Best Wood Pellets Reviews For Pellet Stove

Wood pellets, as well as pellet stoves, are becoming more and more popular when it comes to the choice for household heating. The best wood pellets would be able to provide you with a lot of heat easily and cheaply.

There are many types of wood pellets on the market, and you certainly will be overwhelmed by all of the options you might have. Therefore, you should read the article below to see why you should use the best wood pellets and what you should look for in a good product along with our review of the best ones on the market.

What Are Wood Pellets? What Are They Made From?

To make the best wood pellets, wood pellet makers first collect waste timber or industrial byproducts such as old papers or sawdust. In some cases, they also add in other materials such as additives, fillers, and bark. These materials are then crushed and pushed into small, cylindrical shaped dough with the length of about 1 inch- more or less.   These pieces of dough are then processed at high heat and high pressure so that the small particles can stick together without using any glue.

What Are Wood Pellets

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These pellets are a recycled product, which is good for the environment and if you want to live green, this is the type of burning source that you should look for.

Pros And Cons Of Wood Pellets


First of all, wood pellets are quite easy to find. You can also buy them from any local supermarkets at any time of the year with a very affordable price.

Also, thanks to their growing popularity, there is now a wide variety of options of wood pellets for you to choose from. No matter what kind of your pellet stove is, you will be able to find ones that meet its requirements and your needs.

Moreover, these pellets can produce heat at a great consistency, producing more efficient burning than when you use wood logs. Not to mention that most of them are less than 100 % in moisture content so that you don’t have to dry them beforehand.

After burning these wood pellets, you will be able to clean without any trouble.

Finally, it is very easy to store and keep these pellets in good condition.


  • They are more costly than firewood.
  • Not to mention that, when you burn these pellets, they will burn out quickly and you have to keep refilling these pellets. And if you want to store them in advance, you need to prepare a larger amount.
  • It is harder for you to control the temperature of the burning.
  • As there is a wide variety of wood pellets on the market, you will find out that they are hugely different in quality as well as consistency.

What To Look For When Buying The Best Wood Pellets


There are several types of wood pellets, and each of them is suitable for a specific need of yours- whether it is cooking or heating.


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  • Hardwood Pellets: Hardwood pellets are made from oak or beech. You should choose this type of wood pallets if you want to smoke or grills food. The reason for it is that hardwood pellets are capable of producing more smoke and flavor to your food than other types of wood pellets.
  • Softwood Pellets: This type of pellet is made from cedar or pine. In case you want to have a constant and high heat, you should consider this type of wood pallet. Also, it is suitable for cooking when you don’t want to add flavors of the wood to the food.

Environmental impact

If you care about the environment and the quality of the air around you, make sure you buy wood pellets that can leave as little of a negative impact on the environment as possible.

First of all, you should buy wood pellets that are made from purely wood. Avoid any type that contains chemicals, additives or fillers inside it.

Also, check that the wood pellets that you are going to buy are CO2 neutral. This means that the pellets of your choice can produce enough O2 to overcome the CO2 produced from the burning.

Wood Pellet Manufacturing equipment

Before you buy a bag of wood pallets, make sure you read carefully about their components- what are inside each pallet. The best wood pallets need to contain mostly wood material. If they have additives or fillers, not only will they be inefficient when burning, but they also emit harmful chemicals into thin air.

Heat output

This specification is denoted in BTUs. The higher this number is, the more heat a type of wood pellet can produce. If you want to have a lot of heat, make sure you choose one with the BTUs from 8000 to 9000.

Low Moisture Content

Low Moisture Content

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If a pellet is high in moisture content, it will take longer for the pellet to burn, leading to inefficient burning. So choose one with the low moisture content as much as possible. Ideally, it can be less than 6 %.

Low Ash Content

Both softwood pellets and hardwood pellets produce ash after burning. However, if you don’t have time to clean out the ash, you might want to consider purchasing one type of wood pellet that products the least amount of ash. In this case, you can consider softwood pellets or any pellet that indicates “low ash content” on its package.

Best Wood Pellets Reviews For Pellet Stove

This pellet is made from 100 % hardwood with the dimensions of the bag are 6 x 12 x 22 inches. The woods include cherry, apple, hard maple and hickory. There are no bark, fillers and additives.


