How to Clean a Vinyl Fence – All You Need to Know

Nowadays, the familiar wooden fence image only appears in a few places in the United States. It is because of the widespread fence made of vinyl. While traditional wooden fences are prone to be rotten by moisture and worn out by termites, this vinyl product will address all of these problems. Although vinyl fences provide low maintenance, regular cleaning is still essential as the vinyl fence exposes to external factors every day. So that, dirt is inevitable. This article will help you to know how to clean a vinyl fence with some cleaning solution.

1. Choices of household cleaner

Household bleach solution

Currently, specialized cleaning solution for vinyl fences can be found in many stores. However, these bottles are quite expensive and leave much harm to your family as well as residues that exist on the ground afterward.

Household bleach solution

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Among the many household cleaning products that you can buy, a household bleach solution is the cheapest, safest, and no less effective option. You should dilute the solution with the required amount of water first. Then, add a spoonful of dishwashing detergent to remove the dirt, mold, unpleasantly sticky or substance.


This is an indispensable thing in the kitchen of every family. In comparison to buying an oz bottle outside the store, vinegar is a much more economical choice. In fact, you can make a vinegar cleaning solution easily by mixing 1 cup of vinegar with about 4 liters of water


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 Dishwashing detergent

Also, you can also remove dirt and mold by this product. Mix some tablespoons of dishwashing detergent with about 8 liters of water to obtain an effective cleaning solution.

Dishwashing detergent

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2.  Basic technique on how to clean vinyl fence

Use a cloth, rag, or sponge gently dipped in a cleaning solution to wipe the fence surface. Wipe each section from top to bottom, so that the dirt is removed completely. You may have to wipe on an area a few times to take away the entire residue.

When the rag starts turning to black because of the dirt, you need to rinse it in a bucket of water placed near you. Make sure you prepare more than one rag in case the first one you use is heavily grimy.

To be able to reach the fence’s nook and corner, you should use a long brush.

Leave the cleaning solution on the surface of the fence for a while then wipe it off.

After cleaning, use a garden faucet and brush to rinse the fence from the top of it from left to right. After you have finished a row, continue to move the nozzle downwards in a horizontal direction to remove all liquids and dust left over from the fence.

3. How to handle difficult stains

Household bleach can remove dirt and grease, but more difficult stains such as paint, varnish or tar will require more specialized cleaning methods.

Special solvent for vinyl fence

For some stubborn stains that household cleaners cannot beat, you need to use a specialized solvent for vinyl fences. You can buy this type of outdoor cleaner at local home appliances stores with a spray or liquid type. However, it is important to remember that using specialized chemicals means facing the health hazards it causes.

A mix of bleach with laundry detergent

Another alternative to get rid of tough stains is to use a small amount of bleach mixed with laundry detergent. Mix about 1l of bleach, 80ml detergent, and about 4l of water poured into a sprayer to apply it on the fence.

However, you should use a bleach solution on the white vinyl fence only because another color might be changed under the effect of chemicals. Also, you can apply a small amount of this mixture to a hidden area of the fence to check if its original color is changed.

A mix of bleach with laundry detergent

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Pressure washer

Another method to keep in mind is to buy or rent pressure washer with an extremely strong water jet, which can wipe off all tough dirt. If water with high pressure still not removes difficult stains completely, you can try adding some cleaning chemicals mixed with water in the pressure washer.

Plastic scraper

Finally, if the chemicals ways cannot beat the stain, then it is time for tough action! Although this article is mainly about how to clean a vinyl fence with cleaning solution, using plastic tools is another option. Besides, use a plastic scraper to chip the stain gently. However, be careful not to use a hard metal object as a scrapper because it can leave traces of damage on your fence.

Plastic scraper

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4. Some attention on how to clean a vinyl fence

Make sure you remove all cleaning chemicals

Although household detergents are not as toxic as specialized cleaning chemicals, their residues can still cause you some trouble. The residues can affect the health of your family or kill the plant and grass thriving beneath the fence.

Read the manual of detergents carefully

This is essential when using chemicals in general and detergents in particular. Different types of detergents will have different dilution formulas. Moreover, do not forget to wear protective gear such as gloves, masks, and safety glasses. Mix the solution well to get the best effect. Always check your cleaning solution on a small part of the fence to make sure it will not damage the material. If you are not sure about something then you should consult a specialist.

Keep the children away from the fence while you are cleaning

Children who are mischievous may accidentally come in contact with hazardous chemicals while playing, so keep them away from the fence until you finish the work.

Keep the children away from the fence while you are cleaning

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Time to clean the fence

To keep your fence in the best condition, try cleaning at least once a year. The idea time should be in spring cleaning. This will prolong its lifespan and keep it appearance as good as new.

To sum up, properly cleaning your vinyl fence is essential, especially during the rainy season. In fact, increased humidity in the air will lead to the appearance of green molds on the fence.  Then, these tips on how to clean a vinyl fence will help you turn a dirty one into a shining one that can last for a decade.

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