How to Choose the Best Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

Before spending hundreds of dollars for a gas fireplace, especially when it’s come to a direct vent gas fireplace, you need to do research. Therefore, I’ll give you a specific buying guideline that demonstrates six features to consider, alongside with five reviews of the best direct vent gas fireplace.

What is Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

This device would be a reasonable alternative to a gas fireplace due to its rigid and flexible venting. Specifically, a co-axial venting pipe will be directly routed through a wall to the outside.

And another system is a co-linear one which can vent through an existing burning chimney. It can significantly improve efficiency, distribute evenly heat throughout rooms, eliminate cold spots, and maintain the air quality.

Importantly, your electricity bill would not be raised because it can operate without using electricity thanks to its self-generating millivolt system and regular batteries. This way, it can burn and control flame with no use of electricity. Especially, you can have it installed on the rear, top or 45 degrees venting. Notably, you can maneuver the vent system handily around the obstacle (wall, beams, joist, etc.).

Especially, you can have it installed on the rear, top or 45 degrees venting. Notably, you can maneuver the vent system handily around the obstacle (wall, beams, joist, etc.).

How does the Direct Vent Fireplaces work?

Firstly, the air from outside would be pulled in the fireplace to be combusted. Then, the direct vent fireplace would pull the cool air in your room into its lower chamber. After circulating in the firebox, the cool air would transform to warm air. Next, the fan would blow these warm airs into your room. And from the center burner, the heat would emit more radiant heat from the unit’s face into your room.

After circulating in the firebox, the cool air would transform to warm air. Next, the fan would blow these warm airs into your room. And from the center burner, the heat would emit more radiant heat from the unit’s face into your room.

Meanwhile, the terminal which is mounted outside would connect to the fireplaces indoors. Besides, the top and the rear of the fireplace would be designed to allow venting is escaping.


To exploit it functions best, it’s crucial to take into account the location. However, it depends on your choice as it does not need a chimney. Indeed, you can have it in the living room, basement or a living room or wherever you want to heat the place.

Besides, you should consider whether the fireplace’s appearance and style would match the whole view of the room and whether it satisfies your decorating gout. Fortunately, almost all the direct vent fireplaces have an elegant and sleek look which offers you more decorating opportunities.

Advantages of a Direct Vent Fireplace

It provides the natural flow of heat; then the hot air would escape via the pipe and thus, gives no way for the cool air. Additionally, it could generate cooler combustion gas which leads to an unnecessary existence of flue. Hence, there is longer any need for the chimney, but the piped still need installing through the wall.

Function efficiently

The direct vent fireplace does consume natural gas or propane to burn like a traditional fireplace. It can produce most of its energy to usable heat. For this reason, they would be sealed off inside the room with a glass door that results in minimizing the amount of losing heat.

Versatile use

Indeed, you can place it anywhere in your home as you can install it through the wall. And what if there is no wall, rest assured as the fireplace can be vented upward through the roof.

Enhance your safety

You are less likely to face a back-drafting issue as the fireplace does not require the flue. Moreover, you are free from the risk of fire-caulked flange once you install the vent pipe through the wall.

The Difference Between Direct-Vent and Vent-Free Fireplaces Are Gas Fireplaces Eco-Friendly?

Direct-Vent Fireplace Vent-Free Fireplaces
Air ventilation Do not allow of any combustion chemical May contain and retain the chemical combustion in your house
Heating efficiency Low effectiveness as it allows outside air to enter your home Cost-efficient and highly productive heating option.
Require extra accessory spend extra time or hire professional assistance to install it Install a fire alarm to signal when the carbon monoxide reaches to an unsafe level

What to Consider when Buying a direct vent gas fireplace?


As the direct vent gas fireplace is a closed system. It brings outside air in and exhausts heated air to the outside of your home. It’s chamber would be sealed behind a ceramic glass or a pane of tempered. This way, your purchased fireplace is less likely to cause environmental-related risks.

Besides, it could burn up to roughly 90 percent efficiency as the heat energy is exhausted to the outside of your home. To make it happen, you need to determine which venting solution is for your direct vent fireplace by asking the manufacturer or the installation manual.

Importantly, it is recommended to check local codes to see if there is any concern or regulation about this direct vent fireplace.


Image source: Bay Area Fireplace

BTU Output

Understandably, the higher the BTU unit, the more heat supplied for your home. Especially you are allowed to control the flame with its adjustable BTU unit. This way, the heat is distributed evenly in the home.

Moreover, you can set it at a lower level when many friends come to your home. This is because there would be more heat produced from the bodies.


Normally, the size range of the direct vent fireplace is divided into three specific groups: the above 20 inches, the above 60 inches, and the rest. Above all, you need to determine the space you intend to locate the fireplace.

For example, if there is an 8-foot wall, then a 60-inch fireplace would make up the most all of the room. That’s why you should use a blue tape to measure its unit masking out of the size of the room.


