The Best Portable Steam Cleaner Buying Guide And Our Top Reviews

Nowadays, people are looking for a cleaning tool which helps them remove dirt or annoying stains from their glossy floor or staircase. That’s why a portable steam cleaner which is lightweight to carry around and able to clean on many types of surfaces is a reasonable choice. Hence, here are five best portable steam cleaner reviews which could be your go-to options. But first, let’s look through six important features that your steam cleaner should provide.

How does steam cleaning work?

Normally, a steam cleaner can generate steam at 360 degrees F to kill mold, bacteria and other allergens. And one of five key components is a boiler. As its name implies, water will be boiled, convert to steam and vapor via a nozzle to loosen dirt on hard surfaces. Then, you easily wipe or vacuum to remove dirt. To do cleaning completely, you can use a steam cleaner with detergents or vacuum.

The second element is a refill tank that allows you to refill water while it’s still running. Generally, you have to wait for 20 minutes until the water is boiled. Another element is an automatic refill which would refill the boiler directly via a water outlet. As for a detergent tank which often holds up 20 liters of water, you can control detergent and steam flow handily.

How does steam cleaning work

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And with a steam vacuum cleaner, you can clean without a tower. Whereas with a non-vacuum cleaner, a tower would be essential to wipe residue which is left behind. Additionally, a steam clean is provided alongside with a variety of accessories. They all come with different sizes and shapes such as microfiber towels, squeegees for glass and mirrors or small detail brushes.

What should you aware of cleaning each different types of flooring surfaces?

To help you use the steam cleaner efficiently, here are 4 tips

  • To clean grout at hand, you should pray alkaline on the surface and let it be absorbed in before using a small brush to clean.
  • If you want to clean tile floors, you are strongly advised not to use a brush with a towel. Instead, you should use a loose towel to wipe up the mess. In case it is provided with a vacuum, you should steam first before vacuuming.
  • As for the waxed floor, you should attach a clean tower to a large rectangular brush to clean it. Then, its layer of wax will be erased.
  • As for unwaxed vinyl floors, you should work it fast to prevent heat affecting a vinyl fiber.


Importantly, you should not employ the steam cleaner for a pressed paper, cardboard or any surfaces painted with non-enamel paint.

Four Benefits of Handheld Steam Cleaners

It’s lightweight to carry

As for its portable design, you can easily store in a small closet. Or in case you do not use it, you only need to hang it on a shelf. Besides, you can carry it from place to place handily, especially when you have to maneuver it from kitchen floor to your bedroom in upstairs.

It's lightweight to carry

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Easy to use

You do not have to go through a complicated process to handle the steam cleaner. Particularly, by adding water to its storage tank, turn on and wait for it to remove the dirty spots on the surface. This way, you complete a cleaning process efficiently.

It is versatile to use for many cleaning purposes

Obviously, you would be bothered if your cleaning device is so heavy to carry. That’s why the portable steam cleaner allows you to carry across long distance without a hassle. Specifically, while a heavy-duty cleaner would work well for large area cleaning, it would not match your demand of cleaning smaller rooms.

Therefore, due to a small size of steam cleaner, it is practical for cleaning multiple rooms. Moreover, this multi-functional device with its pressure washer enables you to clean fireplaces, floors or walls efficiently. Hence, in terms of a long-term use, this is by far a money-saving cleaning tool.

You would consume less time for cleaning

With the use of vacuum cleaner which is provided alongside, you will not have to need to sit down and struggle harshly. This way, you can scrub the dust or stain off the surface. That’s why the steam cleaner would be less time-consuming than other traditional cleaning methods.

You would consume less time for cleaning

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What has the best portable steam cleaner?

When it comes to the portable cleaner, you would find it is safe to use on almost floor surfaces and sealed floor. Besides, it would ease to clean and has a high capability of removing dirt, grime effectively. However, to pick the best portable steam cleaner that satisfies your needs, you should consider thoroughly these 6 characteristics below.

Powerful power

In fact, the higher the power, the better effectiveness of cleaning your steam cleaner has. Truly, a steam cleaner which has a power between 900-1200 watts can produce more powerful steam flow. This way, it is able to boost water reservoir to reduce overall steam duration. However, as for this feature, the steam cleaner would be heavier and more coils attached to.

Water tank capability

Due to its portable design, its reservoir size would be small to allow you to carry it easily. Additionally, it contributes to the steam cleaner’s lightweight. Thus, you would spend extra tie to refill its water tank until the job cleaning done. That’s why a canister steam cleaner could be a more suitable choice for heavy-duty cleaning.

Water tank capability

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Steam Pressure

Having a powerful steam flow would ensure you to have the faster steam production, the higher steam volume. Besides, make sure you select a rust-resistant boiler which has an ability of speed up a heat producing. Hence, it would enhance the steam cleaner’s durability. To optimize your result of cleaning, you should look for an aluminum boiler or a stainless steel.

