Upgrade and Save Energy with These Best Fireplace Inserts

As time passes, fireplace inserts are becoming more and more efficient and affordable than some standalone fireplaces. Not only are they a great way to improve your fireplace’s heating potential, but your place will also look significantly better. A fireplace insert is a device that’s added directly to your fireplace and alters it in the process. It is often made from strong metal such as cast iron or steel. Accompanying are heavily insulated chamber door and a glass viewport so that you can have the Best Fireplace Inserts.

What Are the Advantages of a Good Fireplace Insert?

The most significant thing is that it’s much more efficient than the majority of fireplaces out there in the market. Its intrinsic design makes a fireplace insert consume a limited amount of fuel while outputting large warmth in return. No matter what the type of fuel it uses, an insert can save up to half of the annual energy bill.

And in turn, an insert is extremely cost effective. For its less taxing energy demand, an insert requires less cost to operate. This can be a large advantage for many families. Instead of churning a quarter of your salary to foot the heating bill, you can save that for more important things.

Our next point is safety. A fireplace insert is considerably safer than many traditional fireplaces as they are made with many modern technologies in place. When choosing a fireplace for your family, safety always has to come first. An insert can satisfy you in this department quite well.

What Are the Advantages of a Good Fireplace Insert

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A fireplace insert is also easier to operate and require fewer efforts in cleaning. Wood burning inserts usually have convenient ash pans which are going to be of great help after a while.

And last but not least, inserts are much friendlier to the environment than their predecessors. Depending on the type of fuel your insert runs on, it can produce no harmful emission at all. And even if it’s a wood burning insert, it is going to burn through the wood at a much slower pace.

Features to look for when buying the best fireplace inserts

There are many things to look for when you’re about to invest in the best fireplace insert for your home. Be vigilant of the following highlights that the best fireplace inserts should have. The list will save you a lot of troubles and time:

Cast Iron Doors

Cast Iron Doors

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Cast iron is much more effective in resisting heat, thus an insert with a cast iron door is much more worthy of your money. The advantage is that it will leave you with a temperate atmosphere while at the same time safe from the toxic plume. Even though the majority of inserts nowadays are made of iron, always try to find cast iron.

The advantage is that it will leave you with a temperate atmosphere while at the same time safe from the toxic plume. Even though the majority of inserts nowadays are made of iron, always try to find cast iron.

Even though the majority of inserts nowadays are made of iron, always try to find cast iron.

Adjustable airflow

You have to be in control of the air regulating within your insert to get the best out of it. There are many ways and methods to do this, however, make sure that they are proven. The temperature within your home may fluctuate uncomfortably without good airflow maintenance.

The temperature within your home may fluctuate uncomfortably without good airflow maintenance.

Direct venting

What goes in must also go out. You have to figure out a way to best vent your exhaust from your insert. Again, there are many ways to achieve this, but it would be best to talk with professionals carefully beforehand.

Safety of use

A fireplace with the greatest performance and cheapest price will be nothing if it is dangerous to use. Be careful of choosing obscure brands or cheap inserts. You don’t want to sacrifice the health and safety of your family to save a few dollars.

Heat capacity

A fireplace insert is not just a pretty detail of your home, its main job is to warm up your space. Failure to do this is an absolute no-no as beauty is the last thing an insert should have. A fireplace insert should fit you and your family needs, make sure you have this down.

EPA approval

An EPA’s seal of approval is one of the things you should look for. It means that the insert has successfully passed all of the criteria and requirements to be safe for use.

Types of Inserts

Now that we’ve had our entire criterion down, we ought to learn about the different types of inserts available:

Wood Burning Insert: This is an absolute classic when it comes to fireplaces. People just enjoy the homey and quintessential sense of real burning logs. Wood burning inserts have a very decent heat capacity and they can last longer. Although you have to refill it with wood logs regularly – which takes some hard labour – it can be worth it.

Wood Burning Insert

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Wood Pellet Inserts: Wood pellet inserts are the same kind of inserts as wood burning ones. But instead of burning full-sized logs, they burn chopped wood pellets instead. You can get the same amount of heat out of a lesser amount of fuel when compared to a wood-burning insert. Pellets are often sold in large bags and they can be cheaper than wood. However, they can also be very incumbent and heavy to transport and store in the process.

Gas Insert: If you have access to gas mains, a gas insert can provide you heat year-round without having to refuel daily. For the flow of gas into the burner can be ‘throttled’, you can control the shape of the fire. Ranging from size, the temperature to just the look of it, it’s the best fireplace insert if you love the aura. The downside is that it’s much more expensive to install and maintain so that it can work on its best behaviour.

