choose hydrogen peroxide, pour a proper amount into a container and soak the spoon in the liquid. After a few minutes, rinse it with water. Repeat if you want.

If you fancy baking soda, I advise you to mix it with lemon juice for the best result. Use a teaspoon of baking soda and lemon juice to wipe all over the wooden spoon. Add some salt afterward. Rinse with water and dry the spoon instantly.


After using wooden spoons for some months, you may notice some fibers standing on the surface. This creates a fuzziness to the spoon, making it less smooth. The solution to this is to use sandpaper or steel wool and use them to rub wooden spoons gently with water.

Tips to maintain wooden spoon in perfect condition

Want to keep wooden spoon like new? Use oil, especially natural oil like coconut oil, mineral oil, vegetable oil. Cover the oil onto the spoon and leave it for about 20 minutes. Rinse with water afterward.

Wood has a tendency to carry fungi and begin to warp and crack in humid condition. Use a small dehumidifier  to solve this.


Knowing how to clean wooden spoons helps you protect your spoons and your health, too! With these tips, I am sure you still have a long time until you say goodbye to your favorite wooden spoons.

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