How to Buy the Best Stainless Steel Cookware

You may wonder why people prefer using stainless steel cookware? Or you could be confused about how to make a right choice and use it efficiently? Therefore, here is specific buying guide with three best stainless steel cookware reviews to solve your puzzles.

What is the stainless steel cookware

When mentioning about the stainless cookware, many people appreciate its longevity. Also, many chefs highly regard this cooking essential in term of a remarkable durability and easy-to-clean features. Indeed, you can use it to brown, roast or fry foods handily. However, to make a reasonable decision, you should consider both of its benefits and downsides.


Besides the benefits of slow heat conduction that assists your cooking’s safety, it has six more outstanding benefits

No strict maintenance is required.

To preserve its quality, you only need to carry out simple maintenance with no special techniques. Particularly, you can wash it with a mixture of soap and water. Moreover, it is claimed to be cleaned safely in the dishwasher.

No strict maintenance is required.

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It provides a noticeable durability

As you know, the quality of stainless steel depends mainly on the hardness of its surface. Hence, you can rest assured at the stainless cookware is often scratch-resistance. It means with a quality stainless cookware that is used over the years, you can pass it to your next generations.

You can use it for various purposes

It’s notable versatility uses are credited by many users as it is safe to cook acid foods. Importantly, you would not be involved in any harmful chemical that is emitted during acidic cooking recipes.

It has a glossy appearance

Honestly, this is one of many reasons I prefer my stainless pots/frypans. Truly, it’s shiny, and sturdy-feeling appearance makes my kitchen more elegant. Besides, I can easily clean it thanks to its mirror-finished gear.

It has a glossy appearance

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You can afford to have it

With such outstanding features, it only costs you a reasonable price. Especially, with a relevant performance, its price is still competitive than other cook-wares in the same range.


It distributes heat unevenly.

Though it’s poor heat distribution would enhance your safety, it would impact considerably on your cooking efficiency. Since it conducts heat and changes temperature unevenly, there is not a sufficient heat to cook the meal in time. That’s why you should have a heat-transferred material (copper, aluminum, etc.) to support.

You would face a food stick issue

As for its versatility, you can use it to sauté, stew or deep frying food. However, searing foods hardly works with this type of material. Specifically, it requires a sufficient amount of oil or fat to cook tofu, fish, meat, and skillet-eggs.


As for heat conductivity, the All-Clad pots/ fry pans with copper or aluminum running from the side to its bottom would reinforce your cooking efficiency. In case you opt for a more inexpensive method, you can place the heat-transferred material beneath the bottom of the pots/frypans.

Besides, you are strongly advised to purchase quality stainless cookware as the bottom disc, and clad material wouldn’t guarantee a nice performance and durability strongly.

In general, a good set of stainless steel cookware would ensure you a minimized risk of overcooking and its longevity. Additionally, it can stay clean longer.

Is it safe to use?

For your safety, you need to acquire proper information about the metal which is used in the stainless-steel cookware. Indeed, there are many controversies about its material that would potentially strike health effects. Therefore, here are three materials that are worth considering.


This material only causes severe effects on your health’s safety if you use a poor quality stainless steel cookware. As for a quality one, there is a significantly small amount of nickel solute in the food.

It only emits about 250 micrograms that are in an acceptable daily intake of nickel. Hence, you should purchase a good quality stainless steel cookware to prevent this health risk.


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As for people who have nickel allergenic-reaction, a small amount of nickel would put them at risk. Under this circumstance, they would use the stainless cookware 18/0 or 18/8 nickel.


Likewise, when an amount of chromium exceeds over 200 micrograms of average daily intake, your body surely reacts negatively to it.  A meal cooking in the cookware that uses this material would not be harmful. This is because the Health Care of Canada stated that the chromium is an essential element for human,


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Meanwhile, the iron’s effect is debating as it is necessary to build red blood. Likewise, by absorbing excessively over its amount allowance, it would seriously threaten your health. However, people in North America have insufficient iron though they use this iron-made cookware. For this reason, this material is safe to use.


