How to Clean a Tower Fan

Your towel fan becomes dust, and you are totally in mad when the cleaning time is coming. Actually, it is so difficult to make the fan clean and dry. In this talk, we will find out how to clean a tower fan to help you quickly and easily cleans your towel.

Why you have to clean a tower fan

A regular cleaning a tower fan is necessary because it will keep your towel fan in good condition and continues provides safe operational performance. It also helps your family member avoid allergy and health issues because of dust.

If the fan gets more dust inside obviously, the motor will harder to work and even make noise when working. Finally, it makes the fan’s potential life be shortened.

Which materials you need for clean

For safety and long-lasting operating time, before cleaning the fan, you must know which pieces you can clean and which is not support to clean. The outside totally needs to clean, for the inside, you must be carefully clean the motor and sticking components.

For saving time, you can leave it to the professionals. If you decided to clean it yourself those are two main areas that you need to concentrate. The outside and the inside of the tower fan.

Know what are exactly tools you need before you starting is important. When preparing carefully, you haven’t to take time finding the necessary tool while on the cleaning process. It makes all things go easy.

A cleaning brush, a can of compressed air or an air compressor, lubricant, and some piece of smooth cloth, those things are the all you need. For safer and avoid losing your tools you can add a little bowl to keep the screw, an eyewear and a protect mask to avoid dust particles in your eyes and breathing issues.

How to clean a tower fan – the detail steps for cleaning a tower fan

Disassemble a fan

Unplug the tower fan and choose a clean and wide area to work on the fan. Then put on the protective mask and eyewear.

If possible, remove the tower fan base for easier manage and hold the tools while working. It also makes the entire cleaning process easier. The next, you can easy find and remove all the screws on the outside.

Disassemble a fan

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However, the number of the screw will depend on the model and the style of tower fan. If you still have difficult to remove the tower fan’s rear. You should carefully look for some dissimulate screws that are concealed.

When you remove all screws, you continue to open the rear panel, if your model has one. Sliding it up or down to takes off the panel. It is often easy to remove by no force.

However, sometimes you have to add considerable force to open the rear. For more details, you might check some video on the internet if you get difficult with it.

And remember that, do not use excessive force to move the panel. As it could lead to damages some plastic pieces and make your fan quickly broken or not at the safe operation in the future.

When finishing removes the rear panel, you continue to remove the inside screws which hold your fan firmly in place. Don’t forget to keep all crews in a bowl to hold for next steps. Now, time to know how to clean a tower fan is coming. Just look through some steps bellow:

Cleaning the outside part

Outside part is often easy to clean than the inside. If you’re using compressed air, shake the can for 30 seconds.

Then, you apply the blower nozzle.  Next, turn on the air compressor and blow the dust and dirt on the outside from top to down through vent, exhaust, or any accessible pieces.

Or just use an air compressor for more convenient. You better take this step outside to prevent dust spread out your home and lead to a lot of messy.

After taking this step, if you still see dust remaining around, picking a cleaning brush and gives a smoothly sweep to clean the last grime. The other choice is using a piece of damp cloth to clean all plastic parts.

However, don’t forget to give enough time for drying those parts before reassembling. It will help you keep all components in safe.

Cleaning the motor and disassemble the motor

When you opened the fan rear and removed the cylinder, this is the time to possibly open the motor and add lubricate. This part is to keep it smoothly operating and avoid squeaky or noisy.

For disassembly process: You should start by removing the screws and washers which keep the motor firmly in place. Then you carefully lubricate the metal shaft that helps the cylinder revolves.

You better choose the high-quality lubricant that is long-lasting, heat-reseating, hard-wearing, and works well on metal parts. Car grease or white lithium grease is the best choice for your tower fan. Because poor quality greasy will not last for a long time and lead to wasting your time and money.

If old lubricant is still lasting, using a piece of cloth to clean it all before pouring new grease. Add high-quality lubricant in any areas of the motor that can cause noisy and quake. Especially, you should check the shaft and the hole that the metal shaft spins in. Pouring the grease all over the shaft to make it in the best condition.

When the tower fan is all clean, you screw the panel back on (if you got this model). Putting the fan back to its original, plugin and check if it is working well. Finally, you got your clean tower fan as the new one.


In conclusion, you might see that make your tower fan clean and keep working well is not difficult as you think. Just by some simple tools and taking the few steps, your dust fan will be as new. You clearly know how to clean a tower fan now. So just do it yourself and try to be a home engineer if possible.

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