Top 3 Best Ceramic Heater Reviews


Ceramic space heater is a great option to consider once the winter came. They are more inexpensive than other heaters and offer you reliable heat. To circulate heat all over the room, try to look for models with a fan. They are better at distributing even heat. This article will provide you enough information on how to choose the best ceramic for your house.

I.    Ceramic Space Heaters: Definition, How They Work

What are ceramic space heaters?

The ceramic heater is well-known for its efficiency. They can heat up the air easier than other types of heater. They do not use fire. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about getting burned. Instead, they use a heating element called PTC ceramic to operate.

How do they work?

Ceramic space heaters are suitable to use in small rooms or offices. They operate by using ceramic element. This element will gather the air and heat it up. After that, the aluminum baffles will direct the warm air outside and generate it all over your room.

Unlike coil heaters, ceramic space heaters have ceramic plates that will absorb the heater and emit it into the air. They are the reasons that make ceramic heater heat up quicker than other heaters. Ceramic plates also cool down quickly after they are turned off.

A ceramic space heater does not include glowing parts. This means the surface of ceramic space heaters is cool to touch. Moreover, ceramic heaters are portable and can be transported easily. They are usually available in small size.

Despite the small size, ceramic space heaters can produce a reliable amount of heat. They can even heat large rooms without any problems.

II.    Benefits:

Don’t use fire

Initially, since ceramic space heaters don’t use fire, and no combustion is needed during operation, they have a lower risk of fire. The ceramic elements are hard to get overheat. Therefore, they don’t cause an electric fire.

They are also less likely to catch fire. However, you still need to give it the clearance it needs. This will minimize the risk of fire as much as possible.

Moreover, since no combustion is needed, ceramic space heaters will not emit toxic pollutants into the air. They use electricity to operate instead. Therefore, you will not be harmed by toxic emissions such as carbon monoxide.

They have safety features

Most of the ceramic space heaters come with advanced safety features such as auto shut-off, overheat protection, and timer control. These features allow you to use the heater without worries about the safety.

The Auto shutoff will turn your heater off immediately when it tips over. The overheat protection sensor will also shut the heater down if it reaches a dangerous temperature. You can also set the heater to work for a specific amount of time with the timer control feature.

If your family has young children, you need to get a ceramic space heater. They are extremely safe to use, especially for children. Unlike other heaters, you don’t have to worry about your kids get burned when they get too close to a heater.

The heating elements of ceramic space heaters are cool to touch. Therefore, your children won’t get burned even when they touch it. However, the accident may happen, but the injury is minimal.

Moreover, if some combustible objects are placed too close to the heater, there is a low risk of fire. This means that ceramic heaters are safe to use, especially for a family with small children.

Work more efficiently than the others

Ceramic space heaters also work more efficiently than other types of heater. The ceramic plates inside the ceramic heater will protect the heating element, as well as provide a large radiating surface. This is a big advantage compared to other heaters.

Besides, a ceramic space heater can convert as much as 85 percent of the supplied electricity into usable heat. Although the circulating fan in the unit runs constantly, the heating element does not. Even though the thermostat periodically shuts off the heating element, the ceramic core continues to emit stored heat. Before the core completely cools, the heating cycle begins again.

Last long and produce more reliable heat

Another advantage that ceramic space heaters have is that they last longer and produce more reliable heat compare to other models. The operating process happens almost instantly. Therefore, you don’t have to wait too long for the warmth to come out.


Most ceramic space heaters have two functions: heating and cooling. This means you can use this heater in both summer and winter, which is extremely convenient.

Available in compact size

Moreover, while other heaters make you worry about the space they consumed, ceramic space heaters are available in compact size. They will save you space for other furniture. Even so, the small size of ceramic space heaters makes them especially handy in small areas like bathrooms or office cubicles. You can even place smaller models conveniently on a desktop.

Ceramic heaters are available in compact size

Image source: Bootic


Ceramic space heaters also conserve energy effectively. All energy will be turned into heat. This will reduce your costs.

Also, most of the ceramic space heaters include remote control, which is convenient. This will allow you to adjust the temperature settings easier.

A ceramic space heater can bring you lots of benefits. It is safe to use, portable, cost-effective and produce heat quickly.

III.    Things to Consider Buying the Best Ceramic Space Heater:

When deciding whether to buy a ceramic space heater, there are a few factors for you to pay attention.


Not only ceramic heater but also other types of space heater, when you intend to buy one, the first factor, which is also one of the most critical factors, is space. Just like all other heaters, a ceramic space heater needs the space it deserved.

A heater needs to have sufficient clearance around it to operate efficiently and safely. Without enough clearance, the heater may catch fire or burn, which is dangerous.


Moreover, the size of a ceramic space heater is also important. However, you should keep in mind that the size of a heater will not affect the electricity consumption of it. This means that even when you buy a small heater; it can still cost you as much as a large heater does during operation.

In fact, you can determine the operation cost of a ceramic space heater by two factors: the operation time and the consumed current. This means that a heater that operates for a long time and draws lots of current will cost you much more than normal.


You should get a heater that comes with the thermostat. The thermostat will automatically shut the heater off after it achieves a pre-set temperature. Therefore, you can conserve more energy.