You should decide which blower has the right speed among a variable speed fan so it can help you control the flow. Therefore, you can make the best out of your direct vent fireplace as the heat is dispersed evenly varied from rooms.

Remote Controls

Significantly, you should consider the ability to adjust the fan speed, a flame height, and thermostat. Specifically, you can choose from three types of ON/OFF options which consist of a wall switch, a local wall thermostat or a handheld remote control.

Understandably, the remote control would be more convenient if you like to increase the heating temperature in the living room while you’re in the kitchen.

And the wall ON/OFF switch which is placed near the fireplace would require you to approach and adjust directly. However, it is slightly complex to use a programmable thermostatic remote.

Remote Controls

Image source: Napoleon Fireplaces

Support features

Another factor you should consider is whether the fireplace includes an ignition system. This is important as it enhances your safety when igniting the gas.

Moreover, having an electric spark ignition system would help to reduce your fuel expenditure. For instance, some models with a price in between $1000 and $2000 will employ a piezoelectric ignition in event of no electrical hookup.

It means you do not need to rely on an electrical power to operate the fireplace, especially there is a high possibility of blackout during a winter. So, with a push of a button, you can light the fireplace.

Besides, if your fireplace offers a continuously burning safety pilot light, it would be a great support. Indeed, its built-in safety system will shut off the gas in the fireplace in a blink of an eye when the pilot light goes out. Thus, you can avoid a fire risk that would be caused.

Decorative accessory

Additionally, if there are decorative glass and screens, they would help to decorate your home’s overview. It also helps to elevate your home aesthetic as it can match with the current furniture. Therefore, you may choose among different designs including pewter black, stainless steel or brass. Alongside that, there are many accessories such as window trip, facings, doors or exterior frames.

Moreover, all these options are cosmetic that would give your fireplace a fresh look when added on. Besides, some direct vent fireplaces may come with a complete firebrick liner, while others would come standard with a matter back metal interior.

Extra fireplace essentials

Last but not least, a direct vent fireplace offering conversions kits from natural to propane gas would be helpful.

Besides, the mantel is prefabricated to fit specifically to some models. In case your fireplace does not have a link to the mantels, you can order a custom mantel built on site for your fireplace.

Top 5 best direct vent gas fireplace reviews

  Deluxe 36″ Direct-Vent Direct Vent Fireplace Insert Arlington Direct Vent stove Napoleon Vector 45″ LHD45NSB Direct Vent Bayfield Direct Vent
Material   Metal Cast iron Cast iron
BTUs 20000 35000 20000 24000 9,600 (Natural Gas), 18,400 (Propane).
Fuel Natural gas Natural gas Natural gas, or propane Propane
Heater efficiency rated 83% 80
16.4 x 37 x 32.7 inches
28 x 11 x 18 inches  25.38 x 19.25 x 15.75 inches  46.25″(W) x 19.88″(D) x 40.75″(H) 17.5 x 23.5 x 23.6 inches

1.Deluxe 36

This product would amaze you at first sight with its hand-painted ceramic fiber log set, and the Contour-style burner. As for its small design, you can install it in a tight wall cavity space such as a cabinet or corner mantel.

Additionally, it provides you two impressive features including the Millivolt with standing pilot that are available in Natural Gas oil. The  second feature – Direct Ignition is available in natural gas. As for its heating output, the Deluxe is able to produce a noticeable amount of heat (14000 BTUs) to heat up your house sufficiently.

Notably, with a discreet air distribution channel, you are not only able to operate the blower but also eliminate the look of louvers.

Besides, with its millivolt control, you can turn it on/off handily. Moreover, you may favor its elegant appearance with an impressive aged brick liner and mantel black lover.


  • Most of the users agree the Deluxe warm up their home efficiently.
  • Many positive reviews relate to the gas insert.
  • It requires a few of venting pipe to lead air goes outside of your home.
  • It would prevent losing heat.
  • The doors are provided along to prevent burns caused by touching the hot front glass accidentally.


A few of complaints regards its inefficient supportive vent kits and less specific instruction.

2.Direct Vent Fireplace Insert DV35IN33LN - Natural Gas

This fireplace is well crafted to fit into any heating unit, and thus it could ventilate air in your home. Besides, it produces natural flickering flame to keep you warm and relax. Specifically, it comes with three different heat inputs which including 25000 BTUs, 33000 BTUs, and 35000 BTUs.

Its black slate louver which is attached to the fireplace framework would help to circulate air properly. Besides, it provides two direct venting pipes.

One pipe would pick up the combustion gasses and lead them to outside while another one supplies fresh air from the inside to the fireplace.

Importantly, this fireplace insert would effectively convert heating to the gas fired heat source. It explains why this unit fits your existing heating model and consumes less energy.

Especially, you would save considerable time from the house and the fireplace cleaning as its venting pipe would carry away every unwanted element.


