Best upholstery steam cleaner: Get the Best for Your House

Upholstery steam cleaners are provided in a variety of different size. Besides, you would excel differently when using each of them. Beforehand, to make sure you find the right steam cleaner, you would need to ponder on these four factors. And by looking at these reviews of the five best upholstery steam cleaner reviews, you may make a right choice.

How many options of upholstery steam cleaner can you choose?

A steam cleaner is capable of producing steam to allow you to clean surfaces or floor efficiently at high pressure. Indeed, some manufacturers ensure it could shift dirt grease, kill bacteria and dust mites. Therefore, here are four main types that are presented with the specific information to help you choose the best one.

Handheld steam cleaner

If you are looking for a compact steam cleaner, this handheld steam cleaner would be a right choice as for its small-scale design. Indeed, you can use it particularly for cleaning hard-to-reach corners, or tiny room of bathroom tiles and kitchen surfaces.

Handheld steam cleaner

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For this reason, it would not be suitably used for large areas cleaning. Besides, it delivers a great burst of steam through its nozzle. Also, there are many attachments alongside to support you different clean surfaces handily.

Steam Mop

As for this so-called next-generation mop, you can rest assured when cleaning floor thanks to its effectiveness of steam power. Truly, there is a water tank attached to its handle along with its upright position. Hence, you can clean surfaced easily.

Steam Mop

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In comparison with traditional mops and bucket, this one helps you save considerable efforts in cleaning. It would be more expensive and heavier than the traditional one due to many provided attachments (detail nozzle, grout brushes, floor cleaning heads, able to). However, it is worth giving a trial.

Cylinder steam cleaner

This type is also known as a barrel steam cleaner. It is constituted with a bendy hose, plastic tube, nozzle and the main body. You can use it for cleaning a wide range of surface. Nocancomplete a combined task of handheld cleaner and mops.

Cylinder steam cleaner

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Though it would be heavier than steam mops, it’s durability is worth admiring. Besides, it often takes roughly 12 minutes to heat the water in its asks. Thus, you may find a bit inconvenience when using it because it is less ready to use than the handhelds or steam mops.

Mop and handheld steam cleaner

As the name suggests, it can perform the two-in-one task of the mop and handheld steam cleaner. Specifically, you are allowed to remove the handle of the mop or use it separately. Though it would be heavier to move around, it is able to tackle hard cleaning tasks. Moreover, to deal with different surfaces cleaning, you can attach given attachments which are used specifically up to the object needed cleaning.

Upholstery steam cleaner vs regular steam cleaner, which is better?

There are two distinct types of steam cleaners that you need to consider thoroughly as it affects your cleaning result. You need to set out the intended budget for the purchase as well as the number of furniture needed cleaning.

Regular steam cleaner

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As for the handheld upholstery steam cleaner, it assists you cleaning a full-sized unit effortlessly. Moreover, it does not require extra space to store.

In contrast, a regular upholstery cleaner takes up considerable space in your room due to its bulky size of its hose extensions and attachments. Especially, when you need to clean a full set of furniture’s and upholstery, moving it would make you struggle harshly.

Upholstery steam cleaner

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However, the handheld steam cleaner has a worth considering downside. It could not supply steam as sufficient as the regular one.

Therefore, you would have to spend extra time to refill its water tank. Likewise, your cleaning process lasts longer needlessly.

Besides, the handheld steam cleaner hardly meets all your requirements.

However, the regular steam cleaner in full size would take up your space intensively.

Should I rent or buy an upholstery steam cleaner?

Nowadays, there is an advance of technology of making the upholstery steam cleaner to be more affordable and user-friendly. Meanwhile, it costs you more to make a call, and rent a carpet or upholstery steam cleaner. Even you only need to use once a month, having the best upholstery steam cleaner would be more efficient than renting option.

Specifically, you can do small steam cleaning deeds (curtains, carpet, upholstery, etc.) whenever you demand without waiting for the rental cleaner coming.

What factors worth considering before buying an upholstery steam cleaner?

When selecting the best upholstery steam cleaner, you totally should examine these four criteria.

Size units

As mentioned before, if you have a spacious home, you would want a larger steam cleaner instead of the clean mop. That’s because you have to waste more time for refilling it. Overall, the largest 2-liter models which allow you to fill up after two hours’ use is a reasonable choice. Besides, a compact one would help you easily maneuver and excel it. It would take up small space to fit into your closet.

Size units

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Steaming time

These factors tell you how long you can use the upholstery steam cleaner with continuous steam before filling the water for it. Specifically, the two-in-ones and the steam mop can steam from 10 minutes to roughly one hour. However, you need to fill-up the water for the handhelds regularly due to its small tanker tank

Water tank capacity

Noticeably, it is important to clarify how long the upholstery steam cleaner takes to start pumping out steam. Meanwhile, a heat-up time depends much on its water tank capacity. For instance, a lightweight and easy-to-use handhelds steam cleaner would produce water quickly. Moreover, the steam mop would impress you greatly at its quickly steam-heating efficiency as it could be ready to use for less than 20 seconds.

