Degrade Indoor Air Quality – What Should I Do?

Everyday actions that degrade indoor air quality

Indoor air quality is one of the key factors to ensure the well-being of everybody in your family. However, there are certain actions we do every day that may degrade the quality of the environment and increase the amount of pollutants.

These pollutants include dust, pet hair, and dander as well as chemicals from cigarette smoke, household cleaners and cosmetic products. When there are a lot of airborne pollutants spreading around, we are prone to many serious health hazards such as headaches, irritation, and asthma.

Therefore, it is very important for you to know about the impact of your daily activities to the air, so that you can minimize the negative impacts and prevent the air from getting polluted.

Here is the list of daily activities that could degrade indoor air quality:

Using Household Cleaning Products

This is one of the main sources that will cause indoor air pollution. The household products that we use such as toilet cleaner, bathroom cleaner, and laundry detergents contain a lot of toxins such as butyl cellosolve, ammonia, coal tar dyes, and a variety of volatile organic compounds.

Household Cleaning Products

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These chemicals will be transmitted through the air and cause serious health problems for people such as irritations trigger, and asthma.

Applying Cosmetics

Perfume, hair spray, and nail polish contain a lot harmful chemicals such as benzene and formaldehyde, even synthetic fragrance.  Using these products daily, especially when you spray these products, a lot of harmful toxins will get their ways into the air and contribute to the pollution.

Cooking And Heating

These basic activities seem to be safe. In fact, when we cook or heat, we will need to use a significant amount of different types of fuels such as coal, wood, and gas. These fuels will emit a lot of bad chemical and increase the concentration of benzene inside your house.

Cooking And Heating

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Smoking Inside The House

It may come as no surprise to everybody that smoking is dangerous. The truth is that the smoke you exhale after smoking a cigarette consists of more than 4000 harsh and harmful chemicals.

When the smoke lingers in the air inside your house, you will be badly affected as a secondhand cigarette smoker.

Not Opening The Doors And Windows

In case the weather is very hot or cold outside, people tend to close the doors and windows all the time. This will lead to inadequate ventilation and prevent the process of carrying indoor air pollutants to the outdoor.

Not Opening The Doors And Windows

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Furthermore, if you do so, your house will be very damp and over humid, increasing the concentration of various pollutants.

Setting Up Pressed-Wood Furniture

Besides wood, there are some materials such as nylon, fiberboard, and plywood which contain a large amount of formaldehyde. In fact, around your house, furniture made from these materials is the main source of this harmful chemical.

Furniture does not produce formaldehyde. Thus, the concentration of this air pollutant from these materials will be at peak when you install new furniture inside your house. Luckily, it will decrease over time.

Some small actions to do every day to improve the indoor air quality of your house

  • Open your window regularly, so that toxin chemicals can have a chance to escape
  • Invest in an air purifier which will help to clean the air off air-borne matters. If your house has a high level of humidity, consider buying a dehumidifier to maintain an ideal level dampness.
  • Vacuum your carpets and mop the floor frequently.
  • Use fragrance-free and natural household products and cosmetic products.
  • Place a pot of baking soda in damp and humid place to absorb musty smell.
  • Stop smoking. Or simply go smoking outside.
  • Place a plant in your house. There are certain kinds of plants which have the ability to filter the air. For examples English ivy and Chrysanthmum, to name just a few.

Overall, there are a lot of activities which can harm your indoor air quality on a daily basis. They are such as using household products, cosmetics product, cooking, and smoking will emit a lot of harmful toxins into the air. Furthermore, if your house is badly ventilated, the problem will be worse.

Place a plant in your house

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I hope that with this small article, you will pay more attention to your daily activities and will have preventative methods to maintain the good indoor air quality. Only when you are able to do that, would you ensure the health condition of your family.

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