Garage Space Heater: Most Ultimate Buying Guide

Garage Space Heater Reviews and Buying Guide

Garages can make you feel uncomfortable working in them, especially in the winter. They are usually built from brick, which is not efficient in keeping you warm. Therefore, if you usually spend time in your garage but do not like the unfavorable temperature in it, getting a garage space heater is a great solution. They can keep you warm while doing workshop projects and prevent your pipes and equipment from freezing.

What are garage heaters

A garage space heater is a heating solution that can warm up the garage or a workshop. It allows you to work and enjoy your time in the garage even during the coldest months. Garage heaters can be categorized into different types.

The first type is gas-fired that are suitable for a house with high ceiling. They can be mounted on the ceiling and warm up the room evenly. They can also produce heat to the room by using forced air movements.

The second type of garage space heater is an infrared heater. They direct the heat to you and make the floor feels warm. However, they can’t warm up your tools. Additionally, they work efficiently, though they cost more than the gas-fired heater.

Electric garage heaters are more popular and safer to use. They can work perfectly as long as there is an electrical outlet available.

Garage heaters are great to use when you are doing workshop projects in the winter. They will add more heat to keep you warm. Furthermore, they are also a more economical option than installing ductwork for your garage.

Why do I need a garage heater? How to install it

Why do I need a garage space heater

If you have a large garage or workshop, a garage space heater is a great option to consider for those areas. Garage heaters are best to heat up a one car garage. If you do not want to suffer any ventilation or propane fumes problems, electric garage heaters are the best to consider.

Moreover, electric heaters usually work more efficient than other types. All 100 percent of the electricity provided will be converted into warm heat. In comparison, propane gas heaters only transform 80 percent of the fuel into heat. The left 20 percent will become the byproducts of the combustion process.

Why do I need a garage space heater

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Furthermore, propane or gas heaters usually release pollutants into the air, which might harm your health. Electric heaters, on the other hand, do not emit any toxic byproducts. Therefore, if you have allergies, electric heaters are the right choice for you.

Generally, you can mount the electric heater by many ways, either on the ceiling or the wall. This way helps you to save more valuable space for other necessary furniture or tools. Moreover, you do not need to refill any fuel tank or line, which can cost lots of time.

All you need is electrical supply, and the heater can work just fine. The heater also never gets build up since it uses electric instead of fossil fuel. This will lengthen the durability of the heater.

Also, you should match the BTUs of your heater to how large the area is. A large garage will require a heater with high BTUs. Therefore, sufficient heat can be provided and keep you warm during winter.

However, too much is never good. Having a heater with high BTUs in a small garage will waste energy and make your electricity bills skyrockets.

How to install

The size of garage heaters is commonly not too big. Mounting kits are also provided so you can mount the unit on the wall or ceiling. This will save you significant spaces for other furniture. Mount it on the wall or ceiling, it all depends on you.

How to install garage heater

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This will make your garage look more clear and free. Moreover, the installation is not difficult. Therefore, you do not have to worry much about it.

Most users choose to mount their heater on the ceiling. Some heaters have built-in wire way that is easy to install and plug in. However, some models require an electrician or professional to do the wire work.

Most of the electric garage heaters are thermostatically controlled. You can also wire the heater to a thermostat on the wall if you want. In the manual, manufacturers will mention how close the heater can be mounted to the wall or another area. You should follow this instruction so that the heater can work efficiently.


So what are the benefits that a garage space heater can bring to you? In fact, it offers a lot of great benefits:

You comfortably spend your time in the garage without any bother about the cold.

If your garage does not have any electricity supply, cordless and portable heaters are the best to consider. They allow you to have warm heat even though no electricity is available.

Most garage heaters have safety cut-out, which will automatically turn the heater off if it reaches a dangerous temperature. This makes garage heaters safer too use.

One big advantage that a garage heater will bring to you is space saving. If other heaters can give you a headache while figuring out how to fit them, a garage space heater can be mounted to the wall or ceiling. This way, you can save enormous spaces for other necessary equipment or furniture.

A garage space heater can be mounted to the wall or ceiling

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Garage heaters also let you set up a desired temperature for the room. A variable thermostat features will help you to do this.

Garage heaters also available in different sizes. This means you have a variety of options to choose. Additionally, every garage size will have a suitable heater for it.

Things to consider buying the best garage space heater

Room size

Initially, measure the space that you are about to add the heater. This way, you can know what size of the heater is suitable to use. Remember that Large garage will need a more powerful heater to offer sufficient heat.

Generally, in the instruction, the manufacturer will tell you how many square feet that the heater can cover. This means you will have a guide to decide whether that heater is the right one for you. Moreover, if your garage is not fully insulated, you will need a more powerful heater.

Room size

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In details, when the garage is not fully insulated, a heater with high power output is more suitable. Additionally, powerful heaters are also suitable for a garage with large doors and windows or with a high ceiling.

Make sure that the size of the heater matches the sizes of the garage is important. This way, you can use energy efficiently and heat the whole place evenly.


Try to find out if you need a portable heater. Ask yourself some simple questions. Such as whether you need to move the heater around or not, or do you want to transport the heater to other garages? This can help you  , figure out if you need a portable heater.

Heaters that are fixed are safer to use and can save space. You can consider wall and ceiling mounted garage space heater if you do not need portability.

Mains Supply

Most garage heaters need an electric outlet to operate. Even heaters that use fossil fuel can sometimes require electricity. Therefore, you need to examine the power output of the garage before buying any heater.

Heating devices usually need to consume lots of power during operation. Garage space heater even requires more power to work, especially when you have a large garage. Therefore, make sure to check the compatibility of the heater and your electrical supply before buying it. However, this work should be done by an electrician or a professional


Garage heaters available in three main types: Natural gas, propane gas and electric. Each type has its pros and cons. You should choose the type of garage space heater based on the structure of the garage or what you expected in a heater.

