How Long Does It Take for Furniture to Off Gas?

Purchasing new furniture is an easy way to decorate or renew your house. However, you don’t like the smell of that new furniture, or even you feel tired when you have to breathe in that air. That is why we build in this talk. It will help you know how to reduce the furniture gassing and how long does it take for furniture to off gas.

Why you have to minimum cut down the furniture gassing time

Don’t you know that the smell of the new furniture often contains some toxic chemicals which are known by negatively impact to your health? This might cause some breathing issues or even sickness and allergy to your family, especially for your children.

The volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the new furniture go through our room and cause the problem to your family members.

Thus, before planning to buy new furniture, those are some things you have to consider for reducing the smell of it and absorb toxically.

What is off-gassing?

Off-Gassing refers to release chemicals the VOCs from common household products. Potential resources of off-gassing furniture might be your new salon, new paint, new carpet, new bed, cabinet or even you nail polish remover… It is anything that is called new.

The most common chemicals include in your new item often are formaldehyde, ammonia, toluene, and benzene. This smell is not friendly and normally makes you so annoy or get a health problem.

Therefore, while the effect of off-gassing still in studied, what we know is that some of those chemicals are not good for health. In details, it might cause allergic, headache or breathing problems such as congestion, asthma attacks, cough or skin irritation.

What is off-gassing

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The effect will depend on which chemicals are in your furniture and how long you spend to stay next to those things. What we can do is minimize the gassing time and release almost chemicals in safety way.

How long does it take for furniture to off gas?

As you know, all new furniture need much time to off-gassing. Then it will be a friendly household item in your room.

You might have more than one time try to figure out this answer, but you can’t find a definite answer. After days and days searching for something, I finally find the best answer that provides some helpful information.

The best time to reduce exposure is for a month before using it. It is the acceptable time that you could try.

However, some chemical continues to off-gassing for 1 to 7 years. Thus, do you willing to buy new furniture and keep it to the next seven years for using? That is impossible.

We buy a new thing to use, not to save, right? Usually, we buy new furniture because of needs. For example, some are broken, and you need to replace, or someone is moving in your house (a baby). Therefore, in that case, we need to use those things as soon as possible.

Finally, I saw that how long does it take for furniture to off gas is not important. How long you can support for furniture to off-gassing is the key of those things.

Thus, at least, give your new furniture a week to reduce exposure. It is enough to reduce almost odor. If it is still too much odor, you should keep it outside for a bit longer. Just give it time that is the right for your feeling.

How to reduce the off-gassing time of the new furniture?

Placing outside

An easy way that you should try is to leave the new furniture outside on a warm non-humid air for a week. Then you bring it inside. If it still has much odor, you could add some plan inside to continue to absorb some toxin and chemicals from the furniture. For safety and fresh air in your home, it is worth to take the time to wait for the new furniture off-gassing.

Placing outside

Image source: The New York Times

If you are unable to place them outside. You can place pieces on balcony or porch or the reserve room. You can choose anywhere, as long as it is far away from your living room. Plus, you could either open the window and turns on a fan to push the fumes out.

Also, when you want to purchase a new thing, give a prior consider to an eco-friendly brand that uses solid wood and non-toxic. Therefore, you just take a few days to off-gassing it.

Keep them dry

The odor is often higher on damp or humid conditions. Sometimes, it becomes a feature that contributes the level of chemical odor emitted from the new furniture. In this case, you should run the dehumidifier or air conditioner in your house, especially on humid days to prevent the odor from spreading out.

Using Vinegar

A mixture of vinegar and water will take the role as a liquid deodorizer for fabric. This liquid can use to wipe down furniture, cut down odor or spray over the upholstery.

After that, you can wipe it away with a piece of dry cloth. For the hard surface, you pour the mixture directly to the soft cloth then wipe down the surface.


Image source: The Spruce

However, don’t forget to test the mixture to know whether it is color safe for the furniture or not. You also can add a bowl of vinegar near the furniture to remove the chemical odor that spread out.

That is all for a long day, and finally, you can know how long does it take for furniture to off gas. Just for a few days of placing your furniture off-gassing outside, you can considerably reduce the chemical and its smell. Don’t forget to dry the air and take advantages of vinegar in your kitchen. This is the best choice to keep the new furniture in fresh condition.

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