Amazing! Pick the Best Nonstick Cookware with These Simple Tips

If you are a health-conscious person who prefers a healthy meal with less oil, then a non-stick frypan would be a reasonable choice. Indeed, it not only helps you avoid using much oil but also offers a breezy cleaning. Therefore, to use it safely and efficiently, you need to know how to clean and maintain it properly. Here are three reviews of best nonstick cookware you can acquire to find the suitable one.

1.    How Safe of Nonstick Cookware & how to use it safely:

You may know how the nonstick cookware contributes greatly to your cooking efficiency. Indeed, it requires less oil, butter to grill food. Importantly, you can clean it up easily without worrying about the scratch issue. However, to clarify your safety concern during the heating process, you should know how to use it correctly.

Use the nonstick cookware properly

It’s crucially important to have qualified nonstick pans, especially in a situation of overheated food. A studied research has demonstrated the nonstick pan is safe to use under certain conditions.

Particularly, when the temperature exceeds over 500°F, a cheaper quality nonstick pan would quickly breakdown. And its coat starts to disintegrate. However, the nonstick pan with a guaranteed quality would not emit toxic fumes and chemical substances that would harm to any objects exhaling it.

Additionally, it is mandatory not to preheat an empty pan. Because when the frypan is heated up quickly, its surface would be strongly damaged. Meanwhile, the burning oils and fats begin to smoke, and obviously, you would not want it to happen.

Cooking efficiently in the nonstick cookware

You need to cook with it at a medium heat. Besides, you should use it in a well-ventilated kitchen. Additionally, you should be aware of few nonstick fry pans that are not specifically designed to broil or sear cuts of meat. Likewise, choose the hefty pans that are capable of heating up longer. This way, it avoids you enduring the overheating risk.

Moreover, you should not use metal utensils when cooking with nonstick cookware as it would scratch the surface and damage its integrity. As a result, you would be frustrated by its chipping and flaking issue.

Hence, a wooden fork or spatula are suitable tools for the nonstick pan. Overall, make sure you invest in the best nonstick cookware that you can afford.

Store and repurchase

Seriously, you should not stack the nonstick pan on top of another as it would leave scratches on the surfaces. Instead, you need to place a paper towel or a buffer between each other to minimize the fraction or direct exposure.

Importantly, you should buy the new cookware when you use it for three or five years. In case it gets many scratches before an expiry period, you should immediately stop using and buy the new to ensure your meal preparation’s safety.

Store and repurchase

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To reduce a serious risk of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) that may be contained in the cookware, you should choose a “green” nonstick pan. This type with its ceramic coated ensures no existence of PFOA.

2. Cleaning Nonstick Cookware

It is true that you can exploit the nonstick cookware’s usefulness as long as you execute the right maintenance. You should carefully handle it during cooking, storing or cleaning. Though its thin coat would help your cleaning, you would deal with stubborn stains or burnt spots on its surface. Here are four tips to clean it without causing damages.

Remember to wash it by bare hands

Though the manufacturer claim it is dishwasher safe, you should do your hand wash with the nonstick cookware to ensure its longevity.

Remember to wash it by bare hands

Image source: Remember to wash it by bare hands

Wait for it cools down before washing

Notably, after cooking, it is significantly hot so you would like to erase the stains or burnt-on food before it set on the pan’s surface. However, for your safety and its quality, you should wait until it is at the room temperature.

Strictly avoid using metal, abrasive scrubber and harsh detergent

You should clean the nonstick cookware with nylon, plastic, or wood tool to scrap off burnt-off food. Besides, you have to gently scrub it with mild detergent to not damage its delicate surface.

Make sure you rinse it thoroughly in cold water. This is because the trace of the detergent would leave an annoying smell. Importantly, its abnormalities affected from the chemicals would mix with your food.


To solve the built-up oil or residue problem, firstly you stir a haft cup of water and a haft cup of vinegar altogether. Then, you place the frypan/pot needed to clean on the stove and pour this mixture in.

After it is boiled, you wait until the mixture cools down. Finally, you could wash it easily with a dishcloth or nylon scrubber. It is because the mixture can loosen the residue and the oil. Likewise, to remove tough stains or burnt-on food, you need to add a little baking soda in the mixture and repeat the same cleaning steps.

3. Frequent Asked Questions

Is it true that I do not need to use oil when cooking with the nonstick pan?

You may see the nonstick pan appears in the TV ads as a perfect solution to cooking food without oil. However, in reality, you should add a little oil to avoid food stuck on the surface. Then, it would be difficult to scrub your pan.

Besides, an “aging” nonstick cookware with repeated use and cleaning may demand extra help from oil or cooking spray. Especially, when you cook eggs or sticky foods, having some oil would be significantly helpful and ease your cooking efficiency and afterward cleaning.

What should I do firstly with the brand new nonstick pan?

It is recommended by some experts to season a new nonstick cookware before the first-time user. Particularly, after rubbing a little cooking oil on its surface, you place it on the stove to heat for three minutes at a medium heat.

After it cools down, you can wash it with the mild detergent. Moreover, to revive the nonstick pan after using for a while, you can season it as well.

Should I throw away the nonstick pan if it is scratched?

As you know, the PFOA can cause higher blood pressure and bird-fly symptom. However, the scratched Teflon coat would result in the leaching of aluminum from the pan’s inner core. Consequently, it potentially strikes Alzheimer’s disease effects.