Water tank capacity

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Inherently, when purchasing any kind of items, cost always plays an undeniable role of effect in decision making. Make sure you determine beforehand the cost. However, it must not weigh irrationally against its feature and size.

What accessories of steam cleaner you crucially need?

Choosing versatile steam cleaner depends on what range of accessory it offers. Especially, when there are various types of cleaning (window cleaning, carpet or your car cleaning), you would desire of high-quality steam cleaner to tackle. Hence, choose the upholstery cleaner that provides nearly five accessories below.

To assist you wiping the surface down, the upholstery steam cleaner needs to offer cleaning pads.

Besides, it should provide squeegee to help you clean glasses easily.

Especially, an upholstery tool which includes brush, a cloth fitted over the top would help you treat stains and refresh fabric more conveniently.

Asides from scrubbing pad which helps you remove grease from ovens effectively, the upholstery steam cleaner also grant scrubbing brushes. Thus, you can get rid of embedded grime from tiles.


Though there are many upholstery steam cleaners provided with a built-in dispenser and detergent, it may cost you later as you would buy replacement detergent. Whereas, its cleaning effectiveness has yet been confirmed.

Likewise, you should check if it provides the cleaning cloths mops and cylinder steam cleaners as you do not need to buy or replace it later.

Five reviews of the best upholstery steam cleaner

BISSELL Little Green, 14259  

McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty

Hoover FH11300PC Spotless Portable Wagner 915 (0282014) Rug Doctor Portable
Weight 14 lbs. 15 lbs. 9lbs 16.1 lbs. 20.2 lbs.
Dimension 8.2 x 17.2 x 12.5 inches 20.1 x 13 x 12.6 inches 9.7 x 13.9 x 15 inches 20 x 15 x 13 inches 17.8 x 12.5 x 17.5 inches
Technology Built-in hot water and 2X spot stain formula Powerful Jet Nozzle Self-Clean
& DualTank Technology
915 Water Steamer
& eighth-foot steam hose
2X Suction
& Deep Down Stain Removal, carpet-friendly wheels’ gm
Heating time 8-45 minutes
Water tank capacity 48 oz. 8 oz.
Water temperature 200 degree 135-degree F
Length of Power cord 15 ft. 15 ft. 14 ft.
Best used for Carpet, Upholstery, Auto Interiors, Area Rugs Kitchen, carpet and upholstery Carpet and upholstery garage floors, upholstery, grills, tires carpet, stairs, upholstery, and autos.


1.BISSELL Little Green ProHeat Compact Multi-Purpose Carpet Cleaner, 14259 – Corded

As for this device, you can easily clean spot and stain in small areas as for its small size of the capacity tank unit. You can easily remove or insert water tank which can hold 48oz of the water. Besides, its weight after adding water is 13lbs would support you to maneuver it handily. Additionally, there is 15’ power cord. This cord not only allows you to reach to further place to clean but also can be wrapped tidily at the base of the unit.

Regarding its amp’s power, you would be amazed at its nine amps with the highest motor to heat water. Though its water temperature is 25 degrees Fahrenheit, you still gain the best result within just 30 seconds. Also, there is also a light illuminate that notifies when the water temperature is reached. Moreover, the BISSEL offers many useful attachments, and one of them is the hand tool. It is such an ideal cleaning essential that can be used for narrow and difficult-to-reach spots. Notably, in case your BISSELL is damaged, you can have it replaced or repaired broken with no fee charged thanks to its 1-year warranty. In fact, many users find it quite durable after frequent uses.


  • You can clean quickly and effectively thanks to its powerful suction and the included brush tool.
  • You can clean the carpet or scrub the spot handily by its handheld carpet brush.
  • Many users favor its small tank capacity and its lightweight as they can carry it to clean small areas.
  • People appreciate its removable water tanks as they only need to lift the from the base to remove it.
  • Asides from its powerful cleaning and portability, it is a great choice for the household with small children and pets.
  • You can finish assembling it in just 3 steps by following its easy- to-read instruction.


A few of users complain about its poor longevity.

2.McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

If you’re looking for a power and compact steam cleaner that allows for cleaning with continuous steam for 45 minutes, the McCulloch is the one. It weighs only 50 oz. and its water tank capability can contain up to 48 oz. of water. Besides, it needs about 8 minutes to heat up such amount of water once the temperatures reach over 200 degrees F. Noticeably, it comes along with a wide range of 18 accessories, and thus it can do away with grease and grime. Moreover, it helps you not only clean effectively on boats, trucks or car but also in small areas.

Though some users notice it would not completely erase scrubbing, it does help to reduce your work and improve the cleaning result. Importantly, you can comfortably roll it around as it provides an extra-long cord. And thanks to its powerful floor mop, you can use it to clean wood, tile or laminate flooring surfaces effortlessly. Likewise, it’s floor mop attachment can be used separately to clean virtually. Overall, without toxic or harsh chemical, this device grants you naturally deep clean throughout your workshop or garage.


