Halloween pallet ideas: How to Use Pallets for Halloween Décor

It is time for trick or treats! The last days of October are such great time to get the Halloween spirit on with spooky decorations. Many people spend a lot of effort, time, not to mention considerable costs, to make their house look scary, fun and unique for the festive season. However, you do not need to spend a lot of money to buy Halloween decorations while you can make use of available material, particularly wood pallet from your delivery, to do it yourself. Here are some Halloween pallet ideas for decoration:

Eerie wall – One of the best Halloween pallet ideas

Eerie wall

Image source: Pinterest

Here is an idea that will make your house become the most macabre and prominent house in the neighborhood. All you have to do is stack the wood pallets up and fasten them with a cable tie or tie-wrap. For more scary effect, place a fog machine and red or purple lights behind the wall. Also, you can hang on the wall some dirty nets, fake moss, creeper, or anything that make the place look more mysterious.

Slatted wooden case

Nothing makes a haunted tour in your house better than a crate with a bad guy hiding inside and waiting for someone to go through to scare them away! You can make a bad guy slatted wooden case with ease.

Slatted wooden case

Image source: mueblesdepalets.net

All materials needed are five wooden pallets, some haunting lights, and a person with a devil mask who is willing to hide inside and wait for an unwary guess. Using tools is unnecessary if you are not a handyman. Instead, you can fasten five wood pallets with a zip tie to fix the top and three sides together to create a fortress form.

You may need some hinge if you want the front pallet to be a swing door, or simply hold the door by yourself when being inside. Patiently wait for the unexpected visitor to approach, then open the door and give them a sudden attack.

Pallet Jack O’ Lantern

Instead of using pumpkin lantern like everyone else, why not making a pallet jack o’ lantern this year? The following will give you instruction on how to make a pallet pumpkin in two types: board type and box type.

Pallet Jack O’ Lantern

Image source: 1001Pallets

First, the wooden pallet pumpkin board is quite simple. Paint your wood pallets in orange and add black eyes, nose, and mouth made of paper or extra wood. Lean the board against the wall of your front door and make it more attractive by adding fake cobwebs, dirty old rag, and other creepy stuff.

Although this decoration is not so spooky, it has its unique look, as well as help you make use of those leftover wood pallets. Also, after every Halloween, you can turn the pallet jack o’ lantern into a clothes hanger.

Clean your pallet pumpkin, remove the accessories hung on it, attack some hooks on the board, and now you have got a handy coat rack! This idea is also very useful for those who do not have much space to store the decoration.

In contrast with the board, the box form requires some handy touches. The materials include wood pallets, nails, screws, spiral saw, paint, paint brushes, light or candle, wire, tape, wood glue, 24 inches clamps, and some optional ornaments.

Step-by-step instruction

First, cut the pallet board into 16 pieces of 22 inches long and four pieces of 17 inches long.

Next, cut two craft strips into 15 inches pieces and two other into 14.5 inches pieces.

Next, place the pallet pieces that you just cut down on the floor and arrange them into a cross shape with a 15 inches x 15 inches medium-density fiberboard in the center. For the front and back of the box, place the pallets pieces 0.5 inches past the edge of the medium-density fiberboard.

Measure the space between the two outer pieces and minus 0.5 inches. Do the same with the sides and ensure the length to be accurate so when assembling the box, the front and back boards will fit snugly to the side boards.

When the pallet boards are in position, attach the strips 15 inches and 14.5 inches strips in the front, back, and side by 0.75 inches nails and long clamps, with the medium-density board as a bottom and craft strip as a top. Use markers to draw a face of jack o ‘lantern on the front of the box and cut to shape by using the spiral saw.

Furthermore, add a few artificial vines around the box if desired. The final step is painting your box in orange like a pumpkin and place a light or candle inside to make the jack o ‘lantern look alive.

Monster dungeon

Here is another idea to spook up your decorations by using wood pallets that only take just a little time and some simple steps. You can create a monster dungeon in underground type or board type.

Monster dungeon

Image source: woodpellets.com

To make an underground monsters dungeon, you will need a shovel, wood pallets, fake monster hand (from decoration store), and LED light with red, purple, green or any devil’s color. An underground dungeon requires sacrificing a place in your garden or lawn, but the best place is your walkway to easily scare unexpected guests!

Use a shovel to dig down 6 inches, with about 40 inches wide and 48 inches long as a normal size of the pallet. Put your waterproof led light inside the pallet to make an evil illusion.

Ideally, you should use lights run by battery, if not, make sure the cord is threaded through the pallet discreetly before putting it underground. Finally, soil over the edge of the pallet and put the fake hands in the interstices of the pallets to make it look like a monster trying to escape from hell.

Furthermore, a simpler way to make a monster dungeon is that a wooden pallet board is leaning upright against a wall or fence. All you need is a black marker or paint, a board of paper written “keep out,” “Enter if you dare,” “danger,” or ”beware of monsters escaping,” chains and locks to make it more dungeon-look-alike, and some bloody faux hands reaching out of the pallet.

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