Find the Best Pellet Stove For Your Home

A pellet stove becomes a preferable choice than an average wood stove as it is versatile, cost-efficiency and easy to use. Besides keeping your place toasty in clean air, it can truly reduce your energy bill. Remarkably, the pellet stove is an eco-friendly method to beat the chill on cold days. To find the Best pellet stove For Your Home, here are five best models alongside with a specific buying guide to acquiring more details.

What is a Pellet Stove

With its built-in fans and convoluted inner tubes, it does a better job of circulating hot air than a wood stove. It is a safe option for every home as its exterior surfaces are cooler than other wood stoves. As a result, it can radiate heat right through their walls efficiently.

If you like a hopper which can contain at least 50 pounds of pellets, you would need to refill the hopper twice a day. In case you are in search of a cost-effective fuel to run your pellet stove, some useful material such as sawdust or garbage would be right.

What Are the Advantages of Using the Best Pellet Stove

Provides cleaner burn

Provides cleaner burn

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There is about 8 percent of moisture produced by a pellet stove. It is because a pellet stove’s compression mechanic can intensively squeeze out of it and thus, enhance its dry condition. For this reason, it produces more heat consume less fuel. Additionally, a pellet stove can give off particulates into the air for 4 g.

That’s why a pellet stove helps you save more time from cleaning off the ash. In comparison with the cord wood, it leaves significantly lesser ashes and produces less creosote. Therefore, you would spend fewer hours to clean blacken glass doors or collect ashes in the chimney.

Produce heat efficiently

To determine an exact amount of fuel for a pellet stove to work, you need to examine over its combustion. Specifically, a pellet stove with an efficient combustion would convert 90 percent of fuel to energy.

Instead of extracting air through a conventional chimney, a pellet stove vents air horizontally. By focusing on producing small fire which starts from a center of a pellet, it produces a considerably hot burn. And to observe its fire, you should find a good flame pattern and prepare a large viewing glass.


Wouldn’t you surprise to know this heating essential would save your money spent on a heating bill? Indeed, thanks to its energy-efficient construction, a pellet has a reliable ability to reduce your heating cost up to 50 percent in a first-year use.

Ability to reuse items for turning

Noticeably, you can use leftover wood or compacted garbage as a firing item for the pellet producing heat. This way, you do not only preserve the environment but also supply heating needs at once.

Able to run for a long time

Remarkably, once you fill their hopper, it can produce heat efficiently for 72 hours, even in the coldest condition. Hence, it is needless to worry about the fire going out.

Able to run for a long time

Image source: Pine Lake Stoves

How to Find the Best Pellet Stove

Here are eight features of a pellet stove that you should consider to pick the best of the best.


Importantly, the kinds of pellets you go for would affect the kind of stove and your running cost. Thus, make sure you consider thoroughly which fuel is needed to power the stove. Normally, people are keen on the wood which can burn longer and better. Otherwise, you may pick corn or coconut shell as pellets.


You should look for a supplier who guarantees a price before coming to purchase.

Remember to put all the pellets in a bag of pellets which is provided alongside with the stove. This way, you keep the pellets from being damp or knocked over. Besides, take extra attention to the bag’s size which is determined by the size of the hopper your stove has.

Top or bottom hopper

There are two basic types; one is fed into the stove from the bottom while the other is fed from the top. In fact, the top fed pellet stove performs less incredible than the bottom one as. This is because its feeding action could not radically remove ash and other deposits out of its firebox.

Apart from its imperfect delivery system, the top one’s combustion chamber is capable of obstructing ash and clinker. That’s why you should purchase a burning high-rate and low-ash top-fed models. Regarding the bottom-fed model, as it could push ash and clinker into the ash pan, you would not need premium fuel to make it burn.
However, you still need to remove ashes once a week to preserve its longevity. And the manufacturer recommends you to have a bottom-fed one with a large-capacity hopper access drawer for convenient cleaning.

The bottom hopper

Image source: Harman Stoves

Actually, between the manually-operated pallet and automatically-operated one, you would tend to pick the second one. However, you need to take extra care when adjusting its temperature setting to ensure the output consistency. When it comes to a manual stove, to ensure the air inlet properly works, you need some routine tinkering with it.

Ease of Cleaning

Obviously, to keep the pellet efficiently perform, you crucially need to clean it regularly. That’s why you should select the right pellet stove that allows you to remove fly ash from its exhaust. Besides, make sure you can clean its heat exchanger, the ash traps, and the receptacle as it requires you clean at least once a week.

BTU Output

To be supplied enough heat for your home, you need the pellet stove with an optimal BTU rating. As a result, it could warm up a large house.


As for the high-end model, its price would be at least $5000, whereas an affordable model which requires a sufficient maintenance would cost you $1500. However, with an average price of $2500, you can happily own a nice sizing, a rotated thermostat, and an insulated stove. And you can locate it in wherever you want.