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Acquiring six considerations to select a good stainless steel cookware

After acquiring both perspectives of the stainless-steel cookware, you may decide to have one stainless steel cookware. Thus, here are six questions you should answer before selecting.

Choose Aluminum or copper for conducting heat?

You should examine the cookware’s inside core and base to determine whether it can conduct heat effectively. Because the stainless steel cannot conduct heat well, it is required to put aluminum or copper disc at its bottom.

Hence, thanks to the copper disc, it can quickly control the temperature, while the aluminum core helps it retains heat longer. In this way, the cooking soup would no longer time wasting as for this aluminum or copper core/base at its bottom.

How to determine the cookware’s nickel ratio?

When looking for the right stainless cookware, you may notice the number which is 18/0, 18/8 and 18/10. Needless to worry, these numbers demonstrate a nickel ratio. So, what’s it means?

The number 18 tells you it is chromium content, while the 18/8 means the nickel content. That’s why you should keep in mind the higher the nickel ratio, the more durable and shinier the stainless cookware. For example, the stainless cookware with 18/0 would be more durable than the one with the nickel ratio of 18/8.

How to select the Clad or disc thickness?

The All-clad cookware with the copper/aluminum inside running from the bottom to each side would yield a better cooking performance. However, the stainless steel one with the heat-conductive material would offer a remarkable capacity of cooking. Meanwhile, the standard stainless steel cookware with heat-absorb material placed at the bottom will provide a sufficient amount of heat for cooking.

Particularly, a copper pan with a disc thickness of 1.0 mm up to an outstanding copper thickness of 2.0 would be a great option. As for the aluminum cookware, you should opt for the one with a disc thickness of 3.0 mm up to 5.0 mm thickness. In short, you need to determine the disc thickness to know if it offers a great heat distribution.

Should I buy a whole set or adequate pieces?

You need to decide between a whole set or individual pieces’ purchase. To answer this basic question, you should know that a whole set is much cheaper than a piece-by- piece choice. However, it would be more expensive when there are a few pieces which are unnecessary for your cooking styles and recipes.

Overall, no matter options you choose, make sure your cookware set has a sauces pan, a sauté pan and a stock pot.

Should I buy a whole set or adequate pieces

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With three basic pieces, you can cook at ease various types of recipes (soup, sauce, pasta, meat grilled, etc.). In case you are on a diet, a steamer insert would be helpful.

Is it important to set the budget for purchasing it?

It depends, as if you have a tight budget, the 18/8 stainless cookware would be a reasonable option. Or you would buy the good copper/ aluminum disc to support this affordable one’s functionalities. However, you should look closely the benefit of purchasing quality stainless steel as you can use it for a long time.

What should I look for at its design and construction?

A good stainless cookware must ensure your safety and cooking technique demands. Hence, you may keen on the stainless pot/fry pan with an easy-to-grip and stay-cool handles. In contrast, you should not pay much attention to how sturdy the lids and handles are. Instead, you need to take into account the weight of each piece.

How to clean the stainless cookware properly?

For handling it well in cleaning, you should follow five instructions below.

How to clean the stainless cookware properly

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Always wash it with bare hands

Though the stainless-steel cookware may be dishwasher-free, you should handwashing it to enhance its longevity. Especially, when you wash it daily, a hand-washing with soapy water is a nice way to make it lasts longer.

Gently rub it with mild detergent

Likewise, you are strictly advised not to rub it, instead. Especially, you should not apply an abrasive sponge or abrasive cleanser because it would damage severely the stainless cookware. Importantly, these cleansers would contain harmful substances that are harmful to your health.

Wash it with warm water firstly

This step is crucially important to keep the inner surface intact. Firstly, you soak the tools in water. Then, you boil and wait for it cools down. The reason for an effectiveness of warm water is it could remove bacteria within the food residue without reducing your stainless cookware’s quality.

No dried food is allowed to be stored in it

If you leave the remaining dried food on the surface for a long time, you will struggle harshly to scrub it off. That’s why you should wash it right away after the cookware gets cool.

Renew its shiny look

By applying some magic baking soda, you can bring its shiny surface back. Remember to rub it gently with a soft sponge and dry it with a soft cloth.

