Secrets to Choosing the Best Gas Space Heater

The gas heater is a necessary equipment, especially on cold days. It can heat up a single room in a house or an outdoor place. The heater uses different types of fuel such as propane, butane, natural gas, petroleum gas for burning process. While considering the best gas space heater, customers will have a broad range of choices. But, it’ll make you confused. Thus, you should read this guide.

What are gas heaters? How do they work?

A gas heater is a great machine that burns gas to provide heat. It will operate correctly if the fuel source has not run out. The operation of the gas heater is not similar to that of a conventional heater.

What are gas heaters

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The type of the heater will decide the capacity of it. The amount of space that the heater can warm depends on the kind of the product. Therefore, customers must choose a suitable heater for their places. The radiant method would explain how the gas heaters work. Combining gas and air to create flame is the working method of the heaters.

The fire will make the surrounding area of the heater hot. The machine will spread the heat quickly, and the temperature will increase. The gas heater is divided into two types: flued gas heater and non-flued gas heater.

Non-flued gas heater

A non-flued gas heater is a portable machine so it can be easily transported. This heater does not have a flue that carries the harmful gasses from this machine to outdoor places. Using this type of product is extremely convenient because consumers can use it for outdoor activities.

If you buy this heater, you will feel comfortable and warm everywhere.

Non-flued gas heater

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However, because it does not have a flue so the emissions from the gas burning process will stay in your place. The pollutants are very harmful, dangerous, and affect your health badly.

This heater is not suitable for badly ventilated rooms because the water released after the combustion process can result in mould on the walls. To use the heaters correctly and safely, customers should not use it in bedrooms, bathrooms.

Flued gas heater

The flued gas heater is installed permanently in a particular area. It cannot be taken out quickly. This product has a flue, so that all the harmful gasses will get out of your place. The operation of the heater would not harm to your health.

Moreover, the capacity of a flued gas heater tends to be higher than that of the non-flued gas heater. It can heat up a larger place.

Flued gas heater

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However, customers cannot use this product wherever they want. Although the price of the flued gas heater is higher than the non-flued one, many people buy it because this product is safer and the efficiency is greater.

Both types of the gas heaters have advantages and disadvantages. Customers must have a correct decision and select the best type for their places.


Nowadays, the gas heaters are commonly used in many houses, workplaces. Many customers choose this product, and most of them are satisfied.

A gas heater is an efficient machine. Using this product is also extremely economical. Moreover, consumers can protect the environment by installing this heater at home instead of the electric heater.

They do not have to worry about the fuel source because gas is delivered to your house quickly through underground pipelines.

  • The gas heaters have the highest efficiency because 90% of the gas energy is converted into heat. It will increase the temperature of your place faster. The effectiveness of this machine is excellent. This product is certainly worth buying.
  • The cost of the fuel of the gas heater is also less expensive than that of electricity. It is widely used in both rural and urban areas because of the fantastic price. Using this product is an effective way to save money.
  • The gas heaters also produce fewer pollutants to the environment than most of the conventional heaters. If you used the flued gas heater, the emissions would be taken out by a pipe. The safety features are very advanced and helpful, so customers do not have to worry while using this product.
  • The delivery method is also an important factor that will affect your decision of buying a gas heater. Customers do not have to wait for a long time for the next delivery of the fuel. Using underground pipelines is the fastest, the most convenient, and safe way to deliver gas. The fuel of the gas heaters will be directly transported.

Things to consider buying the gas heater

Customers must have enough information about all the outstanding characteristics of a gas heater. By knowing the operation and construction of this heater, you can choose the best product for your place.

A standard gas heater must have all these features: remote control, thermostats, programmable timers, child locks, electronic ignition, filter-clean warning, and LPG conversion kit.

These features will help consumers use this product probably and safely. Each feature is a necessary part of every product.

Remote control is a useful item for customers. They can use it to control the temperature of the heater. By using this remote, consumers can choose the perfect temperature for their places immediately without any problem. It has two types: wired and wireless model. We can select the suitable one quickly.

Remote control

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Thermostats help customers just choose the right temperature that they want. They are the advanced and modern part of the heater.

Programmable timers will help consumers use the product economically. The heater is programmed to turn on and off during a 24-hour period. This feature can save a significant amount of energy and increase the life of the heater.

Child locks are not the standard features. Only some products have these features. Child locks are exceedingly convenient and useful. It will make the machine safer especially with kids. Every product should have this impressive function.

