Top 14 Essential Oils for Anxiety, Sleep and Stress

Top 14 Essential Oils for Anxiety, Sleep and Stress

Under the increased pressures of modern society, so many people find it extremely hard to enjoy their life. We are often tense, nervous, and prone to stress, which make us more vulnerable. To relieve our depression and help us to improve mental as well as physical health, scientists have researched and created a lot of best essential oils for anxiety, sleep, stress, etc. These oils are known as good home remedies for a number of ailment.

Anxiety, Sleep and Stress

Everyone can get nervous or anxious from time to time when we face with problems at workplace, financial difficulties, before making an important decision or taking a test. Nowadays, anxiety becomes a normal human emotion. However, if it becomes worse as anxiety disorders, you should be careful. An anxiety disorder is a serious mental illness. People with this condition have feelings of terror and choking. The symptoms involve overwhelming worry and self-consciousness, excessive, unrealistic worry, and tension.

For many people, stress is so commonplace. It is the way that your body response to any kind of demand or threat. Stress within your comfort zone can help you perform under pressure. However, beyond your comfort zone, stress stops being helpful and can start causing major damage to your health.

Everybody needs a tight sleep to refresh their body after a working day. A good sleep is really important to our health, it helps the nerves to relax and relieve stress. When a person has problems with his sleep, we can realize symptoms of tired and exhausted.

Luckily, using essential oils seems to be an effective way to ease anxiety, relieve stress, and improve your sleep.

Best Essential oils for Anxiety and Sleep

There are some of the best essentials oils for anxiety and sleep:

Lavender essential oil

It seems to be the most popular essential oil in the world. A lot of studies in many countries have proven its benefits for our health. It showed the ability to eliminate nervous tension, relieve pain, enhance blood circulation, and improve respiratory problems. Lavender essential oil is extracted from lavender flowers through steam distillation. The flowers of lavender are fragrant in nature, therefore, the oil has sweet, herbaceous, and calming scent that makes it an excellent tonic for the nerves and anxiety issues. It can be effective in treating migraines, headaches, depression, nervous tension, and emotional stress. The oil’s aroma helps to remove nervous exhaustion and restlessness. People who use lavender oil showed great decrease in mental stress and anxiety.

Best Essential Oils for Sleep - Lavender

It has a good impact on the nervous system, which is why it is frequently used as an alternative treatment for insomnia. Lavender essential oil helps people to have a sound sleep because of its calming scent. It has such a relaxing impact on people that it can often replace modern medicine for sleep issues.

Rose essential oil

Rose essential oil has a lot of beneficial properties. The Essential Oil of Rose is extracted by steam distillation of fresh Damascus Rose.  Damascus Roses seem to be the most fragrant species and are believed to be the original red roses with the strongest aroma and the highest oil content.

Rose Essential Oil

Scientists believe that this oil can boost self-confidence and improve our mental health while efficiently ease depression and stress. They can be very helpful to drive away anxiety, invoke positive thoughts, spiritual relaxation, and feelings of joy, happiness, and hope. Rose essential oil is a tonic for the nerves. It helps them to fight against stress, protects them from disorders, and gives you strength to overcome your anxiety.

Vetiver essential oil


Vetiver essential oil is derived through the steam distillation of the plant’s roots. It has woody, earthy, herbaceous, and spicy smell. It is very popular in many medicinal properties. Vetiver essential oil can be used as an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and nervine substance. This oil has pleasant, mild, and musky aroma which has a cooling effect on the body and the mind. Vetiver essential oil helps to protect the nerves and maintains their good health. It takes care of the nerves and heals the damage caused by stress. Furthermore, it drives away any symptoms of anxiety disorder and helps to improve the nerves’ function. It also relieves the affection caused by shock and stress.

Its main properties are helpful for treating issues ranging from insomnia to anxious feelings. It is believed that vetiver essential oil provides relief for patients suffering from insomnia, gives them a sound sleep all night.

Ylang-ylang essential oil


This essential oil is not famous as some of other essential oils, but it has been proven to contain a lot of important components. The chief components of the essential oil of ylang-ylang contribute to its aroma and medicinal properties. Ylang-ylang essential oil has rich, pleasing, and romantic floral scent. This oil helps the body to fight against depression, drive away anxiety, sadness, and chronic stress. It may be an effective treatment for acute depression. Its calming, relaxing, and soothing fragrance can ease the anxiety.

Ylang-ylang oil is said to work with the nerves systems as well as supporting emotional and spiritual balance. It boosts the nervous system and calms nervous afflictions, which help you to sleep tight. Because of its qualities as an antidepressant, it has ability to relax both the body and soul.

Bergamot essential oil

BergamotPeople extract Bergamot’s rind through cold compression to get Bergamot essential oil. It is a tropical plant with powerful aroma. Bergamot essential oil has fresh, fruity and subtly aroma that can induce comfortable feeling and reduce anxiety. Alpha Pinene and Limonene are two important chemistry components of bergamot, they help to improve the circulation of the blood, thus create a feeling of freshness, joy and energy. It is often used as a massage oil. They soothe nerves and alleviate nervous tension, anxiety, and stress as well as treat ailments associated with stress such as sleeplessness, insomnia, and depression by toning up nervous system. It also helps to relax nerves and muscles by giving drastic relief for muscle pains.

Due to the fact that it can make your skin sensitive to the sun, be careful when applying bergamot before going out.