Steaming time

Some boilers would take at least 8 minutes to heat the water. However,  other boilers which are not continuous-fill would take up to 30 minutes to cool down. Later on, you can reheat the water. Noticeably, its time-to-steam depends mainly on the steamer power and water tank capability. Indeed, If the steam cleaner has more superior power, it could fasten the time of steam buildup. In contrast, if the steam cleaner is large, it would slow down the steam buildup. Overall, you should pick the steam cleaner which has a small reservoir and high power.

Power cord

Normally, the portable steam cleaner often is provided with short power cord. Hence, it requires you to switch outlets to reach to the area needed cleaning. Especially, this inconvenience would not only abrupt the cleaning process but also force the steam production stop. That’s why you have to wait for the steamer to build up steam. That’s why it is crucially essential to have the steam cleaner with a long power cord. This way, you can move around freely.

Power cord

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A nice array of tools

Obviously, while the steam would loosen the dirt and grime, the tool would agitate the dirt and enhances your cleaning result. Almost all of portable steam cleaner comes with accessories such as a steam hose, a nylon brush, a grout brush and a jet nozzle. Moreover, you would be offered a metal-bristled brush to clean grill, or a softer brush to clean walls and grout. It also supplies squeegees to help you clean windows, tile handily.

Five Reviews of the best portable steam cleaners

  BISSELL Little Green McCulloch MC1275  

Shark Professional

TOP RATED Upgraded Handheld

Vapamore MR-75 Amico
Weight 14 lbs. 15 lbs. 4.8 lbs. 4 lbs. 3.5 lbs.
Dimension 8.2 x 17.2 x 12.5 inches

20.1 x 13 x 12.6 inches

12 x 5.9 x 51.2 inches

10 x 9.7 x 5.7 inches
8 x 13 x 8 inches
Heating time   8-45 minutes 30 seconds 20 minutes 4minutes
Water tank capacity   48 oz.     6.7 oz.
Water temperature   200 degree   250-270-degree F 210-degree F
Length of power cord 15 ft. 15 ft.     10 ft.

1.BISSELL Little Green ProHeat Compact Multi-Purpose Carpet Cleaner, 14259 – Corded

This device would support you to clean small areas. As for its 15’ power cord, you can freely move around and clean hard-to-reach spot. Besides, you can wrap its long cord tidily at the base of the unit. The BISSELL also supplies a water tank capacity which can hold up to 48 oz. of the water. Therefore, you do not have to refill it frequently. Especially, its water tank is designed to help you remove or insert handily. The BISSELL steam cleaner also features its superior heat power which has 9 amps’ motor. This means it would produce steam quickly and save you time considerably.

Additionally, you still have the best result of cleaning though the water is boiled at 25 degrees F. And there is a light illuminate that notify you if the water temperature is reached.  Noticeably, you are granted many useful accessories attached to this portable steam cleaner. Particularly, its hand tool would assist you greatly in cleaning narrow space (car seat, closet, draw etc.,). Moreover, thanks to its 1-year warranty, you can have your damaged BISSELL repaired for free. And it’s needless to worry about its durability as many users recognize its long legibility is worth considering.


  • As for its powerful suction and effective brushes, you can clean more efficiently.
  • It provides handheld carpet brush to clean carpet handily
  • Thanks to its lightweight and portable design, you can maneuver it easily.
  • Most of the user like its water tank which is easy to lift or remove.
  • It is a safe-to-use option, especially when you have small kids and pets.
  • By following its ease-to-read instruction, you would finish assembling it in 3 steps only.


There are a few feedbacks involved in its poor longevity.

2.McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

This device would amaze you as it is able to produce continuously steam for 45 minutes. Hence, you are not required to refill it. Moreover, the McCulloch’s weight is 50 oz. that allows you to carry around conveniently. As for its water tank capacity of 48 oz., it only spends 8 minutes to heat the water at over 200 degrees F. Notably, you are granted 18 useful accessories alongside with its main body. Due to various types of tools, you can deal with many kinds of stains that stubbornly stuck on the surfaces. That’s why this portable steam cleaner is widely used for cleaning boats, trucks, cars and your home as well.

Besides, with its long cord, you can maneuver it around freely and thus, it improves your cleaning result. Though some people worry about its incomplete ability to remove dirt, it does support and lessens your hard cleaning job.  For instance, the McCulloch is offered with a powerful floor mop. As for this one, you can effortlessly clean wood, tile or laminate surfaces. Noticeably, you can clean all the areas virtually with its toxic-free detergents.  Overall, it ensures a natural deep clean throughout garage to workshops.


  • Your cleaning process would not be bothered to refill water or re-plug cord thanks to its large water tank and long hose.
  • It is lightweight to freely maneuver.
  • It is provided with a wide range of versatile accessories.


  • You cannot refill the water whilst it is hot.
  • Many users are unpleased about its quickly-deteriorated scrubs after using it for tough cleaning.