  • It is among the best hardwood pallets for smoking, curing and barbecuing food. With the combination of 4 kinds of wood, you would get the best flavors as well as the aroma for your ingredients.
  • Also, this pellet can produce a very long and constant heat, which is suitable for smoking of up to 6 hours and more.


  • It is more expensive than other types of wood pellets on the market.
  • Since it cannot produce too high heat, it is not effective when you use it to grill food over 400 degrees Celsius.

This pellet is made from 100 % hardwood of apple with the dimensions of the bag are 3 x 16 x 24 inches. There are no bark, fillers and additives. This type of pellet is carbon neutral.


  • There is very little ash from burning this pallet, making easier for you to clean afterward.
  • It could last for a long time without you having to refuel.


  • It takes time for this kind of pellet to smoke or grill. Also, the heat is not as constant as one produced by other types of pellets.
  • The aroma of the apple wood is quite subtle.

This pellet is made from 100 % sawdust with the dimensions of the bag are 6 x 12 x 22 inches. There are no bark, fillers and additives.


  • It can produce a high level of heat at a great consistency and efficiency. Therefore, it is the most suitable for heating and using a pellet stove.
  • The high-quality material is low in content and produces little ash, which leads to very efficient and clean burning.
  • Also, it produces very little smoke.


  • It is not as suitable as hardwood when you use it for cooking or smoking.

This pellet is made from 100 % natural beechwood. The dimensions of the bag are 16 x 13 x 4 inches. There are no bark, fillers, oils and additives. It comes in peach color. This type of pellet is suitable for cooking with chicken, fish or pork.


  • There is a wide variety of applications you can try with this type of pellets such as cooking, smoking, baking and grilling.
  • It only comes in the pure wood material so that you cannot smell any glue, additive or strange oil from the pellet.
  • It brings a unique aroma from the beechwood, which is different from the common aroma of the apple or hickory.


  • It is quite expensive in comparison with other products on the market.
  • After burning, these wood pellets also leave quite a lot of ash.

This pellet is made from 100 % hardwood with the dimensions of the bag are 6 x 12 x 22 inches. The type of wood in this pellet is cherry. There are no bark, fillers and additives.


  • The level of smoke is sufficient for barbecuing and grilling.
  • It is also capable of burning for a long time.


  • It has higher moisture content than other pellets on the last. Hence, it would take longer for you to burn it.

FAQ About Wood Pellet Fuel

Can I burn wood pallets in the wood burning stove?

Yes, you can. Wood pallets are made from wood- the same material as firewood. Therefore, you can burn it in the stove or fireplace where you use to burn wood.

How can I feed pellets?

In case your stove is for using pellets, you can use its feeder to pour pellets into the stove. On the other hand, if you use a wood burning stove, you can use a small shovel to pour pellets into. The shovel should be made from metal.

Remember to wear oven mittens before you feed the pellets into the stove to prevent unwanted burns on your skin.

Can I change a wood burning stove to a pellet stove?

Yes, you can by installing a specific kind of insert. Most of these inserts can also be removed to return the stove to its original purpose.

What is the best wood pellet?

There is no definite answer to this question. It all depends on your purposes as well as your preferences. For example, if you want to heat up the room, you should use softwood pellets instead of hardwood pellets.

On the other hand, if you want to cook something, using hardwood pellets is much more suitable and effective.

Make sure that the pellets that you are going to use contain no additives as the released chemicals can be harmful to your health and the environment.

How much money can I save when I use a pellet stove?

In general, using a pellet stove is more economical than using a wood burning fireplace or natural gas stove, especially when you compare the cost in the long run.

How much money can I save when I use a pellet stove

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However, it is hard to say how much you can save when you use a pellet stove. It depends on various factors such as the size of your house, which temperature you desire as well as the quality of the pellet stove.

Overall, wood pellets are quite expensive, but they produce efficient burning and constant high heat. They are also very environmentally friendly. There are some features of wood pellets that you should take into consideration such as their contents, their moisture level, and their heat output.

As long as you spend time searching and thinking about your preference, I am sure that you would be able to find the best wood pellets for your house.

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