  • The product can heat up your home quickly.
  • Many people appreciate its solid construction that is made from the high-quality material.
  • You can count on its durable metal body.
  • Its elegant appearance would contribute to the home’s beauty.
  • You would find no struggle when assembling this fireplace insert.


  • It may require an outside duct or chimney.
  • You would spend extra for a remote control.

3.Arlington Direct Vent Cast Iron Gas Stove Color: Black, Fuel Type: Natural Gas

Notably, many users love this heating system as it provides high-quality gas and heats up your place efficiently. Indeed, its cast iron construction not only strengthens the fireplace’s durability but also retains heat. You can opt for natural gas or propane to optimize the heat circulation ability.

Especially, this appliance can operate without electricity thanks to its standard millivolt gas valve. Importantly, the Arlington highlights the

Phrasemic burner which can exploit the benefit of glowing ember bed and thus, enhance the glow of the flame. Additionally, there are an on/off switch and safety “pilot on” indicator light to ensure your convenience.

There is an elegant European style glass front which allows you to watch the bright glowing flame and the log set’s natural burning.

Besides, the stove also highlights its reflective rear panel which is made from porcelain. Hence, with realistic wood-burning appeal and varied flame pattern, the stove would elevate your home’s cozy look.


  • It is capable of providing fuel for efficient heat supply.
  • It’s burning power of 20000 BTU, and design features are commonly mentioned in the user’s feedbacks.
  • You can adjust the flame height up to 50 percent thanks to its heat adjustment. So, the fireplace grants you a comfort control of heating output.
  • It would enhance the realistic appeal of fireplace thanks to the lightweight and ceramic fiber log set.
  • Its millivolt gas valve does not require electricity to use.
  • It provides an optional remote control.
  • This heavy-duty construction would guarantee you to use for a long term.


  • You are required to use a spec-advised venting pipe.
  • Some people are a bit unpleasant about its BTU rating.

4.Napoleon Vector 45

This product is widely known as a linear gas fireplace with modern style and old time heat. Specifically, it provides sophisticated fire element with a heating output of 24000 BTUs.

Additionally, it features Napoleon’s exclusive Topaz CRYSTALINE™ ember bed that allows you to enjoy the natural dancing flame with a luxurious glow.

Besides, it offers a dramatic mix of river rock and color glass that you can replace for the Topaz CRYSTALINE™ ember bed.

For this appearance, it obviously becomes an indispensable decoration in your home. Importantly, two optional remote controls enable you to adjust the heat handily.

Moreover, its pivoted glass door would contribute greatly to radiating heat into your room. And it also has a backup control system to ensure reliable use, even in a case of power failures.


  • There is a four-sided contemporary surround to enhance your safety.
  • This fireplace consumes less fuel as for its electronic ignition and battery back-up.
  • Most users find its elements (metal coat, driftwood, nickel Stix design etc.) make the fireplace looks more gorgeous.
  • Its Optional MIRRO-FLAME™ Porcelain Reflective Radiant Panels would help to supply heat in your rooms.
  • You can observe the glowing embers of gas fire as it is enhanced with the Ambient-glow metal fiber.
  • The Napoleon fireplace is certified to use for sitting room, bathroom, bedroom and mobile home.
  • There are two optional remote controls.


There are no complaints about its features and functions so far.

5.Bayfield Direct Vent Cast Iron Stove Fuel Type: Propane, Color: Black

With this fireplace, you can find yourself longing for winter as this stove can burn with 80 percent heat efficiency. It is best for the bathroom and bedroom.

A mobile home would be supplied sufficient amount of heat by this Bayfield. It has a 50-heat adjustment that allows you control heating efficiency

Additionally, you can control the fire height with its electric ignition gas valve. As for its secondary heat exchanger, it would add to the fireplace’s heating efficiency and retention.

Furthermore, there is an atmospheric night light which can produce a warm glow when the stove is not on.

With natural gas, its heating output would be 24500 BTUs, while for propane, it is 23000 BTUs. For this reason, there is no need for electricity.


  • Many users agree that this product distributes heat evenly.
  • Its high heat ceramic glass is able to transfer heat to your room efficiently.
  • Thanks to the PHAZERAMIC burner technology, you can enjoy its flickering flame with realistic glowing ember bed.
  • It delivers nice blower kit and thermostatic control.
  • There is a 100% safeguard gas control system.
  • Due to its small and compact design, it is best for the mobile home.
  • Its stunning double webbed doors that you can open widely to sides.
  • It has an elegant look that would blend into your home furniture.
  • It provides a natural flame look.
  • You do not need electricity to operate this fireplace.
  • You can control the heating output and flame thanks to its electric ignition gas valve and the heat adjustment.


There is no significantly negative feedback of it.

Final words

To sum up, you should take into account features to select the right direct vent fireplace. Make sure the purchased fireplace provides sufficient heat for your house. And it would be great if the fireplace can become an elegant decoration. Hence, with the five best direct vent gas fireplaces, hope you decide the most suitable model for your home to enjoy comfortable warmth at the most!

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