Size of the room

The size of the room is also important. Just like other types of heater, you cannot use a heater that is too big or too small for your room. Ceramic space heaters are usually not sufficient to heat up a large area.

They are best to heat up a small area in a short period. Ceramic space heaters are not suitable to heat the whole house. You can use ceramic space heaters for insulated rooms. They can retain heat for a long time.


There are three main types of ceramic space heater for you to choose from: Tower heaters, compact heaters and wall heaters. Depends on your needs, you can choose any type that suit you best.

Ceramic Tower Heaters:

This type is usually in an upright shape. This type of ceramic space heater can produce sufficient heat to warm up a large area. Some models come with remote controls for convenience.

Ceramic tower heater can produce sufficient heat to warm up a large area

Image source: Appliance Retailer

You should look for a tower heater that has low noise level. This will ensure a comfortable environment while using the heater. Moreover, you should also look for heaters with the thermostat as well as multiple power settings.

The thermostat will allow you to maintain the temperature. The multiple power settings will provide you control in the heat output as well as your electric bill. Safety features are also important when buying a heater.

Compact Ceramic Space Heaters:

This is a standard option that most households choose. Compact heaters are small and portable, which is suitable to add more heat to your room. You can place them on your desk or near your couch for extra warmth.

They produce heat quickly. However, they use just about the same amount of electricity as a large heater, so don’t get confused by its size. Most of the compact heaters have safety features such as tip over switch or overheat protection.

Ceramic Wall Heaters:

This is a great option if you don’t want to use up too much space. This type of heater can be mounted on the wall and will not take up any of your floor space. They are also safe to use since you don’t have to worry about it tipping over.

Some models have timer control, which allows you to control the electricity consumption of the heater. Wall heaters can be powerful enough to heat up a fairly large area.

IV.    Top 3 Ceramic Space Heaters:

1. Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater

The Lasko 754200 is considered as one of the best compact ceramic heaters. It is a popular choice among homeowners and will please you. This heater is portable, easy to transport. It also features handles for convenience.

It weighs only 4 pounds, which is light and easy for anyone to move and transport. This heater is great for small rooms. You can also use it to add more heat to the table or even in your bathroom.

The heater comes with three heat options: High heat, Low heat and Fan only. With high heat setting, the heater will operate using 1500 Watts and produce instant power heat. The low heat is setting work just fine and will conserve more energy. This setting uses 900 watts of power.

The fan only setting can be used in the summer for extra cool air. You can use this heater all year around with no problems. The thermostat is also included, which allows you to control the temperature as you wish.

This heater also operates quietly. This means it can be used in the bedroom for extra warmth. Two safety features are provided: tip over and overheat protection. The tip-over switch will turn your heater off if it tips over. The overheat protection will shut the heater off if it gets too hot.

Overall, this is a great choice for small rooms. However, it can also work efficiently for even larger rooms.

2. Rosewill RHAH-13001 1500W Quick Heat Ceramic Heater

This heater is great to use in your bedrooms, offices or any small areas. It is lightweight with only 3.6 pounds, which makes it easy to transport or move the heater anywhere you want. The heater also operates using 1500 Watts and offer instant power heat.

For extra comfort, the heater comes with three settings: High heat, Low heat and Fan only. Depends on your needs, you can choose any setting you want. The high heat will offer power warmth instantly. The low heat setting will conserve more energy and produce sufficient warmth.

The fan only can offer cool air in the summer. The heater also comes with an adjustable thermostat so you can control the room temperature at the desired level.

This heater has a cool to touch surface, which is safer to use if your family has small children. Tip over switch is also included, which will turn your heater off immediately if it falls. The overheat protection will prevent any possible accident due to overheating.

For convenience, the manufacture made the handles to move this heater easier. In conclusion, this heater is also a great option to consider if you want to add more heat to the room.

3. Honeywell HCE100B Heat Bud Ceramic Heater

For the first impression, the Honeywell HCE100B has a small, adorable look that will look good even when you place it on top of your desk. It has a plastic body with a plastic grille that allows heat to be evenly distributed in a small area such as an office. It comes with four colors for you to choose: Black, red, green and white. The modern and colorful design will add some fun to your area.

The heater works great for small areas. Its compact size can fit into anywhere as you want. It is only 1.1 pounds, which is extremely lightweight. Therefore, you can easily move or transport this heater any area that needs extra heat.

Moreover, it uses only 250 Watts, which will conserve energy and reduce your electric bill. Although this heater has a small size, it still produces even and power heat. It is cool to touch and comes with easy manual control. All you need to do is push the button.

The tip-over switch will prevent any accidents to happen in case your heater gets tipped over. The auto shut-off function will turn your heater off if it gets too hot.

Overall, this heater is not suitable to use for a large room. Use it to heat your personal areas. You can use this heater to add warmth under the table or on your desk office. The modern design is eye-catching, which makes this heater a nice decoration for your area.


In conclusion, ceramic space heaters are great to use in both large and small areas. You can choose the size and style of the heater base on what you need. You can use ceramic space heaters in the summer also if it has the fan only setting. This way, you can enjoy this heater all year around. Ceramic space heaters are safe to use. However, it can still cause accidents if not used properly. Therefore, read the instruction carefully before using any heaters.

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