Pet Hair Is Everywhere? Then These Best Vacuums for Pet Hair Are Just For You

If you have a dog or a hat at home, it is quite common for you to see the sign of pet hair and dander. They are everywhere, for examples, on your furniture, floor and even on your clothes. Cleaning these pieces of small participles can be a challenging task, and in most cases, the normal vacuums cannot suck them all up. That is the reason why you should consider purchasing the best vacuums for pet hair to effectively clean all of the hair.

There are a lot of things that you need to consider when choosing a vacuum cleaner such as its type, its capacity along with other specifications. Read on to learn more about what to look for when buying a pet vacuum and the review of the best vacuums for pet hair on the market.

The Difference Between a Normal Vacuum and One Designed for Pet Hair?

If you don’t have any specific need, a vacuum cleaner with a 2-part brush and hose mechanism is enough. This cleaner can easily clean and pick up dirt in your house. All these pieces of dirt are sucked up into the bag and dirt compartment.

Normal Vacuum

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However, the rotating brush cannot work as well when it comes to picking up pet hair. Since pet hair is small and short, the brush could not stir up the hair. Instead, when you push the handle for vacuuming, the brush will, in turn, push the hair deeper into the carpet or move the hair from places to places.

With a vacuum cleaner which is designed to clean up pet hair, the brush is more effectively in term of picking up dog’s or cat’s hair. It is often made of silicon rather than the normal soft material.

Vacuums for Pet Hair

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Also, a vacuum cleaner designed for pet hair has a stronger suction power and better filtration. Therefore, it can suck in the tiniest and smallest participles.

What to Look For when Buying a Pet Vacuum?

As I mention above, there are huge differences between as normal vacuum and a pet hair vacuum. Therefore, when you want to buy a vacuum made specifically for cleaning pet hair, there are a few things you need to remember::


Many normal vacuums come with an additional attachment, which occasionally is a power rotating brush.

Power rotating brush

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This special brush helps to pick up the hair from furniture and carpet. The main problem with this feature is that you have to change the nozzle each time. For some vacuum cleaners, they already have this built-in attachment, saving a lot of time and effort.


There are many vacuum cleaner types, but these four main types of pet hair vacuum cleaners is suitable for you to choose from.

  • Upright: This is the most common types of vacuum cleaners with the suction head and motor assembled in one unit.

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  • Handheld: As the name suggests, this appliance is portable and can be carried by hand.

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  • Canister: Unlike the upright unit, a canister vacuum cleaner has separate motor and suction head.

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  • Robotic: This type of vacuum cleaner can move around and vacuum on its own.

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In case you don’t want to empty the dirtbag too often, consider going for a pet hair vacuum with large capacity. However, a larger capacity means a larger and heavier vacuum cleaner.

Cord Length

A long cord length is very convenient as you don’t have to change from plugs to plugs if you want to vacuum different areas. If you have a big room, this is a specification you need to consider.

Cord Length

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If you don’t like working with cord, you can consider buying the cordless vacuum, which works on rechargeable battery. Additionally, of course, when you charge the battery, you spend more money on running a cordless vacuum cleaner than running a corded one.

Multi-floor Capability

A vacuum cleaner with multi-floor capability helps you to vacuum on a lot of different types of surfaces such as the hardwood flooring and carpet. If your house has quite a few of different surfaces, you should consider this option.

Hose Length

Cats can surely jump high and far. Some might even get up to the ceiling. In this case, you might need to vacuum this area. Honestly, no appliance can do it better than one with a long hose so that you can reach that high up.

Hose Length

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Full-sized or handheld?

Typically, a full sized vacuum clean has better suction power and capacity as well as other extensive features. On the other hand, a handheld vacuum cleaner is less powerful. However, it is so lightweight that you can easily move it around, bring it up and carry it from floors to floors.

Suction Power

Many things could affect the power of the suction. They are the quality of the vacuum cleaner itself, the type of filter and how frequently you clean the unit. Make sure that the vacuum cleaner that you are going to buy has a very strong suction power. Therefore, the unit can easily pick up dander and pet hair of all sizes.

Bagged or bagless

With bagged option, you have to empty and clean the dirt compartment. You don’t have to do so with a bag-less vacuum cleaner. However, you still have to spend a lot of money on buying new bags now and then.


A good pet vacuum cleaner should come with a filtration system such as the HEPA filtration. With this filtration, the unit can effectively pick up the smallest pet hair and dander.


This a specification you need to consider when you have to carry the vacuum from floors to floors. A lightweight one will be much convenient for you.