3.Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop (S3601D)

This product is claimed by the manufacturer to deliver sanitizing power and superior steam mop cleaning.  Notably, it has the Intelligent Steam Control which would notify whether the steam is abundant to do cleaning task. Besides, the Shark steam mop provides a super-heated steam which takes only 30 seconds to produce steam. Importantly, it is able to clean your hard floors without harsh chemical. Especially, you can use the Shark mop for cleaning from large areas to narrower spaces in your home.

If you worry about whether it requires extra time to dry, let’s rest assured as it not only provides superior cleaning but also shortens dry time. Moreover, by employing Shark Steam Pocket technology, it can double-sided clean with every pad. Indeed, can clean the area twice by its another side of the mop. Specifically, the mop grants you dust mop and scrub accessories to deal with tough cleaning tasks (heavy traffic area, stuck-on dirt, delegate surface, etc.). Noticeably, each pad could last for 20 washes which guarantee to deliver premium performance.


  • It provides deep clean and sanitizes all the wood and hard floors.
  • Your home’s floor would be free of germ and bacteria thanks to its Steam Professional Pocket Mop.
  • Its pad is designed with two sides to provide twice the cleaning area.
  • Many users have its reusable micro-fiber pockets with no chemical contained.
  • You can have sufficient steam to start cleaning after 30 seconds of steam heated process.
  • It is noticeably fast-drying.


Some people find it takes up to 5 minutes for the liquid converting to steam. Hence, the flow of steam is often abrupted.

4.TOP RATED Upgraded Handheld Multi-PURPOSE chemical free pressurized steam cleaner

This all-in- one steamer is provided alongside with 9 other useful accessories which can be used for any purpose. Importantly, its extension nozzle can extend mobility and allow you to reach the further area to clean. Additionally, it is chemical-free with no residue or harmful fume. Thus, it would become your ecological sanitizing option. In case you want to clean your sinks counter top or refrigerator, it’s no need to worry as this device is best suited for sealed surfaces.

And what I like best is its powerful hot steam that is produced at 270 degrees F in just 20 minutes. Besides, many users are amazed at its high-pressure steamer which help them cut through mold, grout or stain efficiently. And all it requires you to start the cleaning process are fill in the water, plug it in and let its steam finish the task. Hence, this multi-purpose handled steam cleaner would significantly help you clean indoor and outdoor easily.


  • Most of the users find its 9 accessories assistive for their cleaning on many types of surfaces.
  • Its extension nozzle enables you to clean hard-to-reach spots.
  • You can easily remove wrinkled shirts, suits pain due to its high-pressure steam.
  • Many people find it is capable of killing germ and sanitizing all surface areas.
  • It is chemical free and safe to use.
  • Many positive feedbacks about this high ability to steam in short periods.


  • You may suffer the annoying noise it makes during a cleaning process.
  • Some comments state it does not produce sufficient amount of steam.

5.Vapamore MR-75 Amico Hand Held Steam Cleaner

Are you looking for the plastic and lightweight device to clean off any stain, bed bugs, dust mites or allergens left on the surface? If so, this Vapamore is worth giving a try. Truly, without using the sanitize chemical, it does the best job at removing dirt, grease, and stains. Remarkably, you are granted a lifetime warranty which is such a nice proof for its quality and durability. Importantly, it provides the largest array of accessories in the to date market. Particularly, there are small/large brass brush, large nylon brush, fabric steamer, squeegee and many others to use for cleaning many types of surfaces.

And you would find it considerably lightweight (3.5 oz.) to maneuver due to its portable handheld design. And at the water temperature of 210 degrees, the liquid can vapor and turn to steam within 4 minutes. Additionally, it has such a powerful water heater of 1000 Watt. Therefore, it enhances the team production efficiency. Likewise, it tank’s capacity of 6.7 oz. would contribute largely to the efficiency of the cleaning process. As for its extra-length steam hose of 3 feet, it makes cleaning around your home or from place to place much more convenient. Overall, this engineered portable Vapamore guarantees to provide you 100% chemical-free cleaning inside and outside of your home.


  • Many users appreciate its lifetime warranty as they can have it repaired with no cost for unlimited time.
  • Asides of a lifetime of use offer, you can take them wherever you go with ease thanks to its light weight and packable design.
  • Its boiler temperature and high steam pressure plus a powerful heating element do improve the steam heating efficiency.
  • It is a great cleaning tool which ensures no harsh chemical contained.
  • Its versatility of use does assist many people to remove dirt, stain stuck on many types of surfaces.
  • You can kill bed bugs, dust mites and control other pests chemical free.


Some people complains about this quickly erupted steam production. It may ask you to refill water in short period.

Final words

Hence, before choosing the best portable steam cleaner, you should ponder on six considerations including heating power, tank capacity, heating time, boiler durability, steam pressure and its accessories. This way, you can determine whether your intended steam cleaner capable of cleaning a variety of surfaces. And with five reviews of the best steam cleaners, hope you make a best-fit one that matches your needs and performs effectively!

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