Roman Chamomile essential oil

Roman Chamomile oil is extracted from the flowers of the Chamomile plants. With its peaceful, calming, herbaceous smell, Chamomile essential oil seems to be very efficient in relieving overthinking, anxiety and worry, easing pain, and nervous. This oil has been used for a long time for multiple purposes. It has been proven to be safe and effective with people who suffer from stress and anxiety. They eliminate feelings of sadness, depression, and disappointment; and bring about good mood.

roman chamomile oil

It’s said to work best with the emotions and nervous system.  It can help one to overcome disappointment and sadness. Roman Chamomile oil helps people who suffer from insomnia to go to sleep in shorter time. You can check its benefits by adding 1-2 drops roman chamomile essential oil into warm water to relax your body.

Frankincense essential oil

Frankincense essential oilFrankincense Oil is extracted from the resin from Frankincense trees. It helps to boost the nerves, strengthen the immune system and keep you strong. This oil can create a feeling of relaxation, satisfaction and spirituality. When feeling anxious, add some frankincense oil to a diffuser. That will promote deep breathing and relaxation, which can reduce blood pressure, and reduce your stress.

What we use: I often use Rose Absolute from NOW Foods when feeling nervous and tense. It is 100% pure and natural with beautiful and sweet fragrance. It helps to improve my mental health by relieving depression, it also helps me cure the pains and drive away sadness. I always feel relaxed when using rose essential oil and taking a deep breath.

Sandalwood essential oil

Sandalwood oil

The essential oil of sandalwood is extracted through steam distillation from matured Sandalwood trees’ wood. Sandalwood oil is often used in medicines because of its remarkable medicinal properties.  It keeps the brain cool and relax and saves you from stress and anxiety.

Marjoram essential oil

Marjoram essential oil

This essential oil is extracted through steam distillation of both fresh and dried leaves of the marjoram plants. Marjoram has a woody, spicy aroma. Marjoram oil induces a calming, relaxing effect on both the mind and body while relieving nervous stress and anxiety. It also generates a happy feeling in cases of anger or sadness. By toning the entire nervous system, marjoram essential oil protects you from various nervous disorders and helps you to have a sound sleep.

Cedarwood essential oil

Cedarwood OilCedarwood has numerous medicinal properties. Cedarwood essential oil is extracted through the process of steam distillation from wood pieces of the cedar wood trees. It is proven to have a great soothing and calming effect on the mind. It helps to relieve tension and anxiety, improve focus and wisdom.

What we use: I love NOW Foods Cedarwood Oil. It has balsamic, warm smell, which can help to ease my sadness. It is great for anyone who loves the woodland aroma. I found it really especially effective for stress relief. Using it before bed-time helps me drift off the sleep. Sometimes I mix it with another essential oil and really love its benefits.

Best Essential Oils for Stress

To relieve stress, you can use some kinds of essential oils listed below:

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemons are one of the most popular fruits in the world, and are widely used for culinary purposes, since they are a good source of vitamins and aid in digestion. They have many beneficial properties as an analgesic, antidepressant and nervine substance. Lemon essential oil is cold-pressed from the rinds of lemons. It has fresh, sweet, and gentle aroma. The benefits of lemon oil include its ability to treat stress disorders, fever, infections, insomnia, skin disorders, hair conditions, stomach problems, and tiredness.

This can be very helpful to drive away depression and relieve anxiety. It helps cure many nervous disorders, strengthen the nerves throughout the body and stimulate them.

Cinnamon Essential Oil

Cinnamon Essential OilCinnamon essential oil is famous for its sweet, warm and comforting fragrance. It is one of the most popular herbs for flavoring and medicinal uses. Cinnamon essential oil has numerous health benefits. It is used all over the world as a great home remedy for a variety of health disorders. One of the most important benefits of cinnamon essential oil comes from its brain function. Cinnamon has the ability to boost brain activity, remove headaches and stiffness of the muscles and joints. It helps to improve the circulation of blood, which reduce the chance of suffering from a heart attack.

Fennel Essential Oil

Fennel Essential Oil

Fennel Essential Oil is widely used for medicinal purposes. This oil is obtained from fennel seeds through the steam distillation. Its stimulant, antispasmodic and antiseptic properties make it efficient in relieving stress and curing inflammation. It stimulates the brain and nervous system. Furthermore, fennel essential oil does work in reducing depression and anxiety.

Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium Essential Oil is widely used as a remedy for its many health benefits, including its ability to relieve stress and depression. Geranium’s stems and leaves are used to extract essential oil. It has an uplifting and floral aroma. Due to its components, it is useful in the treatment of depression and chronic anxiety. You can diffuse its peaceful and calming aroma or apply it topically to help reduce stress.

My recommended Essential Oils

Frankincense - 100% Pure, Best Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil - 10 ml
Our Rating: 4.8 / 5

If you ask me one best essential oils for anxiety and mental issues, I will introduce Frankincense 100% Pure of Healing Solutions to you. Extracted from the gum or resin from frankincense or Olibanum trees, this product has the most unique and amazing aroma. The aroma can clear a stuffy head. It really soothes, coughs, and calms the nervous system. I often use Frankincense essential oil with benzoin as an aromatherapy treatment.

Furthermore, after several weeks using frankincense oil, I found it bring relief to my allergies. Sometimes I can use it together with cinnamon or lavender essential oil and they create great smell, this mixture helps me relieve my anxiety and calm my heavy head. If I put the frankincense essential oil into the diffuser before going to bed, I will have a tight sleep until tomorrow morning.

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