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Consider a pet vacuum that comes with other features such as crevice tools and brush tools to make your job much easier and more convenient. Some of the most useful extras are the revolving brush to help pick up the smallest hair off the ground.


The prices of vacuum cleaners differ a great deal. They vary among models, features, and sellers. A vacuum cleaner with a higher price doesn’t mean that it is better. Make sure you research carefully and go window shopping for a few rounds before you make the final decision.

Top 5 Best Vacuums For Pet Hair

1.Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650A Vacuum Cleaner

This pet vacuum cleaner features a patented cyclonic pet hair spooling system with specialized pet tools and quick release wand. It also has a tangle-free brush roll, a LED crevice tool, a pet turbo eraser toll and a 2-in-1 snap on dusting brush.


  • With its specialized brushes, it could vacuum pet hair very well leaving a scented clean.
  • This vacuum cleaner offers many good accessories such as the freeze post motor filter and the advanced pet tool bundle.
  • It has a large capacity.


  • The filter of this vacuum cleaner is not HEPA.

2.Shark Rocket TruePet HV382 Vacuum

The most significant features of this vacuum cleaner arethe TruePet Motorized brush and a multi angle dusting brush to help pickup hair effectively. This unit also comes with LED lights, quick release foot pedal and brush roll garage.


  • This vacuum cleaner has a very long power cord for you to move it around easily.
  • The cleaning head is improved with an extra soft roller to help to pick up pet hair better. Also, it provides the option of “Triple particle cleaning.” This help picks up pet hair on various types of floors including bare floor, hardwood, and carpet.


  • It has quite a smaller dirt bin in comparison with other models of roughly the same size.
  • It could not be able to stand on its own.


3.Eureka Mighty Mite Pet Lover 3684F – For Hardwood Floors

There are many good features in this vacuum cleaner. They are the turbo brush, the special pet power paw brush, the metal telescopic wand, and a 20-feet cord. It also uses the HEPA exhaust filter to capture as much pet hair and dander as possible.


  • The small and lightweight design of this pet vacuum cleaner makes it very convenient for you to carry it around.
  • It features the good system of filtration to keep the air inside your house fresh and clean while you use the vacuum.


  • This vacuum cleaner works on hardwood only. It is not so effective on carpet or bare floor.
  • It is also quite noisy when operating.

4.Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

This cordless stick vacuum cleaner has an edge cleaning bristle with powered brush roll to vacuum on different surfaces. It also has a bottom release dirt cup and washable filter. The unit uses the cyclonic technology for the filtration system.


  • Additionally, with the features of the Pet power Paw handheld turbo brush, it can get rid of pet hair very efficiently, even the tiniest ones.
  • It is very convenient for you to vacuum the big house as you don’t have to find a plug for the vacuum cleaner.
  • The brush is so gentle that you can use this vacuum clean on many types of surfaces including hardwood and soft carpet.


  • There are not so many accessories that are included in the package.
  • It does not use the HEPA filtration. However, it might be a good choice in case you have pet dander allergy.

5.Soniclean Bare Floor Pro Canister Vacuum

This pet vacuum cleaner includes various accessory tools such as crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery tool. It also features a smooth bristle floor tool made by Wessel Works. This unit comes with a HEPA filtration.


  • It is very lightweight and portable as well as easy to maneuver with beautiful wood grain exterior finish.
  • This unit has one of the most powerful suctions on the market.


  • It is quite noisy while operating.
  • It is best used for the bare floor.

Must Have Accessories

Pet accessory kit: You can buy a pet accessory kit along with your normal vacuum cleaner. The kit contains a turbo hand brush to effectively get rid of the small hair and dander on the floor and upholstery. When you buy the kit, make sure it is compatible with your model of vacuum cleaner.

Car accessory kit: If you want to vacuum pet hair on your car’s furniture and upholstery, you can consider buying this kit. It contains the turbot toll and flexi crevice tool to help the vacuum cleaner to reach the places that are unreachable by normal vacuum cleaners.

Extension hoses: If the places you are going to vacuum don’t have any power outlet and the nearest one is still very far, then buy an extension horse. Also with extension and long hoses, you don’t have to plug and unplug your vacuum cleaner often to clean big room.

Adjustable wands: When you can adjust the length of the wand, you would be able to reach many areas and clean them effectively.

After all, having a pet hair vacuum cleaner in your house helps you a great deal in getting rid of the pet hair. It also maintains a clean air and living condition, which is extremely crucial for anyone allergic to pet hair.

I hope that with all of the tips above, you would be able to find the best vacuums for pet hair that fits your needs and requirements the most. It will take time for you to carefully research and window shop but it will worth your investment in the end.

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