Heater guide: Choosing the right portable heater

Heaters guide Choosing the right portable heater

When it comes to the portable electric heater, there are three main kinds: fuel-burning heater (oil-filled heater), fan heater, halogen heaters (there are more of them). That will raise the question of which one is the best inside your head. The answer is that “No one is the best”. Each kind will require some different features which you should keep in mind before buying. And that’s also the reason why I give you my heater guide that synthesizes my buying experience.

Heating Principles

My heater guide will start with heating principles because you should know that these heaters use a different method of heating. It means that they heat different things when they are put in the same spot.

Halogen heaters/ infrared heater

Halogen heaters or infrared heater uses infra-red light to heat up objects in front of them directly. This is called radiant heating mechanism. It means that these heaters will focus on heating objects and people instead of heating up the atmosphere around it.

Halogen heaters

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Radiant heaters have the advantage of quick heating. They will keep you warm and restore your balance temperature in only minutes. They are perfect for being placed on a table in a room with limited space.

Portable radiant heater

So if your rooms are small, and you do not have a lot of stuff blocking your heater, you can buy a portable radiant heater for your convenience.  Also, there is case that you continuously need to open your windows because you don’t have an air-ventilation system in your house. Fortunately, these heaters may be the suitable ones. Because they do not rely too much on the air, so there is no need to worry that the warm air will be blown out of the windows.

Fan heaters/ oil-filled radiators

On the other hand, fan heaters or oil-filled radiators use convection heating method. This means that these heaters will heat up the air around them and use a fan to distribute that heat evenly all over your room.

Fan heaters

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They have some drawbacks of making too much noise, and it takes them a long time to fully heat up your room. But it guarantees that everyone will be warm if you are using a shared space like the living room. While the radiant heater which only heat up a small area and leave many cold spots in your room.

Convection heater

If you are looking for a heater for shared space or if you are living with many people, a convection heater would be a better choice. Places with many objects like a workshop also need a convection heater instead of a radiant heater because those objects can block your radiant heater.

Also, if you are looking for a portable heater for closed space like such as your car and tent, you should always stick to a convection heater. You do not want anything to be too close to a radiant heater because it may be over the heater and can start a fire. Not to mention sitting or sleeping too close to a radiant heater can damage your skin in the long term.

Convection heater

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Also, if there are children or pets in your house, you should buy a convection heater as well. As they only heat up space around them, it would be safer for children to pets to be close to the heater. A radiant heater can burn your children if they accidentally touch the coil of the heater.

So just to make it clearer for you

Fan heater: Best to use if the air in the room is still warm and you only need your heater on for a short duration to circulate the hot air around the chamber.

Infrared heater (halogen heater): Small rooms and there are little movements in the space. Other objects might be warm, but the air around you will not be as hot. It is similar to wearing a coat for a walk when it is snow. If you are ok with that, then an infrared heater is a thing for you. You just need to stay insight of the heater and make sure that no flammable objects are close to these heaters.

Plus, these heaters must not be blocked, or you will not feel warm at all. They also need to be used with precautions for the risks of a fire hazard.

Oil-filled radiator: They take a long time to heat you up. But they will ensure the warm and cozy feelings when there are many people around. It is very comfortable to sit in the relaxing warmth of these heaters. It is an excellent option for your babies. For they take a long time to heat up and cool down, you will not be afraid of sudden temperature change.

Oil-filled radiator

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Heater Guide to Maximizing the Efficiency

The second part of my heater guide is safety. No matter what kind of heater you use, safety is always the priority. Right now, you should only go for modern space heaters with their security feature and ventilation system. Also, you should buy a Carbon Monoxide detector along with your heater. They are worth your peace of mind. Buying heaters which reliable laboratory has tested will guarantee the quality.

Using fuel-burning heaters means that you have to be exposed to combustions and hazardous gasses. To reduce the effect of these gasses, buy a heater with a good ventilation system. It helps to lead the dangerous air outside. If your heater does not have one, you should at least keep the window partially opened while leaving your heater on.

Lastly, the cleaning and maintenance work are critical so as to keep your heater in a good shape. Regularly clean off the dust from your heater’s fan and surface. Check for any product defects and malfunction. You can contact a professional for help.

My heater guide is end. In conclusion, to choose the best portable heater, you just know which type you want, its particular features to choose and how to do maintenance work.

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