  • There are versatile 18 accessories with great amenity.
  • With its continuous steam for 45 minutes, you would not be bothered to fill up regularly.
  • Its long hose would not abrupt your cleaning process.
  • Many users appreciate its light weight.


  • You are strongly advised not to refill while it hot.
  • Some complaint about its scrubbing attachments as it tends to deteriorate quickly when tackling tough cleaning works.

3.Hoover FH11300PC Spotless Portable Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaner

With a cost of less than $100, this device amazes many people at its great capability of removing stubborn stains. Indeed, it’s amazing stain removal is proved with its powerful suction. It can remove dirt and grime from your upholstery and carpet easily. Besides, you can carry it from place to place thanks to its portable and lightweight design. Moreover, it features its Self-Clean technology that enables the hose clean and flushes itself after each use. So, it’s needless to worry about any dirt or bacteria left on the inside.

Additionally, due to its removable two tanks, you can clean off any dirt or stain stuck on it. Overall, you can rinse, empty and refill each tank efficiently. And you may be impressed by its 8oz expert clean detergent which is provided to help you remove deep-down dirt or grime handily. It also grants you the 2-year warranty to have it repaired with no cost. Overall, thanks to its hygienic deep-cleaning tool, great suction, and Self-Clean technology, you can clean inside and out efficiently.


  • It is lightweight and portable to scrub, spray or suck at hand.
  • Most of the reviews agree it is easy to use and clean.
  • Many users give a compliment about its multipurpose tool attachment.
  • It can protect tool against bacteria, mildew, and mold while sucking stains thanks to its antimicrobial material.
  • Its Self-Clean technology removes dirt and bacteria in the hose for the next use effectively.
  • Its 14ft power cord helps you reach a further place to clean, for instance, from the carpet to the stair areas.


Some people are unpleased at its easy-leak solution tank at the bottom.

4.Wagner 915 (0282014) 1,500-Watt On-Demand Power Steamer and Cleaner

You may be impressed by its wide popularity over automotive retailers and home cleaners. Noticeably, it is the best at removing wallpaper without any chemical that may harm your children or pets. Moreover, it is able to clean grill, greasy stovetops, bathroom tile and many others. Especially, for an affordable price, its smooth-moving wheels allows you to clean different flooring surfaces (leather, cloth, vinyl, plastic etc.) without a hassle. Additionally, by employing 915 power steamers, it can sanitize your home and remove wallpaper at ease without leaving any messy residue.

Thanks to its ability to produce steam at 135-degree temperature, you can make the best use of your time as it is ready to use soon. In case you want to clean your whole garage without moving forward and backward, the Wagner with its eight-foot steam hose. Also, two extension tubes would guarantee to you to reach further area cleaning. Likewise, you would like its extension wands that allow you clean floors by simply mop it.


  • Many users recognize its effective jet nozzle attachment as it could clean off the grime well.
  • Its water tank capability is worth admiring.
  • It provides 45-minute use.
  • It does not contain any toxic chemical or clean to sanitize your place.
  • Its solid construction and light weight are what most of the users take into account positively.


  • Many people complain about is insufficient hot temperature to produce steam.
  • It would make noise while working.

5.Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner Machine, Red – Corded

At the first sight, this portable spot clean does impress me with its attractive appearance in red, aside from its small design. After many times of uses so far, I found the Rug Doctor assist my cleaning greatly, especially when it comes to spots, spills or stains that are hard to reach. Due to its portable size, you can carry it handily to clean in narrow spaces such as car, couches or your closet. Moreover, it works efficiently on other soft surfaces like rugs, mattresses or your lovely pet beds.

Noticeably, the Rug Doctor highlights its retractable handle to enable you to maneuver at ease in tight space. Besides, its carpet-friendly wheels and powerful motorize brush that moves 1200 times per minute would assist your cleaning process greatly. Indeed, it could scrub the fiber deep in the carpet to break up. Additionally, it comes with two amazing cleaning formula including the Platinum Pure for Pets and Platinum Pure with Oxy that helps you safely remove odors, stains or spills.


  • It delivers a powerful suction.
  • Many users appreciate its retractable handle and carpet-friendly wheels that enable them to move it around and clean efficiently.
  • Its removable tanks significantly help you clean easily.
  • The Rug Doctor provides a clean deep down in carpet thanks to its 2X Suction.
  • You can do scrubbing by hand with its powerful handheld and deep down stain removal.


  • A few of users suggest improving its handle
  • There are some complaints relating to its stiff bristle that disables them to pull.

Final words

Overall, you should notice about the size unit, the features including heating time, water tank capacity and your intended budget before purchasing the upholstery steam cleaner. As having the go-to tool that allows you to clean virtually everything in the home and get rid of allergen safety would save your time and efforts considerably. Hope this buying guide and my suggestion of the five best upholstery steam cleaner reviews would help you choose the best suitable one!

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