Electronic ignition is amazing. It can save potential energy of the gas heater because the pilot light will not have to work all the time. This advanced function is also very necessary in this product.

A filter-clean warning is also very helpful. Customers will know when they have to clean the heater. By cleaning it probably, they can improve the performance of this machine.

An LPG conversion kit helps you to use the heater in every place without natural gas. However, using the heater will be more expensive than usual. Customers must think carefully and choose the best fuel source for their heaters.

Non-flued gas heaters can be categorized in two ways: convection and radiant-convection heaters.

The operation of convection heater depends entirely on the flow of hot air. However, this heater also has a fan to speed things up and the heat will be spread widely.

The heater is usually controlled by a remote and a thermostat. A thermostat is commonly used for this type of product. Using it is the most efficient way to monitor the heater correctly. The outside surfaces of the connectors need to be fresh.

Radiant-convection heater also relies on convection. However, the operation of this type is much different than that of the convection heater. It has an exposed area that radiates heat. The price of this model is often lower than that of the convection heater. However, it has fewer features. This machine does not have a remote control or a thermostat.

Top 3 Best Gas Space Heater Reviews

1.Mr. Heater 30,000 BTU Natural Gas Blue Flame Vent Free Heater

This heater uses natural gas to operate. This product is only available in white, and the warranty of it is two years. This machine weighs 33.3 pounds.

Although the size of this product is pretty enormous, the capacity and efficiency of the heater are incredible. The price is pretty expensive, but the quality of this product is excellent.

The capacity of this product is very high. It can produce 30000 BTU per hour. By using it correctly, customers can save the energy and improve its performance. It is also an effective heater because 99% of the gas energy is converted into heat.

Moreover, this machine can work correctly without electricity. Their places will be warm every time. This is also a safe, clean-burning heater so customers will not have to worry about the pollutants or harmful gasses.

Customers will have no trouble with installing this heater because the process is incredibly simple.

Moreover, this machine also has some excellent features. It has a five setting heat control and a blower fan, so that the machine can spread the heat widely. The product is also equipped with low oxygen shut off sensor.

This heater is very safe and convenient. Choosing this heater is a very good idea for your place.

2.4.2KW Calor Gas Heater

This small portable gas heater is exceedingly suitable for home, workshop, garages. It is easily transported because the weight of this product is lovely light.

There is only one color version of this product. This black machine has the heating up area up to 60 cubic meters. It also has four castors , thus delivery will have no problem.

Although the size is small, the capacity of this machine is pretty high.

It also has some helpful features. This heater has three heat settings: 1.4kW, 2.8kW, 4.2kW. Customers can choose the mode quickly by themselves.

The product is equipped with ceramic heating plates which are very consistent and durable. These plates are an essential part of the machine.

The built-in ignition button of this heater is also really awesome, and it also helps the customer use this product safely and probably. The anti-tilt safety system is one of the most outstanding functions of this heater.

Following the instructions is the best way to use this product efficiently and safely.

The gas consumption is low so customers can save an enormous amount of money. The price of this product is also acceptable.

The efficiency of this heater is incredible. Many customers feel happy and comfortable after using this portable heater.

3.Dyna-Glo BF30NMDG 30,000 BTU Natural Gas Blue Flame Vent Free Wall Heater

This small machine is an amazing heater. It has three kinds with different BTU’s, heating ability, dimensions and weight. The weight of this item is within 15-25 Kilograms. It comes from a pretty famous brand, so customers do not have to worry about the quality of the heater. There is only one option of color for clients to choose.

Moreover, this heater is also equipped with Blue Flame Technology, so that it can heat the house like a central heating system. This silver heater also has the 1-year warranty.

This is also a convenient product. It has three heat settings: low, medium and high. Consumers can select the power that they want, thus the temperature in their places can be perfect.

This heater is suitable to cover from small to large areas. It can heat up to 300-1000 Sq. Ft.. Moreover, controlling this machine is very easy.

Dyna-Glo BF30NMDG Gas Heater has some great features. The Safe- Built-in oxygen depletion sensor helps customers avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. There will be no accident if consumers follow the instruction probably. Buying this product is a correct decision.

The gas heater has many benefits. It is a necessary item in every house. If you can choose the best gas space heater, your place will never be cold anymore. There are many types of gas heaters. The price of each type is also different because it depends on many factors such as the efficiency, design, durability.

In conclusion, customers need to have enough information to buy the appropriate product.

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