Electric insert: Electric inserts are very flexible: Anywhere with an outlet, you can have one right there. They also do not burn fuel, and so, they are not very complicated to work. The greatest problem with having an electric insert is that they don’t provide nearly as much warmth as the rest.

Top Rated Best Fireplace Inserts Reviews

1.Duraflame DFI020ARU-A004 Electric Fireplace Insert w/ Heater

A convenient free-standing, plug-and-play insert, the Duraflame DFI020ARU-A004 is a versatile electronic fireplace with a stunning appearance.

The plastic base with artificial wood logs filling within gives out the elegance of an old-fashioned, Gothic fireplace. Especially with realistic LED technology to simulate a live fire, it can be appreciated even as an electronic insert. With a heat capacity of approximately 4,600 BTU, the Duraflame can easily heat up a 400 square feet room with little effort.

The Duraflame can work easily as a standalone fireplace. Nonetheless, its full beauty will only be shown when it’s fitted with a stone fireplace.


  • Beautifully designed
  • Realistic flame and lighting effects
  • Puts off a lot of heat for an electric insert
  • Easy to set up


2.AKDY 23

The AKDY is doubtlessly the definition of modern technology within a basic fireplace insert.

Being an electric at its core, the AKDY naturally does not produce a real flame that’s usually revered in the market. However, it made up for this deficit by advanced projection technology simulating a soulful flame, close to being authentic itself.

But that is where its uniqueness ends, the AKDY shares the same Achilles’ heel with its electric brethren: It provides only slight heat compared to the rest of this list. Rather than being a central heat source, the AKDY acts more like a great décor.

It is the best fireplace insert if you’re looking for something that would accentuate your house with a touch of technology.


  • Excellent lighting and fire effects.
  • Lovable appearance.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Long power cord.


  • Average as a mainstream heater.
  • Underpowered fan blower.

3.EPI-1402P Napoleon Woodburning Insert

The EPI-1402P Napoleon insert is a wonderful choice beside from a stereotypical fireplace. Robust and powerful fireplace insert, the Napoleon holds its flame with wooden logs that provides a great deal of heat. It can temper a large 1,000 – 2,000 square feet room on itself while burning a minimal amount of fuel.

The Napoleon also features a beautiful and generous viewport through a sturdy iron cast door. It supports the great circulation of air within its envelope, raising the efficiency of the model by several times. The insert also features a thermostatic blower to promote air regulation even further.

The EPA has also made their stance on the worthiness of the insert, and without a doubt: It’s a great positive. The Napoleon is the best fireplace insert for users who have a great area to heat and at the great measure.


  • A solid appearance.
  • Great heat capacity.
  • Very effective.
  • EPA rated.


  • Expensive and complicated installation.

4.Moda Flame Houston 50 Inch Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace Black

As with any electric fireplace, the Moda Flame is a smokeless and efficient insert.

Even though it provides little heat just like all electric fireplaces, it can still heat 400 square feet up comfortably. The electric fire it produces emits a cozy and warm feeling with its realistic flame effects.

The Moda Flame came with mounting hardware that will help the insert be easily hung on a section of your wall. You can directly control the insert with a remote control from a distance effortlessly with the built-in timer.

It doesn’t need any supporting structure such as chimney or mantel, fuel like ethanol or wood. Therefore, it is easily installed, maintained and also at a reasonable price.

It is the best fireplace insert for a spacious living space.


  • Realistic fire and lighting effects.
  • Decent heating.


  • Needs a lot of wall clearance.

5.Peterson Real Fyre 24-inch Post Oak Log Set With Vented Natural Gas G4 Burner - Match Light

At times, the genuine radiance and heat of a real fire can be very much appreciated.

The Peterson Real Fyre can offer that pleasure with its handcrafted gas logs that look truly authentic. The manufacturer also cares enough to make sure that the Real Fyre can last a long life. It is fitted with refractory ceramics that are of the best quality, reducing the needs for annual maintenance.

Real Fyre also values efficiency in its design. By incorporating smart systems, it permits the burner to use cleanly all of it given fuel without wasting. Produced up to 90,000 BTU, the Real Fyre not only is a graceful insert, it is also a mighty one at that.

It is lit using matches, and the modern burner it employs is a user-friendly and safe system.

Real Fyre is no doubt the best fireplace insert for houses in subzero regions where warmth is a needed luxury every night.


  • Handcrafted gas logs.
  • Long service life, reduced maintenance.


  • Can only be used indoor.

Having a good fireplace insert is a must when you’re living in the colder parts of the globe. We hope that this guide helps you with your decisions and is valuable to you!

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