How Long Does it Take for Furniture to off Gas? (Part II)

It is true that air pollution can occur not only in the outdoor environment but also in your home. The source of the pollution comes from toxic gases emitted by furniture, especially newly bought and assembled ones. They may come from any new purchase items such as beds, sofas, wooden tables, chairs, baby crib, or decorations … In general, this phenomenon is what they usually call off gassing. The following will help you answer the question “ how long does it take for furniture to off gas”.

The causes of releasing toxic chemicals in furniture

Imagine if you lived in the old days when household items were made from natural materials like wood or fabric. At that time, people did not have to worry about off gassing in their furniture.

The causes of releasing toxic chemicals in furniture

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Nowadays, nearly 80% of the furniture in a home is made from industrial wood. Basically, industrial wood contains natural wood compressed together in high pressure with glue and resin.

In similar, today synthetic fibers also play an important role in the manufacture of tarpaulins, curtains, rugs, blankets, bed sheets and mattress … The surface of the furniture is covered with a chemical coating to avoid oxidation, or add waterproof, or flame retardant. As a result, the furniture will emit toxic chemical – or so called gases- out of the air. These emissions come from the artificial materials that make up your household items. In summary, off gassing is a phenomenon when furniture releases gas to the atmosphere.

Furniture off gassing symptoms

New furniture releases gases so obviously that you do not need a sensitive nose to notice. Some people may think just one small new table will not cause a harm. However, once all of these toxic gases condense, the atmosphere in your home will be filled with poison. As a result, your health will get worse immediately.

More specifically, the first consequence of poisonous gases on our bodies is an impairment of vision and respiratory system. The levels of this impact can be light irritation, itchy eyes, wheezing, coughing, chest pain, headache or worse, bronchitis. In the long term it can likely lead to the potential of having cancer.

For sensitive people, they may feel irritation in the throat and nose as soon as they contact with new furniture. This also affects your mood, thus, causing you to be irritated and cranky.

How long does it take for furniture to off gas

In general, there have not been any researches or specific answers for the time taken for furniture to off gas. It depends on the characteristics of the product as well as the structure of the space of the house.

Typically with benches or beds, it takes up one to two weeks for the gases to disappear. The smaller the product, the less time it takes to get rid of the smell. And it will be even faster if you apply new furniture deodorizer methods. These methods will be listed below.

How long does it take for furniture to off gas

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There is a principle that everyone must know that never uses new furniture immediately. Even if you cannot smell toxic chemicals, you should wait at least a week to get on your new couch.

After off gassing time, you should be able to easily spot an object that is completely odorless by your nose.

Ways to eliminate the phenomenon of furniture off gassing

Replace the whole furniture that releases gases

The first and most essential way is to eliminate the source of the toxins. Since there are no answers to how long does it take for furniture to off gas, you should not wait. In other words, you will probably have to replace all the household items that emit gasses. This is not easy when most of the furniture nowadays contain toxic chemicals. You may still find organic fiber and non-fire retardant furniture on the market. However, these rare things come at an exorbitant price. In general, it is possible to completely change your home furnishings, but it will take lots of time and money.

Use a modern air purifier

This is a very economical solution. An air purifier not only helps you remove gas, dust, pet hair but also neutralizes unpleasant odors. Thereby it also improves indoor air quality.

However, traditional air purifiers cannot do all that jobs effectively. That’s why you may need more modern air purifiers like Enviroklen’s product.

Keep your home well ventilated

If the situation is not too serious, you only need to wait for 1 to 2 weeks for the smell to fly away. During that time, keep the indoor space as open as possible. You should open all windows and doors for daylight to fill the house. Fresh air is the enemy of the toxic chemical. You can combine opening windows and blowing fans directly into the furniture to increase efficiency.

Keep your home well ventilated

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To be more careful, you can take them out on a sunny day to deodorize. On rainy days or in damp weather, you should bring them into the garage or guest room to continue off gassing the furniture. In this way, all members of your home do not have to smell and come in contact with the emission. Moreover, the indoor air will not also be impacted by toxic gases.


In conclusion, the more modern life, the more inventive people are, the more functional and eye-catching products are from artificial materials. However, this comes at the risk of harm to human health. You can withstand the smell of a new car for an hour but not every night on a new bed. That is why it is very important to find the answer to know ” how long does it take for furniture to off gas ” so you can start using it when it is safe.

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