Three reviews of Best Stainless Steel Cookware

Magma cookware
Cuisinart MCP-12N Multiclad Set T-fall C836SC Ultimate Stainless Steel Set (Silver)
Number of pieces 10 12 12
Weight 13 lbs. 26 lbs. 20.2 lbs.
Packable dimension 11x12x8 inches 14.2 x 24.2 x10.7 inches 22.4 x 14 x 11.4 inches

1.Magma cookware: A10-360L 10 Piece Gourmet Nesting Stainless Steel, Gas, Electric or Ceramic Cooktops

This versatile stainless cookware provides up to ten useful pieces that are able to satisfy many recipes. Specifically, it has sauce pans, fry pans, a storage cord, two removable handles and interchangeable lids. Impressively, it can save your space considerably. Moreover, as it is made of stainless steel with triple-clad encapsulated bottom, you can greatly count on its ability of heat distribution.

Indeed, it helps you cook efficiently without spending a long time for heat transfer. Besides, it offers you sufficient space to cook a full meal. Remarkably, you would be impressed by its one-year warranty. And though you cannot use it with induction cooktops, it is safe to use with an oven and dishwasher.


  • Its indestructible durability is highly appreciated by many users.
  • There are enough cooking essentials provided in this stainless cookware set.
  • Thanks to its stainless-steel material, many people are relief from its health-risk concerns.


  • Its bulky size and heavy weight may bother you to carry along.
  • Many users mention its annoying food odor. Despite the thoroughly clean up, it hardly removes the smell.


2.Cuisinart MCP-12N Multiclad Pro Stainless Steel 12-Piece Cookware Set

This stainless cookware could be a wise choice to reinforce your cooking performance. Indeed, it offers you 12-piece cookware set that includes saucepans, a sauté pan, a covered stockpot and a steamer insert with lids. Hence, it surely meets your demand of finishing various recipes.

And what most of the users fond of it is its tight-fitting stainless steel. It is because the stainless cookware set can seal natural flavor and nutrient in food. Importantly, it highlights the secured handles with solid stainless steel rivets and self-basting. That’s why you could safely take the pot/fry pan from the heat source.

Notably, thanks to this material, the Cuisinart set can yield an effective heat distribution and maximum heat retention. Besides, it is promised to be safe for the dishwasher use.


  • The Cuisinart whole set distributes heat evenly and controls temperature quickly.
  • Its drip-free pouring features impress many users.
  • It handles provide space to rest thumb. Hence, you can keep balance and control well when lifting and pour it.
  • It allows you to preserve the nutrients and natural juice in food.
  • Many users recognize its dishwasher-free feature.


Some negative have a complaint about its shiny appearance as it quickly fades after using for a while.

3.T-fall C836SC Ultimate Stainless Steel Copper Bottom Cookware Set, 12-Pieces, Silver

This stainless-steel copper set would provide you a long-lasting performance. As for its provided copper bottom/ or multi-layer base, it can disperse heat evenly. Notably, the T-Fal cookware set truly amazes me with its glass lid. It helps me watch the cooking progress to timing properly and ensure the food’s taste. Besides, there are vented holes on its lid to let steam escape and prevent boiling over.

Importantly, it is specifically designed to sustain up to 500 degrees and use safely with dishwasher. Last but not least, it offers the 12-piece set that includes fry pans, sauce pans, Dutch oven, a stainless-steel spoon and slotted turner. Therefore, itis able to meet requirements of family dinner and holiday entertaining cooking.


  • It is made from the durable stainless-steel with a thick-gauge aluminum core and copper heat channels at the bottom. Hence, it can enhance overall strength, ultra-fast, and warp-resistance.
  • Its effective heat distribution is recognized by many users
  • Due to its versatility and high-temperature, many users can use it on various types of cooking and occasion.
  • You can easily clean it wish a dishwasher.


A few users worry about the health risks as its coat comes off quickly.

Final words

So, to make your purchasing decision efficiently, you should answer six aforementioned questions and acquire full information of three best stainless steel cookware. After that, you should execute the guided maintenance properly to handle and clean it efficiently. Hope you find the best fit stainless steel cookware with provided details!

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