There are various options of styles to find the one that matches your preference. First of all, you should determine your house’s overview look. For instance, if you love watching a lively flame, you would be interested in the pellet stove with an extra-large viewing window. Just make sure your purchase stove which is made of high-quality materials so it can be long lasting.


Image source: What’s the Best Space Heater?

Efficiency and power output

Normally, a pellet stove requires plugging in a 110-volt outlet to be supplied enough electricity to run. Otherwise, you may use batteries for some supported models. In case there is no electrical power or infrequent power outage, you can buy a battery backup unit or a non-electric pellet stove. Moreover, you can use gas as a fuel to make a gas-powered generator model operates.


To sufficiently heat the 2000-square-foot space, you would need a pellet stove with 60000 BTU rating. And a 42000 BTUs stove would be capable of producing enough heat for the 1300-square-foot home.


Image source: Lopi Stoves


Besides, you need to determine where you would locate it to heat your home efficiently. For instance, you can put it in a home center to heat your entire house. Otherwise, you would need a fan system to circulate the heat. Additionally, you need to have a consultation with a dealer about these four issues.
There are so many things to consider when it comes to a pellet stove. For examples, they are how to open your rooms to other rooms, whether the pellet stove comes with a blower or others form of heated air distribution. Besides, you should also determine how your home insulated, and whether the purchased stove provides or supplementary heat. After having a detailed discussion, you would not be away from choosing the right pellet stove.

The five comprehensive reviews of best pellet stoves

Comfortbilt Pellet Stove Pleasant Hearth Castle 12327 US Stove R5824 Wood Pellet Basket Heater
Heats 2200 sqft 2200 sq ft 1500 sq ft 1500 sq ft
Burning time 12-24 hrs 24-70 hrs Up to 40 hrs Up to 20 hrs
BTUs 50000 50000 35000 30000
Efficiency 0.86 0.86 0.78
Dimension 25 x 30 x 35 24 x 26x 25.8 23.8 x 18.5 x 34 21.5 x 33.5x 20 17 x 8 x 9.5

1.Comfortbilt Pellet Stove HP22- 50,000 BTU - Special Price!

As for its powerful BTU of 50000, a comfortable stove is an ideal option for a large room or open floor plan. Besides, this octagonal pellet highlights its high-efficient rating. As for its rating of 86%, it consumes less energy and allows you to exploit the best out of your pellet. Additionally, the Comfortbit is environmental-friendly.

In particular, there are the programmable thermostat and electronic control that help you maintain the temperature. Besides, there is an automatic ignition to assist it in starting up, and it’s movable ash pan which helps you clean up easily. And it’s hopper can hold pellet for weeks without replenishing. Notably, its bay design and charcoal gray exterior would decorate your room.
Noticeably, it works in silence that you barely hear any noise. And with a 1-year limited warranty, your broken pellet could be repaired for free for such period. Additionally, the Comfortbit is easy to assemble and install so that you would find no struggle.


  • There is an incredibly large hopper that not requires you to refill it regularly.
  • The stove is EPA certified.
  • It has a powerful heat output of 50000 BTU which is the best suit for a large room, even when it’s cold outside.
  • You can set or adjust its temperature simply thanks to its programmable thermostat.
  • It works quietly and produces clean air.
  • You can handily assemble it.
  • It is easy to clean and efficient.


  • For such those superior features, it is relatively expensive.
  • Though it provides 1-year warranty, many people find this offer is not as attractive as other units.

2.Pleasant Hearth Cabinet Style 50000 BTU's Pellet Stove with 120-Pound Hopper

Within few assembly steps, you can have more time to enjoy warm air from this EPA certificated stove. Especially, it can produce such a powerful amount of heat of 50000 BTU. That’s why the Pleasant Hearth is capable of heating large rooms. Due to its large capacity of the hopper (120 lbs.), you can spend less time for replenishing the pellets.

In particular, it can burn continuously for two to three days. So, you can operate and clean off it easily conveniently. Besides it also features an auto ignition system which allows you start it at hand. Another impressive feature is its control system that offers you a completely customizable experience.

Additionally, the Pleasant has an outstanding and traditional look with its ceramic cabinet. Hence, throughout its glass door, you not only observe the flames dances but also enjoy the surrounding cozy look of your home.


  • You would not need to go through complex steps to assemble the Pleasant.
  • It perfectly is used for heating large spaces.
  • Offers an air wash system that could produce cleaner air.
  • It is relatively inexpensive.
  • You can easily clean it.


  • It should provide more specific instruction about installation and use.
  • According to a majority of reviews, its hopper is suggested to be larger.
  • A few complaints relate to its noisy working fan.

3.Castle 12327 Serenity Wood Pellet Stove with Smart Controller

With this efficient and EPA certified stove, you can heat the space with 2800 square feet effectively. Besides, there is a large hopper capacity (40 pounds) which would fit a full bag of pellets. Additionally, you can control the amount of warmth by its provision of five blower speeds and five feed rates.

