How to Clean Leather Furniture Naturally

Leather makes everything seem glossy and brings a sense of elegance. And leather furniture is an iridescent feature of the home’s decoration. It is beautiful, yet it is hard to take care of. Obviously, you cannot just use a wet cloth to rub the leather surface! Leather requires decent care to be always clean and be at its best. Therefore, I will show you a step-by-step guide on how to clean leather furniture naturally.

How to clean leather furniture naturally


It goes without saying that you vacuum the leather surface. This helps you remove dust, food particles, and anything like that. Mind to use a vacuum cleaner that has small sucking hole, so that it can get into every corner of the furniture. Portable vacuum is a good bet.


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Remove dirt and stain using detergents

Here, you should use a very mild detergent. Make sure that the detergent you use does not affect leather’s color or quality. Use a soft cloth for wiping the detergent all over the leather surface. Also, you can create a DIY leather cleaner with natural ingredients. For more information about natural leather cleaner, go to the latter part of this article.

Remember to use a very mild detergent which is specialized for delicate cloth. Also, it is very advisable to use a detergent that contains natural oil, which is helpful for leather’s glossiness.

Use water to wash detergents

You should use another soft cloth, preferably microfiber cloth that will not fray when wiping. Soak it in water and rinse it until the little water remains. Leather may be an ideal habitat for bacteria and fungi to grow if it has enough moisture. Repeat the process if there is still detergent residue.

Use water to wash detergents

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Remove water

Use a dry towel or cloth to carefully remove water from leather, avoiding any moisture on the surface.

Conditioning process

The leather is a delicate material and has a distinctive shininess. To maintain its quality, use natural oil to soften and brighten the furniture as well as to give it maximum durability. I recommend you use essential oil such as coconut oil, olive oil, and peanut oil. Do not forget to check your oil product’s validity and quality.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Many leather kinds are not suitable for different types of detergents. That being said, never forget to spot test on hard-to-see place in order not to destroy all your furniture.

*In the next part, you will be given some information about how to make a natural cleaner for your beautiful leathery stuff and many caring tips.

Making your natural leather cleaner

You can find many things in your house to make a leather cleaner in a natural way. Here is a useful recipe for you to care for your leather:

  • 1 part lemon juice
  • 1 part cream of tartar

This recipe is especially good at removing stains and maintaining the material’s health. Use it as I said in the former part of how to use detergent to clean leather.

Along with this remedy, you should use vinegar for germ sterilization.

Caring tips

These are four tips that help your leather kicking and alive after years.

Don’t forget regular cleaning

Neglecting your leather furniture causes a lot of problems, including making time for dirt and stains to set. Bacteria and fungi can thrive, too. So that, I also give you a helpful recipe for leather conditioner.

Beeswax + Almond oil + Cocoa butter (1 part – 2 parts – 1 part)

Spot test when cleaning

I have never said my cleaning recipe for leather is compatible with all kinds. If your leather dies because you forget to spot test, it’s very unwise. Sensible owners know the necessity of spot testing.

Spot test when cleaning

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Never let leather furniture die because of sunlight

Leather may become very dry and easy to fray and break. Sunlight is too strong to fight, so take care of your leather furniture.

Cover the furniture

Leather can be very absorbing. The polluted atmosphere can quickly make it dusty and greasy. Use a soft, light fiber sheet to protect it. You will have a fresh and a pleasant feeling every time you take off the sheet from the furniture.


Utmost care for leather can increase its lifespan and can rejuvenate its look over the time. I think now the answer to the question how to clean leather furniture naturally has been thoroughly answered. Hope you are content with what I gave, and apply them rightly onto your leather upholstery.

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