To know whether the scratched nonstick pan is usable, you should determine how its coat damaged. As if the scratches are shallow and minor, that pot/fry pan would not have any negative impact on your cooking performance and your safety.

Should I throw away the nonstick pan if it is scratched

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Meanwhile, the cookware with deep scratches and obvious peels would endanger your health. To sum up, under this circumstance, you need to purchase the new one right away.

How can I minimize the risk of scratching?

You should not use sharp-edged, metal tools or rough sponges when cooking and clean the non-stick cookware. Additionally, you would be keen on the Teflon Platinum and Teflon Platinum Plus which have high damage resistance coats.

4. 3 Best nonstick cookware Reviews




Camping Cookware Stove Carabiner


Winterial Camping Cookware


OUTAD Outdoor Camping


Weight 1.2 lbs. 1.5 lbs. 1lbs.
Material Anodized Aluminum Aluminum oxide Aluminum alloy
Number of pieces 12 11 8
Item’s packable
4.9 x 5.1 x 6.8 inches 6.8 x 6.8 x 3.5 inches

1.12pcs Camping Cookware Stove

This cookware provides you 12 various types of camping cooking essentials. They are made from a durable anodized aluminum with the internal is well-constructed to be non-toxic and wear-resistant. This material is confirmed by FDA to have the highest quality and safely use.

Remarkably, this cookware set conducts heat evenly and allow you boil full of water in just four minutes. Due to its high-temperature resistant folding handle, you can safely take it off the stove safely. Moreover, these handles can save your space considerably.

Besides, thanks to its highlighted versatility, the cookware set fits not only home cooking but also for picnic frying, camping or hiking. Moreover, these objects could be stored together in a mesh bag to carry conveniently. Noticeably, its size is ensured to match two people’s portion. And what many users are impressed by is its 100% money-back guarantee.


  • There are 12 pieces provided to allow the user to cook a variety of dishes.
  • It allows you to consume less space and easily carry due to its light weight and small design.
  • You can cook the meal or boil food/water efficiently as it disperses heat evenly.
  • It is easy to use and versatile to use for camping backpacking, hiking, and other outdoor activities.


  • You are required to take extra care in cleaning and maintaining it.
  • A few complaints of the pots/frypans’ uneven heat

2.Winterval Camping Cookware and Pot Set 11 Piece Set for Camping / Backpacking / Hiking / Trekking

This camping cookware may be a perfect choice for the backpacker’s thanks to its exceptional strength, even heat distribution, and comfortable handles. Importantly, since the small pieces can be stored neatly in the larger items, you can carry it conveniently. Likewise, it weighs 1.5lbs so it would grant you no hindrance of backpacking,

Besides, the whole set is made from light and solid aluminum oxide that can withstand high temperature. And it assists you in cleaning easily. Additionally, all the pieces have a non-stick Teflon coat to enhance the cooking efficiency.

Moreover, its construction greatly contributes to the whole set’s durability. Personally, I am interested in its teapot. During winter morning or windy evenings, this helpful cooking essential help me boil the water quickly and keep it insulated.


  • Many backpackers choose this set as the must-have camping cookware due to its lightweight and versatility.
  • The user’s demand of cooking various dishes is met thanks to a great provision of 11 pieces.
  • Its durability is worth-admiring base on many reviews.
  • It provides friction-resistant and high-temperature fry pans, pots and tea kettle.


  • Some suggestions to have a larger size bowl.
  • A few users state that few unnecessary cookware should be left out of the whole set.

3.OUTAD Cookware: 8Pcs Outdoor Camping Non-stick Backpacking Cooking Bowl Pot Pan Set

This outdoor cooking set would amaze you with its lightweight and small size. Indeed, all the objects can be stored together in a black bag. Thus you can carry conveniently. Especially, it has foldable handles on pot/fry pan and soup spoon that can save considerable storing space.

And it’s BPA-free spoon guarantees to be used safely in the high-temperature environment. Importantly, it’s cooking essentials are made of solid and light aluminum oxide that’s able to withstand high temperature and friction. Moreover, this cooking set with the non-stick coat would help you clean handily.

And what I found of it is a sponge that is provided along to clean these utensils. Overall, this cookware set is truly suitable for your camping, picnic or outdoor activities.


  • Many people highly appreciate its super lightweight and extremely compact.
  • It provides the nice closing bag to store the extra tidily.
  • There are many positive feedbacks about how it easy to clean.
  • A non-stick frypan/ pot is greatly constructed as well as the handles are supportive of saving space.
  • The whole set’s durability is recognized by most of the users.


  • Some items do not fit snugly within other larger items. Hence, it would lead to a loose risk and annoying rattle when hiking or running.
  • It’s spatula is quite short that may burn your knuckles on the edge of the pot.
  • It would be more favored if providing spoons or forks.

Final words

Generally, in a matter of health risks, people would consider carefully about the nonstick coated cookware. And the type of surfaces would demonstrate how the tools are qualified and safe to use. Thus, you need to acknowledge the cookware’s construction and weight, and how it disperses heat.

Then, you should thoroughly select the best nonstick cookware with optimal quality and great construction to able to cook food safely. Importantly, the nonstick cookware should be PFOA-free, high-temperature, and friction-resistant. In case its surface is scratched or peeled off noticeably, even it has yet reached to 3- year usage, throw it away.  Then replace it with the new one. Hope you make a right choice and use it efficiently!

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