And with its automatic ignition, you can turn it on immediately begins to produce heat. In case you would like to schedule your stove based on its operation, here are three modes: manual, thermostat and weekly that you can control. And there is a removable ash pan that allows you to clean the pellet easily.

If you want to use electricity economically, its electricity-efficient hopper and fan will assist you. Furthermore, you may be amazed at its attractive design that would blend elegantly into your house décor. Noticeably, you can locate it in a narrow space thanks to its small design.


  • It is EPA certified and easy to clean.
  • Can control the room temperature easily by adjusting its new smart controlling mechanism.
  • You are allowed to control how the heat distributed varied each room thank to its feed setting and blower.
  • Can light it conveniently with its automatic ignition.
  • Up to this point on the market, this stove has the most affordable price.
  • Its classic design would contribute to your home beauty.


  • Many users state the fan makes significant noise when running.
  • During working period, you can turn off its backlight.
  • Some people require a larger size of the hopper.

4.US Stove R5824 Pellet Stove with Igniter Furnace

At first sight, the US stove may surprise you with its small design. And then you would be impressed at its powerful heat production (30000 BTUs). Besides, it comes with an air wash glass to allow you view the flame dance. Moreover, it avoids you wasting time for cleaning as it can clean itself.
Due to its modern look and traditional construction, your room overview will get the more sparkling look and cozy feel. And you would find this small-designed stove which is outside air compatible is efficient for a mobile home use. Despite its small size of the hopper (40lbs), you can replenish the pellet supply every 20 hours.
Additionally, this fully automated device comes with an auto ignition and an easy to use electronic control. Importantly, you can assemble and install it simply due to the close clearance tolerances. As it is EPA certified, it not only produces clean air but also leaves less impact on the environment.


  • The US Stove can deliver a significant amount of heat in a small space.
  • You are granted a large viewing window of its Air Wash glass. And thanks to his feature, you consume less time for cleaning the windows.
  • Its modern look blends in your room décor sophisticatedly.
  • It has a small size and fit a narrow space.
  • It is best used for the mobile home.


  • People wish to have a larger hopper capacity as its burning hours only lasts for 20.
  • It would not include installation materials, so you would have to purchase carefully to ensure they fit the stove.

5.Wood Pellet Basket Heater, Alternative Heating Source Using Wood Pellets in Your Wood Stove or Fireplace

This is an alternative to a pellet stove which is more cost-efficient. This metal basket would be placed inside a woodstove to burn them. Additionally, it uses less electricity and natural gas. That’s why this option would save your bucks considerably than a pellet stove.

Though it has a considerably lightweight (16lbs), it still able to contain full of wood pellets. And all you have to do to install are full the basket which is put in the wood stove with wood pellets. Then, you use gel fire starter to light the pellets. If necessary, you can add some more pellets.

Make sure you use a metal scoop to scoop hot pellets to one side, then you put more new pellets next to the hot one. By this way, the hot pellet would ignite the new one.


  • Produces a sufficient amount to heat your room.
  • Could burn hot and quickly with truly little ash.
  • It is a good option for everyone who seeks for a warm and clean air.
  • There are no melt or warp of steel or welds.
  • Its burning hours can reach up to 4 hours.
  • You only need to add about four scoops of pellets in every 45 minutes to keep the fire going well.
  • It is offered at a reasonable price.


Most users love to have a larger hopper capacity.

Important pellet heater safety tips

Keep your children and pets away from the pellet stove when the stove is burning

As it is very hot, plus an extremely hot front glass, you should not leave the kids and pets around the stove. In case you cannot watch out them all the time, you should set up a fence or guard around the stove. This way, you can prevent them approaching the stove, or even playing nearby.

Install a carbon monoxide detection

It would help to notify whether a lever of carbon monoxide in your home reach to an endangered alert. In this situation, you need to improve your air ventilation by enhancing a blower or open the windows of the house.

Install a carbon monoxide detection

Image source: The Spruce

Dispose of ashes in a container to prevent any fire risk

Importantly, a metal container which has a lid would be a wise choice. Especially, you should not keep the ashes nearby your household waste and put the container in your home. Remember to look around your home to find if there are any buildups of ash. Try to find if there are any holes in the stoves as it makes them clogged.

Has your stove maintained twice a year

They can check if there is any problem involved in its ventilation or others safety aspects to repair it in time.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions strictly

When it comes to assembling or construction, you need to act upon on the provided guidance. When the instruction manual specifies the type of pellet you should use, you should listen to ensure your safety and the stove’s efficiency.

Final words

In conclusion, there is a varied range of functions, design, and styles to find your best pellet stove, just make sure you consider all features that are highlighted in this buying guide before making a decision.

Additionally, remember to check an efficiency rating and power output of the stove to find out if it can use for your home efficiently. Keep in mind that a powerful pellet stove would provide enough heat for your home without leaving annoyance later. Hope the purchased unit is worth your investment!

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