How to Build a Greenhouse under $150 Within a Day

After considering and picking the right style of the greenhouse, the next step will be getting started to build it. Actually, to make a family greenhouse is not a hard work, you just need to follow the instruction and put some effort into it. No need the professionals. You can build one by yourself.

In this article today, I will guide you on how to build a greenhouse within a day. As there are many styles so I’m going to show you the instruction of the most common one – hoop greenhouse, within a day, under $150. Hence, if you want to extend your growing season a little bit, then read on.


Today, I’m going to teach you to make a 10×10 hoop house. Our goal is to fit two 3×8 raised beds inside. And we will actually put another small hoop house on top of it with a hinge.

Price list

List Price
galvanized screws $7.96
(4) 2 x 6 x 10 $31.96
(13) 10′ PVC Sch 40 $34.71
(8) 2 x 4 x 8 $38.64
(6) PVC Coupler Sch 40 $4.38
(2) screen door kit $10.48
(2) 2 x 4 x10 $11.00
(22) Conduit holder $6.40
Total cost $145.53

How to build a greenhouse

You should notice that mine is 10×10 hoop house but you can measure it again to fit yours.


The very first thing we need is four 2x6x10 pieces of lumber, two of which will be cut to 120 inches or 10 feet. Most of the time, you buy them at a lumber store, they are a little bit longer than 10 feet so just cut them down. Two of other lumbers are cut into 117 inches and that way when you put them together, it would be 10 feet.

The next thing is a box of galvanized or deck screws inch and a quarter to hold the grommets and your hoop.

My hoop house is not perfectly level as I do want it to drain and I will actually fill in part of the inside just for protection from the cold and wind.

Moving onto the 10-foot sections three-quarter inch PVC and then you will put them together with PVC cement or all-purpose in it. By that way, you’ll get 20-foot sections, which is long enough to stand up the actual hoop. This is my main requirements when building a 10×10 hoop house.

In terms of buying PVC, make sure you pick the thicker one (there are usually two kinds), it’s about 10-20 cents per stick. But, it will be a lot more rigid when it’s done.

The process

Make the frame

When you get everything screwed or nailed on the frame, then set all of your conduit grommets at two feet apart. Once you get those set in there, you can actually put your hoop pieces in. Then, take a drill going right through the center, thrown a screw in the hole and keep it in place.

Make the frame

Image source:

Do the supports

For the supports, you need some 2x4x10. I use treated lumber because it’s going to be outside for a lot of time and it’s not actually touching the soil. Thus, it will withstand the test of time a lot better.

Now, mark them at 10 feet and actually we need to cut them in half. Hence, I mark them at an inch and ¾ which would be half of a three and a half inches wide. Then, I use a skill saw to cut them in half. As the skill saw is not something that everyone can use, you can utilize a table instead.

Once you get those ripped in half, take another piece of ¾ inch PVC. You need to cut them to 2 inches. I like to mark them actually on the table so that I can have the idea to do the next one.

When you have two-inch pieces, cut the little section of the letter printed on it. It makes a nice little slip joint which is slide over three- quarter inch pieces. Make about 24 slip joints to use later as they come in real handy to slide over other PVC pieces on the hoop.

Now, we have four pieces cut. Next, mark out your increments every two feet just like you did with the bottom part of the frame or the actual hoops are sitting.

What we need to do now is taking a drill, inserting through the slip and making a hole in the center. Also make a hole in the center of the wood, too. Next, grab the screw and use it to install the slip joint into the wool bar. Repeat this task on every two feet on each piece.

Once you got those all screwed into, you will have four. The greatest benefit of slip joints is that they can be adjusted once they are in place. Thus, you can push them up or down if you want to hang certain things on there.

Do the door

Do the door

Image source: Mother Earth News

You might need to adjust the door height or width depending on your preference. I want mine to be 36 inches wide. And as my hoop house might be a bit different size than yours will be, I will make my door 74 inches tall. Totally, there will be two 74-inch bars and three 36-inch bars. Just to make it look a little bit nicer and more rigidity, I also add little cross support in every corner, each one is about 8 inches long.

Moving into the frame, I built mine half an inch bigger on each side and that will just account for a little bit of fluff room. The outside pieces are 78 inches while the top and bottom ones are 37 inches. When you fit it inside, you will get a little playroom for it to fit in.

I’m actually making two doors, one on each side of the hoop house front and back.

Get the door frame in the hoop house

After finishing the door frame, get it sit in the hoop house. Then, go ahead and mark your 1-foot piece at the center. Don’t forget to mark in the center of your door frame which in this case is 18 and a half from inside-to-inside. Mark center of that, line those up and do the same on the top. Mark the center and it should be relatively close to the center of the hoop.

Then, you have those lined up, square them up, drill a hole, put in a screw and tack it into the piece. After that, try and square up the top, as well. You will connect the across supports with the top of the door.

Attach side supports

You will need two more pieces. In my case, they are 33 inches to install on each side of the door frame. This makes the door, as well as the whole structure, become sturdier. Put those in and after that, put some hinges on the door and get it hung.

Now, it’s time to use the screen door kit to keep the door shut. I mark down 6 inches where my hinges will go. Then, I put my hinges on and get it hung up. Then, to make it easier, one tip is making some half-inch shims and putting them in the bottom of the door frame. On the hinge side, that will account for the half-inch fluff that we put in earlier for the door. These will make everything looks nice and square.

One more thing to bear in mind is running a tape measure from corner to corner a diagonal. As soon as that measurement is the same, that will make it square.

Take some of the little side supports and by that, we need to take a level up the door. When you get it plumb and square, put the screw in and that’s going to keep all the structure square for a long time.

Attach slide joints to the hoop house frame

By this way, when you put your plastic on, you just need to slide them over the PVC. Now, you can move them around, take them off or roll up the sides. All that kind of good stuff and everything is done.

Attach slide joints to the hoop house frame

Image source: eBay

Above is my step-by-step instruction on how to build a greenhouse, particularly a 10 x 10 hoop house with the budget of under $150. Hope that this article helps you much to build yours.

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