Natural Gas Garage Heaters

Natural gas heaters can be categorized into two sub-types: Forced air heaters and infrared tube heaters. Forced air heater offers warm air by blowing it. On the other hand, infra-red tube natural gas heaters radiate warm air . In short, both of these types operate by burning natural gas or liquid petroleum gas, which are both affordable.

They also come in various sizes for you to choose. However, you should only choose the one that matches the size of your garage. Moreover, you will need an electrical outlet to provide energy for these heaters. Additionally, these heaters are only suitable to use in places that have good ventilation to release wasted gasses.

Gas Garage Heaters

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If you are usually cutting woods or any other workshop projects that will produce dust, an infrared tube heater is the best choice for you. This is because They only radiate the heat and will not kick up the dust. In contrary, the forced air heater will blow the dust everywhere.

Electric Garage Heaters

This is the most popular type of garage space heater. It works perfectly as long as there is electrical supply. Furthermore, it is easy to install and work efficiently.

Electric Garage Heaters

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They can be mounted to the wall to save space for the garage. Most of the electric heaters also feature automatic cutoff switches, which will turn the heater off if it is tipped over. Thermostats are provided to maintain the heating at the desired temperature.

Electric garage heaters are great to use in both households and buildings. Some electric garage heaters can heat up an extra-large area with no problem.

Propane Garage Heaters

Propane heaters offer strong and steady heat, which will warm you garage instantly. This heater also warms up very quickly. However, it doesn’t retain heat for long, actually, once you turn it off, it will cool down instantly.

The thermostat is usually featured in most of the propane garage heaters. The thermostat will help you to conserve energy as well as regulate the temperature of the garage as you desired.

Propane Garage Heaters

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However, when using a propane garage space heater, your garage needs to be well ventilated. This way, waste gasses can be emitted outside. If you use your garage frequently, this is probably not the type of heater for you. The fumes will make it difficult to use the garage too frequently.

Propane heaters are cheap. However, they are not the most suitable choice for garage heating.

Thermostats and fans

A heater with built-in thermostat will help you to regulate the heat and maintain it at your desired temperature. It will also prevent the heater from stop circulating air after the room has reached the already set temperature.

After the heater begins to cool down, it will automatically heat up again. If you want the heater to cool down the garage in the summer, try to find one that feature cool air fans. By this, you can use the heater in both summer and winter.

Top 3 garage space heaters

The Broan NuTon 6201 Big Heat Heater is a portable heater that offers reliable heat. You can use it in the garage or carry it along on a camping trip. This electric heater is a great option if you want to add more heat in the home.

This heater is made from steel. It weighs about 5 pounds, which is light and allows you to move it easily. The certified ceramic heating element will offer you instant warmth . It is also easy to control and use. Furthermore, the operation is efficient and can conserve energy.

It provides three settings for you to choose: High heat, Low heat and Fan only heating. This means you can choose any setting that suits your needs the most. When you turn it on, the heater will operate at 1500 Watts setting. However, you can decrease it down to 1200 Watts setting, which is more energy efficient.

The heater also comes with several safety features. The tip over sensor will automatically turn the heater off if you turn it over. A caution light will display if the heater is generating too much heat. The overheat protection system will also turn the heater off if it reached a dangerous temperature.

This heater is pretty small. However, it can warm up your garage effectively. Moreover, it only takes minutes to heat your whole garage or bathroom up.

Thermostatic control is an optional, which allow you to maintain the desired temperature automatically. The thermostat will turn the heater on or off if the temperature of the room is higher or lower than the pre-set temperature. This means that the heater works efficiently and conserves energy well.

However, the thermostat control may be too sensitive so it can turn heater on and off too readily. This can be uncomfortable for some people.

Overall, this heater is affordable, safe to use and it can work efficiently. It is well built and can offer you powerful heat. It is also not too big, therefore, you can save space for other things.

This heater can offer instant and steady heat. After the heater is off, the fan will continue to cool down the internal parts. This will make the life of internal components longer, which will increase the durability of the whole heater.

The folded fin will allow the heater to distribute warm air evenly throughout the garage. This is also a powerful heater with 7500 Watt power output. This means that this heater is suitable to use in large garages or buildings.

You can mount this heater on the ceiling. That’s why You can save up more space for other equipment and furniture. You can also adjust the angle of the heater to suit your preference.

Overall, this is a nice heater to have. It can save spaces, works efficiently and offers powerful heat. If you have a large garage or want to add more heat to a large area, this heater is perfect for you.

The King KBP2406 is durable so it can last for a long time. It is a great option to consider for your garage or any workshop area. This heater operates at 5700 Watt power, which means it can offer strong and steady heat.

The built-in thermostat will allow you to maintain heat at a pre-set temperature. The material is steel, which has high quality and is adamant and sturdy.

The heating element has high quality and offers reliable heat. For safety, this heater also features cutoff switch, which will turn the heater off if it gets too hot. Fan only mode is also provided, so you can use this heater even in the summer to cool the garage down.

The heater also operates quietly and produces comfortable heat. It is suitable for large garage or building. Other features include offsetting, which will turn the heater off completely. You can also adjust the wattage use to control the heat output.

Overall, this is a great option for large garages or buildings. This heater works efficiently and can conserve energy. You can also use it in the summer with the fan only mode.


Garage space heater is perfect if you want to enjoy your time in the garage during the winter. They are available in different styles and designs for you to choose. Consider the size of your garage as well as the structure of it to buy the most suitable heater for your area. Hopefully, with this article, you can find the right heater for your garage.

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